Her One and Only (Porter Family Series #4)

Her One and Only (Porter Family Series #4)

by Becky Wade

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2017 Christy Award Winner

Gray Fowler, star NFL tight end, is being pursued by a stalker, so his team hires a protection agency to keep Gray under the watch of a bodyguard at all times. When Gray meets Dru Porter, an agent assigned to him, he's indignant. How can an attractive young female half his size possibly protect him?

But Dru's a former Marine, an expert markswoman, and a black belt. She's also ferociously determined to uncover the identity of Gray's stalker. And she's just as determined to avoid any kind of romantic attachment between herself and the rugged football player with the mysterious past. But the closer they get to finding the stalker, the closer they grow to each other. As the danger rises, can Dru and Gray entrust their hearts--and their lives--to one another?

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ISBN-13: 9781441269461
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 05/03/2016
Series: Porter Family Series , #4
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 73,321
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About the Author

Becky Wade is a native of California who attended Baylor University, met and married a Texan, and now lives in Dallas. A favorite among readers of Christian contemporary romance, Becky has won a Carol Award, an Inspirational Reader's Choice Award, and an INSPY Award. Learn more at www.beckywade.com.
Becky Wade is a native of California who attended Baylor University, met and married a Texan, and now lives in Dallas. A favorite among readers of Christian contemporary romance, Becky has won a Christy Award, a Carol Award, an Inspirational Reader's Choice Award, and an INSPY Award. Learn more at www.beckywade.com.

