Heaven Knows: A Personal Journey in Search of Evidence

Heaven Knows: A Personal Journey in Search of Evidence

by Sandy Coghlan


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In times of grief, fear or despair, haven’t most of us asked:

“is there really an afterlife?”

When my mother became seriously ill in 1987, I sat on my back doorstep night after night and asked the universe that question. I doubted anyone was listening, yet strangely, my life began to change. Books and people mysteriously found their way to me. Sometimes, events occurred that I later recognized as paranormal, even though I initially dismissed them as such. Over the next 24 years, as I continued to search for evidence, my skeptical mind was regularly challenged.

Slowly - and only when I was ready - the answers came.!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780994535542
Publisher: Pegasus Education Group
Publication date: 11/05/2016
Series: Heaven Knows , #1
Pages: 302
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.63(d)

About the Author

Sandy Coghlan worked in advertising and television in Australia and London prior to becoming an on-air director at a Melbourne TV station in 1979.
Her first book, Travel Guide to Tasmania (Penguin) was commissioned by 'Life. Be In It' in 1984, while her articles on health and metaphysical subjects have been published nationally.
Sandy also wrote 2 chapters for the best-selling metaphysical book, With A Little Help From My Friends by Dawn Hill, contributed to Great Australian Mysteries 2 by John Pinkney and Working with Mean Girls by Meredith Fuller, and is featured in the relationship 'bible', I'll Have What She's Having by Valerie Parv.
From 1990 until retirement, Sandy qualified in a variety of alternative therapies, and in 1991, wrote and conducted a nutrition correspondence course for pharmacy assistants around Australia. She also taught creative writing and healing techniques at adult education centres.
Sandy now lives with her partner Barry and their 2 cats in a bayside area of Victoria, Australia and is working on the second book in the Heaven Knows series.

Table of Contents


1. And So It Begins

2. My Flying Matron

3. The Afterlife Café

4. Where it All Began

5. Show Me The Evidence


6. A Kid in a Candy Shop

7. Before it All Began

8. Where Is She?

9. No Interests in Common

10. What The Heck is a Vega Machine?

11. We Meet At Last

12. Others

13. Mother Moved In

14. Noodles Don’t Have Rainbows

15. Other Routes to Heaven

16. We Meet Again

17. Let There Be Light

18. What Have You Done with Your Life?

19. Fantasy Fiction

20. There Is A Time

21. Heavenly Tantrums

22. Coming Back

23. A Fateful Day

24. The Death Doctor

25. Veridical Accounts

26. When I Visited the Heavenly Father

27. They Would Like to Make Contact

28. Enter the Scientists

29. Findings

30. Transformations

31. It’s All Nonsense

32. The Murder of George

33. Killing to Cure

34. Brow

35. The River of Forgetfulness

36. Spontaneous Healing

37. Be Careful What You Wish For

38. The Research Continues

39. Not the End


40. This Must be what Heaven is Like

41. The Beginning of the End

42. Going Home

43. The End


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