Gone Wild: Stories from a Lifetime of Wildlife Travel

Gone Wild: Stories from a Lifetime of Wildlife Travel

by Malcolm Smith

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Often amusing, sometimes romantic or fraught with danger, these 30 short stories are about local people, spectacular places and the special wildlife the author sets out to find. The stories include seeking out Arabian Oryx on the searing plains of the Saudi desert; eiderdown collecting in Iceland, crouching in swirling clouds and darkness on a knife-edge ridge in the rugged Madeiran mountains and swimming with Grey Seals off the Pembroke coast. The author describes incredible encounters with spectacular animals from lumbering manatees and dangerous rhinos to unforgettable experiences such as being led by a honeyguide with a Kenyan Dorobo tribesman to the nest of wild bees and watching cranes tip-toeing their courtship dances. He also attended a Parsi funeral where the corpses are no longer consumed by vultures; experienced a close encounter with armed Omani police, bluffed his way on to the largest refuse tip in southern Asia and canoed along Mali’s Niger River watching black and yellow ‘bishops’ displaying along its banks. These are just a few of the remarkable experiences recounted by Malcolm in a lifetime searching out some of the most interesting, and some of the rarest, animals on earth. These hugely entertaining tales visit places as diverse as the Florida Everglades, England’s New Forest, Iceland’s offshore islands, the Empty Quarter of the Saudi Desert, the tiny remnants of the Jordan’s Azraq wetland and the impressive oak dehesas of Extremadura. Sit back and visit the world!

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ISBN-13: 9781849951784
Publisher: Whittles Publishing
Publication date: 07/05/2016
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 224
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Dr. Smith is a biologist and former Chief Scientist at the Countryside Council for Wales. He is a prolific writer on wildlife, environment and travel and has had numerous features published in a variety of magazines and newspapers. He is the author of the acclaimed Life with Birds, a story of mutual exploitation and Back from the Brink.

Table of Contents

Introduction ix

1 Arresting Moments 1

2 A Tip Too Far 6

3 Dawn in the Dehesa 11

4 Thank Goodness for William the Conqueror 17

5 That Warming Feeling 25

6 A Cruise With a Difference 31

7 The Perils of Hiring a Guide 40

8 Tales of the Unexpected 47

9 In the Swim of It 56

10 The Body Eaters 62

11 The Bird that Guides 67

12 A Rocky Road for Saharan Art 74

13 Pigeons Galore 80

14 The Forest Emperor in the Mist 87

15 The Bird that Inspired Flamenco 94

16 Those Simple Bear Necessities 100

17 The Curse of Stein Erik 107

18 Stepping Out on the Steppes 113

19 Journeys to Remember 120

20 A Hunter's Delight 128

21 The Forest That's Fading Away 136

22 The World's Biggest Plumbing Job 145

23 Out of the Red and into the Black 155

24 Some Gorgeous Places 161

25 Going Eco in Jordan 168

26 Finding the Unicorn 176

27 Gardens in the Sky 183

28 On the Rocks 189

29 A Monk's Harsh Life 195

30 Up Close and Personal 202

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