Guerrilla Facebook Marketing: 25 Target Specific Weapons to Boost your Social Media Marketing

Guerrilla Facebook Marketing: 25 Target Specific Weapons to Boost your Social Media Marketing

by Jay Conrad Levinson, Kelvin Lim

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Facebook. The leading social media tool of our time. Guerrilla Marketing. Closing the communication gap in effective and innovative ways. Many businesses are desirous of running a successful Facebook marketing campaign. And why not -- there is a natural partnership between Facebook and Guerrilla Marketing everybody wants to ride on. Despite the enormous potential between Facebook and Guerrilla marketing, not many Facebook marketing campaigns have been successful, or have met marketing goals. “Guerrilla Facebook Marketing” offers entrepreneurs, business owners and marketers step-by-step Facebook-specific techniques on how to launch and sustain Facebook campaigns the guerrilla way: (a) low-cost, (b) clear and (c) concise. The techniques are easy to adopt and are flexible: they can be applied to increase the effectiveness of any Facebook marketing campaign for any business.

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ISBN-13: 9781614482758
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication date: 10/01/2012
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 152
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Jay Conrad Levinson, father of Guerrilla Marketing, is the author of Guerrilla Marketing, a popular marketing book published in 1984 that remains the best-selling marketing book with more than 21 million copies sold world-wide. The Guerrilla Marketing book series today consists of 58 books available in 62 languages. Jay coined the term, “Guerrilla Marketing” while he taught marketing at the extension division of the University of California in Berkeley, a teaching position he did for a decade. Today, Guerrilla Marketing principles frequently appear as recommended readings for many MBA marketing programs. Jay has contributed a number of articles on Guerrilla Marketing to business magazines such as the Entrepreneur and Inc., as well as for online columns as such America Online, Fortune Small Business, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft and Netscape. Some notable marketing campaigns Jay collaborated on include the Jolly Green Giant and United’s Friendly’s Skies. As the Chairman of Guerrilla Marketing International, the marketing partner of Adobe and Apple, Jay is frequently invited to speak about Guerrilla Marketing at universities, professional organizations and corporations around the world. He has also sat on the Board of Leo Burnett Advertising, the Small Business Board of 3Com and Microsoft Small Business Council.

Kelvin Lim is an expert in human dynamics and motivation — he has been coaching, consulting, training and marketing since 1995. He is the first Guerrilla Marketing Certified Master Trainer in Singapore to be trained by Jay Conrad Levinson. He is also the principle consultant and CEO of Guerrilla Marketing Consulting, an organization that teaches organizations and businesses how to effectively apply Guerrilla Marketing principles. As a master certified coach, Kelvin’s coaching work has impacted the lives of more than 20,000 people. In addition, Kelvin is the founder of Executive Coach International, a leading coaching organization whose campaigns have been featured in Asia’s media – for instance, the publication of “Pick Me Up” - a collection of stories that was written and compiled into a book within 24 hours. Kelvin sits on the Board of Directors of New York City’s political and social arts organization, The Culture Project, as well as participates in humanitarian activities at the United Nations.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements xi

Introduction xiii

Chapter 1 The Workings of Facebook Marketing, Guerrilla Style 1

Attributes of Facebook 2

Attitudes of Guerrilla Facebook Marketers 9

Chapter 2 Facebook Recon 13

Facebook is fastest growing social media tool - ever 17

Frequent opportunities to connect with customers 18

Why engaging a young audience is useful 20

Instant global reach 22

The multiplier effect of "Like" 23

Plenty of choice for users, plenty of work for marketers 25

The power of apps 27

Introducing...Analytic Tools 27

Chapter 3 Rules of Engagement 29

Permission marketing vs. interruption marketing 30

Rule #1 "Permission to make contact, Sir" 31

Rule #2 Page over Ads 32

Rule #3 Identify what motivates fans to connect 33

Rule #4 Follow the linear process of engagement 35

Rule #5 The sale is no longer the end point 39

Rule #6 Fans cannot and should not be treated equally 40

Chapter 4 From Ads to Apps: 25 Facebook-Specific Guerrilla Marketing Weapons 42

Weapon #1 Facebook Page 43

Weapon #2 The Wall 45

Weapon #3 News Feeds 46

Weapon #4 Facebook Groups 49

Weapon #5 Facebook Fan Pages 52

Weapon #6 Facebook Apps 53

Weapon #7 Call-To-Action Buttons 55

Weapon #8 Customized Tabs 58

Weapon #9 The Discussion Board Tab 60

Weapon #10 The Review Tab 62

Weapon #11 The Events Sharing and Invitations Tab 64

Weapon #12 The Questions & Polls Tab 67

Weapon #13 The Photos and Videos Sharing Tab 69

Weapon #15 Feed Burners 73

Weapon #16 Plug-ins 74

Weapon #17 Promotions App 76

Weapon #18 Moderating Forums on Facebook 77

Weapon #19 Facebook Search 79

Weapon #20 Facebook Places 80

Weapon #21 Facebook Analytics 81

Weapon #22 Facebook Ads 83

Weapon #23 Facebook Sponsored Stories 84

Weapon #24 Managing Friends and Fans 85

Weapon #25 Facebook Connect 87

Chapter 5 Commence Battle Plan 96

Seven Elements for a Seven-Sentence Guerrilla marketing plan 96

Guerrilla Marketing Calendar 102

Chapter 6 Dollars and Cents: Making sense of Guerrilla ROI 106

Link Efforts back to profit 107

Insights from Facebook 110

Techniques to help you keep track 112

Chapter 7 The Faceoff: Where do we go from here? 119

Moving beyond your Facebook backyard 120

Going beyond the web 122

Changing Times 123

About the Authors 125

Guerrilla Facebook Marketing Glossary 127

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