Haunt of Jackals

Haunt of Jackals

by Eric Wilson


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When Jesus was resurrected, ancient scripture says many rose from the grave. Today, 36 from this group of undead remain. Known as the Nistarim, they are here to watch over the world.

When Judas hung himself, his blood mysteriously gave rise to another group of undead: the unholy Collectors. Now very much alive, they feed on souls and human blood.

Both groups of immortals still walk among us in an eternal struggle. Now both are after a single target—a boy named Pavel who may possess the key to the Collectors' unlimited power...or ultimate downfall.

Gina, a woman fleeing for her own life, is determined to protect the boy at all costs. She has survived one battle with the undead already, but has no idea how long she'll be able to stay a step ahead of them.

The Jerusalem's Undead Trilogy takes readers on a riveting journey, as imaginative fiction melds with biblical and archaeological history.

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ISBN-13: 9781595544599
Publisher: Zondervan
Publication date: 08/11/2009
Series: Jerusalem's Undead Trilogy Series , #2
Pages: 410
Product dimensions: 5.30(w) x 8.30(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Eric Wilson is the New York Times best-sellingwriter of Fireproof novelization as well as Flywheel and Facing the Giants. He lives in Nashville with his wife and two daughters.

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Haunt of Jackals 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Novel_Teen_Book_Reviews More than 1 year ago
When we last left Gina, Cal, and Dov, they were fighting the undead collectors in Romania. Having banished several of the Akeldama Cluster, Gina meets up with Cal to see what's next. He suggests that she relocate to the Pacific Northwest and raise one of the Romanian orphans-one who Cal thinks might grow to be one of Those Who Resist-as her son. Gina changes her name to Kate, and she and Kenny live the American dream in Small Town, USA. But on the other side of the planet, Natira, the true heir to the Akeldama Cluster is seeking out Those Who Resist. He's found many of them already, but is waiting until he knows where they all are before he strikes. But what will happen if Natira meets up with the Akeldama Cluster again? He will learn about Gina's existence and want to take her out. And what will happen to Kenny? Gina must face her fears and trust the Nazarene if she is going to survive. But will she? Eric Wilson is a master storyteller. Every page is an adventure waiting to unfold. His creativity amazes, and his writing gives the reader chills as the Fallen and the Unfallen battle for the souls of earth. Haunt of Jackals increases the tension created in Field of Blood and leaving us thirsty for more. I highly recommend this for older teens who love creepy stories.
creativesoul00 More than 1 year ago
Haunt of Jackals picks up where Field of Blood left off. Gina Lazarescu is on her own, fighting Collectors who want nothing more then to see her fall. Meanwhile, Cal Nichols and Dov have split from Gina, also fighting Collectors and are moving further away from Gina. Both Gina and Cal want safety for the other. Gina soon realizes her life will never be the same again. She will have to find another identity as she did once before. A fresh start away from those who want to harm her. Will she ever be safe? Will she ever be able to protect the one's she loves? Eric Wilson writes at a thrilling pace with Haunt of Jackals. The book starts and never stops. This is the kind of book that you cannot put down, even into the early hours of morning. Like Field of Blood, characters in Haunt of Jackals travel a great deal. Eric Wilson showcases his firsthand knowledge of the places in the story. A master storyteller, Eric Wilson weaves the threads of the tale together. Combining historical and mythological elements as well as spiritual. Even connecting with two of his previous works, Dark to Mortal Eyes and Expiration Date. (It won't hurt the story if you haven't read the two) Haunt of Jackals is well worth the read. The second book in a trilogy that keeps getting stretching the boundaries of great thrillers. This is not a book and not a series to miss! Stars: 5 out of 5.
Frank_Redman More than 1 year ago
Add some Stephen King, a measure of C.S. Lewis, a titch of Bram Stoker, and a dash of Anne Rice. Mix well and bake for a few months. The result is a very creative and unique story from master chef, Eric Wilson. Just as separate ingredients come together to create a unique casserole (my wife accuses me of turning any food combinations into a casserole), Wilson takes familiar ingredients, for example, vampires, undead creatures, the battle for eternal souls, and creates a main course that's too good to be called just a casserole. Haunt of Jackals is the second book in Wilson's Jerusalem's Undead series. Once again we're treated with following the wonderful character, Gina Lazarescu. Though the first novel in the series has a quick pace, this story has even more action. Now that Wilson provided the background for all of the story elements in the first book, he could concentrate more on the storyline with Haunt of Jackals. Wilson weaves several plot threads together in creating a complex story, but keeps the reader on track through brief moments of character introspection. I'm amazed at the creativity in this series, with its strong characters and their specific histories and agendas. There are also some great plot twists that lead to some rather surprising discoveries by the characters. This is easily one of the most interesting series I've read. Wilson continued with all of the elements from the first novel that I enjoyed and even increased the tension in book two. I loved the ending of this second installment and it leaves me wondering how he can top that in book three. I'm quite anxious to find out.
Fiction_Addict More than 1 year ago
Gina Lazarescu is running for her life from the evil Collectors who have caused her so much pain. These undead minions have wreaked havoc on the weak by feasting on their blood and stirring dissension among the human race. She needs to find the mysterious Cal Nichols, who holds the answers to who she truly is and what is happening around her. As she fights for her life in the Romanian mountains, Gina can't stop thinking about what Cal has already told her. The answer dies within. Last year Eric Wilson unveiled his much anticipated Jerusalem's Undead trilogy with the captivating first installment, Field of Blood. We were introduced to the evil spirits called Collectors that inhabit bodies that were buried beneath the very spot where Judas Iscariot took his life. When the spirits inhabited those bodies stained with the blood of Judas, the undead rose from the grave with an insatiable appetite for human blood. They long to rid the world of Those Who Resist and the thirty-six Nistarim who serve the Nazarene. Haunt of Jackals picks up where Field of Blood left off and Wilson gives us no time to catch our breath. The intense action sequences meld perfectly with the mystery and intrigue surrounding Gina and Cal. Their relationship especially is what carries this story as we are drawn into their epic battle against evil. Eric Wilson pulls out all of the stops with great plot twists and some exciting reveals that will only heighten the anticipation for the series finale, Valley of Bones. Haunt of Jackals brings us some of the best writing in Eric Wilson's short, yet illustrious career. Strong character development, methodical pacing, and spectacular imagery all combine to ensure you won't be going anywhere once you begin. Even the undead themselves are taken to a whole new level of darkness and depravity that only serves to amplify the terror in this stirring account of good vs. evil. This series is being marketed as a vampire series, but that doesn't begin to describe the depth and originality of what Wilson brings to the table. Once again we are treated to some great historical tie-ins, including the infamous disappearance of hijacker D.B. Cooper in 1971. Wilson does a wondrous job of bridging connections to some of his earlier novels while never leaving new readers wandering around in the dark. Haunt of Jackals raises the bar on every level in this top notch series that deserves much more recognition that it has seen. Nowhere will you find a better blend of supernatural suspense, historical fiction, and vampire lore. If you give these stories a chance you too might come to realize that the answer truly dies within.