Havoc and Mayhem

Havoc and Mayhem

by Derrick A. Bonner

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Once upon a time in Brooklyn, there was a man you could go to if you were in trouble and needed help. He'd listen to your story and make a judgment. If he thought you were wrong, you were out on your ass. But, if he thought you were wronged then you never had a better friend. The year is 1988. Ronald Reagan is president. The music of the urban streets known as Rap has proven to be more than just the passing fad it was brushed off as. Everyone dressed fresh, is sick with Pac Man fever and Brooklyn is in a state of emergency due to a new wave drug called 'crack', which is turning people into addicts at an alarming rate. Enter Tommy Strong a smooth-talking, rough-riding, flyy-guy who reaffirms action in and out of any woman's bed or against any dude's head. Known as Havoc on the mean streets of the borough that's thorough, Brooklyn, he leases himself out as a Trouble Consultant, ridding neighborhoods of punks, pimps and pushers for a profit. Tommy loved the highly profitable, adrenaline rush, lavish and sublime lifestyle. Arrogantly causing him to believe he was untouchable. That is until the predator became the prey when under the leadership of a mysterious criminal mastermind his deadliest enemies called a truce and joined forces to hunt and eliminate their common foe. And if things couldn't get any worse, it all goes down while he's been left in charge of watching his adorable younger sister Tatiana nicknamed, Tee-Tee who happens to have special needs. Armed with brute strength and his loyal to the end partner Mayhem, Havoc strikes back in a series of wild car chases, shootouts and bone-crunching fistfights as he uncovers the horrific truth behind who and why he's been marked for death!

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ISBN-13: 9781543945072
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 08/20/2018
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 470
File size: 894 KB

About the Author

Derrick A. Bonner was born and bred in Brooklyn New York and is the author of 2 outstanding novels, Alley Katt and Havoc and Mayhem. He self-published his first novel Alley Katt back in 1998 and even though he had decent success for a first-time author, he discontinued writing and shelved his second novel Havoc and Mayhem. Twenty years later at the request of his wife he decided to resurrect his writing career and finally put out his second novel Havoc and Mayhem. Set in the 80's the lead character Havoc is based on the strong and influential men he grew up idolizing in his East New York neighborhood, as well as the lead character from his all-time favorite television show as a kid, A Man Called Hawk. Played by the suave Avery Brooks, Hawk was a man's man. An impeccably dressed jack-of-all-trades, renaissance man who helped out desperate people in trouble who had nowhere to turn. His realness and black masculine presence on TV was rare then and still is today."The thing about my characters is they are people we all know. We've seen in the neighborhood doing good and giving back to the community. You ever knew someone who was ordinary but did extraordinary things and you were like wow? They seemed like they had super powers, but the truth is they were just good individuals. That is Havoc and Mayhem....That is Alley Katt." Derrick currently lives in Hudson Valley New York with his wife and two sons. And although he no longer resides in the borough that's thorough, he still shouts 'BROOKLYN!' at concerts and still considers himself a Brooklynite. Because as he puts it, 'You can take me outta Brooklyn. But, you can't take Brooklyn outta me!"

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