GRE Prep by Magoosh

GRE Prep by Magoosh

GRE Prep by Magoosh

GRE Prep by Magoosh


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Hi! We're Magoosh--a leading online test-prep company based in Berkeley, California. Magoosh gives students everything they need to make studying from their computers or mobile devices a breeze. Our online GRE prep offers over a thousand practice questions and video explanations, full-length tests, and hundreds of helpful lessons prepared by our dedicated tutors.

This book provides a sample of the best practice questions from our online GRE program and includes brand new test-taking advice from our seasoned experts. Maybe you're just starting your GRE prep, or maybe you simply like scribbling your notes in the margins of a page--whatever your reasons for picking up this book, we're thrilled to take this ride together. Let's rock this test!

In these pages you'll find:

  • Hundreds of easy-to-follow tips, FAQs, GRE strategies, and a study schedule to get you ready for the big test.
  • Thorough lessons on the Quantitative (math), Verbal, and Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) categories of the GRE, accompanied by 130+ up-to-date practice questions and answer explanations created by our expert GRE tutors.
  • Stats for each practice question, including its difficulty rating and the percent of students who typically answer it correctly, all based on data from our online prep. We want you to know exactly how tough GRE questions tend to be so you'll know what to expect on test day.
  • A full-length practice test prepared by our in-house experts with an answer key and detailed explanations.
  • A chapter on the AWA with example prompts to help you practice your essays.

  • If you're not already familiar with Magoosh online, here's what you need to know:

  • We've helped more than 1.5 million students prepare for standardized tests online and with our mobile apps.
  • Our online GRE prep offers video explanations, additional full-length practice tests, and customizable quizzes to help you increase your skills in areas that matter most to you.
  • Our materials are top-notch--we refine our practice questions based on data and feedback from thousands of students who use our premium online product.
  • We really want to see you do your best. That's why we offer a score improvement guarantee to students who use the online premium Magoosh program.
  • Magoosh premium students report improving their scores by an average of 8 points after using our online GRE prep.

  • So crack open this book, join us online at, and let's get you ready to master the GRE!

    Product Details

    ISBN-13: 9781939418913
    Publisher: RTC Publishing
    Publication date: 12/07/2016
    Pages: 468
    Sales rank: 153,092
    Product dimensions: 8.30(w) x 10.90(h) x 1.00(d)

    Table of Contents

    Hi there! ix
    Meet Magoosh xi
    Chapter 1: Meet the GRE 1
    Chapter 2: How to Study 7
    1-Month GRE Study Schedule 13
    Chapter 3: Quantitative Reasoning
    Meet the GRE Quantitative Section 23
    Quantitative Question Types 35
    Quantitative Concept #1: Fractions/Ratios/Percents 39
    Fractions/Ratios/Percents Practice Questions 47
    Fractions/Ratios/Percents Answers and Explanations 50
    Quantitative Concept #2: Integer Properties and Number Sense 52
    Integer Properties and Number Sense Practice Questions 59
    Integer Properties and Number Sense Answers and Explanations 62
    Quantitative Concept #3: Algebra 66
    Algebra Practice Questions 81
    Algebra Answers and Explanations 84
    Quantitative Concept #4: Exponents and Roots 87
    Exponents and Roots Practice Questions 91
    Exponents and Roots Answers and Explanations 94
    Quantitative Concept #5: Word Problems and Statistics 98
    Word Problems and Statistics Practice Questions 113
    Word Problems and Statistics Answers and Explanations 118
    Quantitative Concept #6: Geometry 128
    Geometry Practice Questions 138
    Geometry Answers and Explanations 144
    Quantitative Concept #7: Counting and Probability  160
    Counting and Probability Practice Questions 166
    Counting and Probability Answers and Explanations 168
    Quantitative Concept #8: Data Interpretation 174
    Data Interpretation Practice Questions 184
    Data Interpretation Answers and Explanations 188
    Quantitative Concept #9: Quantitative Comparison Strategies 190
    Quantitative Comparison Practice Questions 201
    Quantitative Comparison Answers and Explanations 204
    Math Fact and Formula Cheat Sheet 209
    Chapter 4: GRE Verbal Reasoning
    Meet the GRE Verbal Section 212
    Verbal Question Types 213
    Vocabulary on the GRE 216
    Flashcards 218
    Verbal Question Types: Text Completion 219
    Text Completion Practice Questions 223
    Text Completion Answers and Explanations 232
    Verbal Question Types: Sentence Equivalence 247
    Sentence Equivalence Practice Questions 249
    Sentence Equivalence Answers and Explanations 252
    Verbal Question Types: Reading Comprehension 256
    Reading Comprehension Practice Questions 276
    Reading Comprehension Answers and Explanations 292
    Chapter 5: GRE Analytical Writing Assessment
    Meet the GRE AWA 309
    The Issue Task 312
    The Argument Task 321
    Practice Writing Tasks 328
    Chapter 6: GRE Practice Test
    GRE Practice Test Questions 335
    GRE Analytical Writing 335
    GRE Quantitative Section 1 338
    GRE Verbal Section 1 346
    GRE Quantitative Section 2 356
    GRE Verbal Section 2 364
    Answer Key 374
    GRE Practice Test Explanations 375
    GRE Analytical Writing Assessment 375
    GRE Quantitative Section 1 Answers and Explanations 376
    GRE Verbal Section 1 Answers and Explanations 388
    GRE Quantitative Section 2 Answers and Explanations 397
    GRE Verbal Section 2 Answers and Explanations 412
    Off to the Test! 423
    Appendix: Magoosh Vocabulary Word Lists 427
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