Grave Errors

Grave Errors

by Carol J. Perry
4.2 5

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Grave Errors 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
GratefulGrandma 6 days ago
Even though this is the fifth book in the Witch City Mystery series, it is only the second one I have read and not only do I enjoy this series, but I have had not problem following it. When Hallowe'en is over Salem, there is a huge let down. To extend the Halloween festivities, Lee Barrett's television production class decides plan a city wide celebration for Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead). As they plan cemetery visits and interviews, Lee gets to know a bit more about her students. She finds out that Dorothy is in Salem and taking her class to learn about investigative techniques so she can solve her sister's murder. The only problem is that no one else thinks her sister was murdered. Her sister Emily supposedly died of an overdose, but Dorothy does not belive it. Lee and her detective boyfriend, Pete, discover links between Emily's death and a missing person. Once Lee starts having visions about the murder, she can't stop investigating. Can they discover who killed Emily and why? Maralee, (Lee) is a scryer. That means that she sees visions in shiny objects such as mirrors, windows, kettles etc. She does not like this and freaks out a bit every time it happens. Pete is not enthralled with her gift either. The only one who seems to think this is a good thing is her friend, witch and tarot card reader River. Pete and Lee make a great couple. They have a lot in common, they enjoy each other's company and they definitely investigate well together. Lee's aunt as usual is a top-notch researcher. Aunt Libby helps with the cases in her own way and is a great sounding board for Lee. The students in the story add a lot to the plot. They work hard to do their project as well as helping lee and Dorothy. The brothers Ray and Rick are retired policemen and take it upon themselves to protect "the ladies". The build up for this story is a bit slow, but don't give up on it, once it hits its stride, it moves a lot quicker. There were plenty of twists and suspects to keep me guessing. I did guess correctly, but not at first. All in all, a fun cozy mystery with great characters. A great fall and Hallowe'en read. The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book via Netgalley.
Anonymous 4 months ago
Very good
KrisAnderson_TAR 7 months ago
Grave Errors by Carol J. Perry is the fifth story in A Witch City Mystery series. Lee Barrett is teaching a television production class at Tabitha Trumbull Academy of the Arts that is focusing on interview skills and investigative reporting. The annual class assignment is to produce a video involving some aspect of Salem’s history and the students have decided to highlight Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Dorothy Alden, one of Lee’s students, is taking the class for personal reasons. Dorothy’s sister, Emily passed away recently from an overdose of sleeping pills and alcohol. Dorothy believes her sister was murdered and is looking for proof. She hopes the class will give her the skills she needs. Lee wants to help Dorothy and is quickly drawn into the investigation. With the aid of her visions, O’Ryan (her cat) and her detective boyfriend, Lee sets out to get answers and closure for Dorothy. Grave Errors is the fifth installment in A Witch City Mystery series and it can be read as a stand-alone novel. We are given a background history on Lee along a synopsis of her previous cases. The writing style made the book easy to read, but the pace was a little slow. There to be too many mundane details. I do not need to know every single meal Lee eats (each food item), when she changes clothes (and what she is wearing), going up steps, etc. My rating for Grave Errors is 3.5 out of 5 stars. There is a nice mixture of characters, and I really appreciate that the author does not throw them at the reader all at once. The mystery had some good elements. I thought the method of murder was very unique. The culprit, though, can be identified long before the reveal. I wish the author had put more effort into the mystery and spent less time on Lee’s love life. I delighted in the supernatural elements and wish they had been played up more. Lee has a wonderful gift and, after five books, she has yet to fully embrace (or accept) it. The setting of Salem, Massachusetts is delightful (I would love to live in Salem). I welcomed the history of the city that the author included (especially pertaining to Giles Corey).
TheCozyReview 7 months ago
The day after Halloween brings a slow return to normal in Salem, Massachusetts. Just when the holiday approaches, Lee Barrett’s TV production class suggests extending the spooky season with a traditional Mexican celebration Dia de Los Muertos. Unfortunately, not all of Salem’s dead are resting in peace; some may even be hanging around in the cemetery the class chooses to focus on and so does murder. Lee and her class experience a few haunting graveyard visits. When one of her students asks her to help solve a murder, Lee and her boyfriend connect the crime to an unsolved missing person case. Lee’s psychic visions heat up; Lee uses her shrewd cat, O’Ryan to find the evidence needed to close the cold case before she ends up joining the ghost community forever. -- Series: A Witch City Mystery - Book 5 Author: Carol J. Perry Genre: Paranormal Cozy Publisher: Kensington Carol Perry’s, Grave Errors, the fifth book in her “A Witch City Mystery” series is filled with everything a reader would expect from a series set in Salem, Mass. Witches, Ghosts, and murder combine to make an intriguing plot. Lee Barrett returns to investigate another murder mystery, only this time she has to convince her boyfriend, and everyone else that a murder took place. Grave Errors has a unique premise which allows the reader's imagination to run wild. The characters are believable without being caricatures. All of the characters have quirks and idiosyncrasies allowing the reader to learn more about them as they revisit the characters in each new book. Lee’s aunt, Isobel is still a favorite character but does not play as big a role in this book as she has in the prior volumes. The setting of Salem is the perfect location for murder and ghosts. The historic nature of the Salem Witch Trials is also the ultimate setting for magic, witchcraft and the main characters new found abilities to develop. Visions abound each time Lee looks at any shiny surface, and in particular the photo of the black shoe hanging on a wall behind her desk. Salem’s old cemeteries are filled with myths and legends of the dead. However, the use of one of those legends in this book lends to credibility and entertainment with a twist of history. The story of Giles Corey is real. Mr. Corey was accused of witchcraft as was his wife Martha during the Salem witch trials. After he was arrested, Corey refused to plead guilty and was subsequently executed by pressing. Pressing entailed the use of large rocks and boulders piled on top of the accused to restrict movement which crushed the victim's lungs and vital organs. Corey’s execution is the only example of this method being used in American history. Mr. Corey never gave in or admitted to the crimes for which he was accused. He died two days later after enduring horrendous torture. In Ms. Perry’s book, she embellishes some of the details of Mr. Corey’s death, but the location in which it took place could well be accurate. The execution is believed to have occurred in a field adjacent to the prison where Mr. Corey was held. The field later became the Howard Street Cemetery, which opened in 1801. The plot and use of history throughout this story make for an interesting and entertaining read. Readers will be anxious to turn each page to find out who the murderer is and whether or not old Giles gets his revenge once again. Grave Errors is highly recommended to readers who love the paranormal, witches and history.
dezzy33 7 months ago
Grave Errors is the 5th installment of the Witch City Mystery series. I chose this book solely because I love Salem, Mass. - it's one of my favorite places! Anyway, I liked the beginning of the story. The author laid out the characters in such a way that it wasn't overwhelming. The story was entertaining, although without having read the previous stories, I can't figure out why a school for adult students runs rather like a high school - full days of class with lunch breaks at noon - rather than the 50-110 minute classes I took in college. The mystery was pretty good, although I was pretty certain of the killer. Overall, the story was entertaining. I'd certainly read more of the series.
Linda__ 7 months ago
This is another winner in the Witch City series. Set in Salem, Lee teaches a class on investigative reporting when a student tells her she's taking the class so that she can find out who killed her sister. Lee starts to have visions that she thinks must be related - she's a scryer that sees visions in shinny objects. Lee, with the help of her class begin to look into things, despite Lee's boyfriend Pete telling her not to. What follows is an engaging paranormal mystery that fans of the genre will love. I particularly enjoyed the way the author wove the history of Salem into the tale, making for a wonderful novel. Add this one to the top of your TBR list. The author is on my must read authors' list.