Handcrafted Gifts: Make - and Give - Something Beautiful and Meaningful

Handcrafted Gifts: Make - and Give - Something Beautiful and Meaningful

by Make it Yourself Magazine


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ISBN-13: 9781681882932
Publisher: Weldon Owen
Publication date: 10/17/2017
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 711,893
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 9.50(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

“Handmade”—it’s a word and a lifestyle making a resurgence in popularity. As makers of things, we at Make It Yourself magazine are happy to hear it! And we’re thrilled to share with you some of our favorite crafts—everything from jewelry to sewing to paper crafts—inspired by Pinterest, Etsy, and blogs. Now instead of spending hours dreaming of projects, you can start creating with our easy steps. Then when your friends ask where you got it, you can smile and say, “I made it myself!”

Table of Contents

Fabric & Sewing

001 Adorn with ruffles

002 Put a bow on it

003 Contain essentials

004 Nod to nautical style

005 Create a galaxy

006 Do a dip dye

4 Ways with Lace:

007 Pretty up a pillow

008 Judge a book by its cover

009 Layer on a lace pocket

010 Customize a table runner

011 Create a notebook cover

012 Wrap a journal

013 Have a banner day

014 Trim a tote bag

015 Ruffle a twirly skirt

016 Pretty up a pillow cover

017 Spell it out


018 Contain your jewels

019 Give coasters the star treatment

020 Pack up pencils

021 Dress up a do

022 Add fanciful flowers

023 Upcycle a cozy bath mat

4 Ways to Gift a Pet:

024 Wrap a package for rover

025 Let doggie dine in style

026 Play go fish with kitty

027 Dress up your furry friend

028 Add a touch of plush

029 Connect the dots

030 Create wall flowers

031 Felt a table mat

032 Put a ring on it

033 Plant a no-water window box

Knit, Crochet & Knot

034 Crochet a birdy basket

035 Cozy up with a pint

036 Fashion fingerless gloves

037 Finger-knit a cowl

038 Quick-crochet a button scarf

4 Ways to Gift a White Bowl:

039 Wrap with rope

040 Adorn with sequins

041 Say it with clay

042 Add a little gold leaf

043 Join the band

044 String together flowers

045 Make beautiful baskets

046 Charm your friends

047 Incite a chain reaction

048 Go beyond bangles

049 Bring your own bag

050 Add flair with trims

051 Tie up a trivet

052 Polish a pillow

053 Key in to creativity

054 Twist a chew toy

055 Knot a bracelet


056 Stitch on scarves

057 String on sparkles

058 Feather a nest

059 Embroider fanciful florals

060 Bring in the outdoors

061 Give the key to your heart

4 Ways to Gift Embroidery Hoops:

062 Plant a felt forest

063 Pick a dandelion

064 Get the scoop on hoops

065 Tell the time

066 Make linens lovely

067 Map favorite places

068 Bring blossoms to a band

069 Cuff yourself with chevrons

Clay, Glass & Resin

070 Play with clay

071 Hang a mod planter

072 Build a home for buds

073 Say cheese

074 Mobilize clay flowers

075 Make mercury glass

076 Fix up a votive with fabric

4 Ways to Gift a White Frame:

077 Fancify the corners

078 Add corner brackets

079 Wrap in floral fabric

080 Layer on washi tape

081 Capture tiny treasures

082 Use epoxy resin

083 Embellish resin

084 Make memorable coasters

085 Lift lovely weights

086 Form photo holders

087 Spot your next pour

088 Mold napkin rings

089 Tack it up

090 Play with paint

091 Make your own milk glass

092 Seal everyday moments

093 Wrap a vase in a flash

094 Catch some rays

095 Preserve nature

Painting & Stenciling

096 Stain a wooden tray

097 Stamp on wall art

098 Fish for compliments

099 Flag the perfect gift

100 Pretty up napkins with block-print

101 Stamp a rosy runner

102 Embellish a tea towel

103 Carve a pillow print

4 Ways to Gift with Chalkboard Paint:

104 Give the gift of organization

105 Customize a chalk banner

106 Make a traveling chalkboard

107 Serve up some photos

108 Dilute dye for a dreamy look

109 Mark your place

110 Perk up plates

111 Print nifty napkins

112 Sprinkle on sparkle

113 Raise a glass

Paper, Wood & Metal

114 Craft a crepe paper wreath

115 Put spring in someone's step

116 Brooch the subject

117 Dip in natural dye

118 Know dyeing basics

119 Paint pretty rocks

120 Tile art work

121 Frame a rainbow

122 Show off silhouettes

4 Ways to Gift Tree Slices:

123 Stencil a set

124 Wood-burn a wall sign

125 Gift a gem

126 Coast with the grain

127 Get a handle on it

128 Let there be light

129 Mat a map

130 Wood-burn a treasure trove

131 Serve up sweetness

132 Silhouette some coasters

133 Craft wooden jewelry wonders

134 Build a bouquet

135 Take note

Plants, Bouquets & Mini Gardens

136 Form a lovely letter

137 Hang a macramé planter

138 Sweater-wrap flowers

139 Wind up a planter

4 Ways to Gift a Potted Plant:

140 Go nuts for monochrome

141 Roll with it

142 Paint a pretty pot

143 Address a plain pot

144 Bring a wreath to life

145 Box up a whimsical forest

146 Put on the glitz

147 Create a tiny world

148 Know your miniature plants

Food Gifts

149 Serve up a soup kit

150 Turn lemons into limoncello

151 Cheer up with cheesecake

152 Spice things up

153 Go garlic-herb

154 Roast spicy almonds

155 Bake fruited granola

156 Get saucy

157 Deliver freshly baked muffins

4 Ways to Embellish Food Gifts:

158 Tag a friend

159 Use your noodle

160 Stick to it

161 Trim a tree

162 Mix up marshmallows

163 Get sweet on rudolph

164 Pack a sugar cookie kit

165 Prepare for s'mores

166 Don't be square

Crafting Basics & Patterns

167 Gather materials

168 Know your embroidery stitches

169 Learn how to crochet

170 Felt a sweater

Pattern pages

Index and metric conversions

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