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Her One and Only 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 53 reviews.
Becky_B More than 1 year ago
I loved this book. Dru is the youngest of the Porter siblings and she is pure fun! I was thrilled to read her story. Her story has adventure, love, passion, fun, and heart. The characters have depth and struggle with real issues. It was a joy to read!! I was given this book for my honest review.
SusanSnodgrassBookworm More than 1 year ago
This book was outstanding! Becky Wade's very first book made me aware that she was an author I wanted on my favorites list. I still feel that same way. This book concludes Wade's 'Porter Family' series, which includes 4 books. I am not ashamed to say that I'm sorry to see it come to an end. This family has surely grown on me. We do get to catch up with the family members from previous books, which was an absolute delight and have a super surprise from one set. Oh, how I loved it. Becky Wade has a knack for creating characters that are real and believable to the reader. They have real problems and real emotions. In fact, she plumbs the emotional depth of these folks she writes about. I find myself in tears reading her books, almost wanting to pray for these people! Dru Porter and Gray Fowler captured my interest and didn't let go till the very end of the book. I think I know why Becky Wade saved the only girl in the Porter siblings for last. Dru Porter was a great character. Loved this book and the interaction between the two was perfect and the romance was perfect. However, what draws me in about Becky's books is the spiritual depth that she includes. She is not afraid to stand strong on the Gospel of Christ and His work in the lives of believers. This is of great importance to me. The spiritual theme she weaves through her books is powerful and amazing. This one ministered to me in a situation I've been facing, in fact. I am excited to read her new series. I only wish it was right now! *I was provided a copy of this book through Net Galley in exchange for my honest opinion, which I have given. (less)
LoraineN More than 1 year ago
I wasn’t sure I was going to like this story because both characters started off with such big personalities. Gray had a huge ego and Dru dripped independence. After getting to know them, I really enjoyed their story. This was a neat twist on male bodyguards and I love the contrast of the small female protecting the man who was physically larger. Great story. Full review at my website. I received this book in a giveaway. I was not required to give a positive review. All of the opinions I have expressed are my own.
KayMKM More than 1 year ago
This is the fourth and last book in the Porter Family Series. I’ve loved every book and I hate to see the series end. In Her One and Only, there are so many struggles that each character needed to work through. With every low point, I felt I was right there struggling along with each person and with the highs, I felt the joy of each one, also—a bit of a roller coaster ride! Gray is a wonderful hero and quite a counterpart to feisty Dru. They are both appealing and interesting characters. Of the books I’ve read recently, Gray is definitely my favorite character. If you like romance with depth and complexity, I recommend this series, and Her One and Only in particular.
annelr More than 1 year ago
Her One and Only, the fourth and apparently final book in the Porter Family series by Becky Wade is an engaging and entertaining book. Never having read the first three I can say this is easily a stand alone book. There is enough back story to not leave the reader lost and enough lure to make you want to go back and read the complete stories of the other family members. Dru Porter is a former Marine now a bodyguard; she is a beautiful pistol-packing biker-gal who is tough but chic. Her new client is the famous NFL player Gray Fowler and of course, he is on the wrong team as the Porter family roots for the opposition! As the search for Gray's stalker continues, the relationship between Dru and Gray becomes complicated. Can she keep him safe? Can she remain detached emotionally to do her job well?The story is action-packed and moves quickly and the characters are strong and likable. And, oh, you don’t want to forget a fan or make sure there’s a fainting couch nearby with the kissing scenes. Thousands of woman would want Gray to be their man, yet Dru longs for a place in his life. Can he truly just become Dru's alone? Can love rescue this relationship from the past, a past that Gray has been trying to leave behind most of his life? Family, danger, romance and a thread of the Christian faith are woven together to bring a great finish to this series.
SylviaM More than 1 year ago
The Porter Family series by Becky Wade has been a joy to read. Her One and Only features Dru, the youngest and only daughter of the Porter Family siblings. Dru Porter is hired to guard Gray Fowler, a professional football player, until he is safe from the threat of a stalker. I wasn’t certain how I would like Her One and Only, because I know from the previous books that Dru is nothing remotely like me or anybody I know personally. Becky Wade accurately likens her heroine to a larger than life action film star. Dru is beautiful, has done tours of duty with the Marines, is a sharpshooter, and loves a good fight; she is no girly-girl. Dru is just Dru. The further I read, the more she grew on me. I liked her for herself; because she is different. Dru stands out and leaves a lasting impression on oneself, even after closing the novel’s cover at the end. Each book in this series has a heroine with a different personality. No one lady is exactly like another. I like that. Gray Fowler is a tough-as-nails, handsome football hero. I liked how we got to see a vulnerable place in his soul that made him a little more human. Gray has to work though childhood hurts in order to be the best man for Dru and also, to bring him into a right relationship with God. Her One and Only has an All-American-Family-God-Bless-Texas feel to it. However, a deeper thread runs through the novel, showing another side - the different lives and consequences of the sinful choices some people make. Not all children have a happy upbringing. This part of the plot was very moving to me. I am not into football in the least, but I enjoyed reading about Gray’s life, job and teammates. There wasn’t too much football talk to make one’s eyes glaze over! :) Dru’s occupation as a protection agent is fascinating. I felt like I learned a lot and would be privileged to have her as my guard if I were ever in need of one. The romance in this novel is right on par with Becky’s other books; lots of good kissing without going too far. Boundaries are actually put in place by the characters when necessary. I appreciated that. Gray and Dru’s love/hate relationship and occasional sparring makes for some interesting conversations and scenes. Their date ideas and ways of spending time with one another are so different than most couples I know, but it fits the two of them just right. Third viewpoints are not favorites of mine, but I actually didn’t mind it in this novel. The heroine of book one has some scenes every once in awhile. I enjoyed finding out what was happening with her and the rest of the Porters. Spiritual elements were brought up several times and I appreciated how the heroine drew the line at not only not marrying an unbeliever, but also not dating one either. Dru went to a Wednesday evening church service, but didn’t seem to have a very close relationship with God. I did applaud her for turning her back on sinful activities and habits that she used to do before she got saved. She is still a fairly new Christian, so I’ll her some slack. :) Over all I really enjoyed Her One and Only and am still thinking about the deeper messages of it more than the romance actually. If you like the writing of Denise Hunter, Shannon Taylor Vannatter, and Dani Pettrey (minus the mystery/suspense), Becky Wade is the author for you.
PianoLady831 More than 1 year ago
Her One and Only concludes the Porter Family series in a moving way and is an outstanding story on every level. Becky Wade is one of my favorite authors in the contemporary romance genre, such that I almost tend to go against type and get a little giddy when holding one of her new releases in my hand. I’ve read enough of Becky’s novels to have certain expectations when I begin a new one, and I am never disappointed. The writing is tight, not one single word is wasted, and it moves at a fast pace. Becky’s stories are multi-dimensional, both from really rich character depth, to a mixture of emotion, humor, spirituality, sizzling romance – and in this case, suspense. I think the term transformational fits her books, because Becky doesn’t shy away from difficult social issues, such as PTSD, alcoholism, child abuse, infertility and miscarriage – and it’s all about the transforming power of God and how He works through His children. It was also wonderful to see Bo and Meg’s story brought full circle. Executive protection agent Dru and sports superstar Gray both have difficult personal histories and are portrayed very realistically. Dru is always trying to prove herself and Gray finds his self-worth in his sport. They have a lot of together time in the story and it’s so much fun to watch their initial negative assessment of each other gradually change. Spiritual themes are never lacking in Becky’s books. I loved Dru’s faith and how she takes her elderly neighbor to a bikers’ church, showing that church is not a “one size fits all” institution. There’s a couple of gems that I could totally relate to and I think readers will also. First, the question of where we find fulfillment, for Dru questioned if Gray was “looking for fulfillment in stuff like achievement and wealth, only to find it empty.” Secondly, whether from our own making or from circumstances beyond our control, who of us doesn’t have a flawed past? Thank you for writing this series, Becky, for in the Porters, you have created a family that not only entertains and inspires us, but one that we care about and will never forget. Highly recommended. Thank you to Bethany House and Litfuse Publicity for providing a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
DarleneLTurner More than 1 year ago
Dru Porter is the youngest of the Porter family—and the only girl. Not only does she have to live up to proving herself to them, but now her agency has assigned her to protect egotistical superstar NFL player, Gray Fowler. She’s determined to solve the case and find Gray’s stalker without getting attached to the handsome football star. Gray Fowler is disgusted at the death threats and even more so that his team hired an executive protection agent. Let alone a tiny, but beautiful one. Could she really keep him safe? He soon realizes strength can come in small packages and he’s drawn to Dru’s strange, but witty charm. Together they try to determine who the stalker is, but can they do it before he or she succeeds in getting off a clear shot? Her One and Only is the fourth and final installment in the Porter Family series. Even though it’s the fourth, it could be read on it’s own. It’s the first one I’ve read in the series and I didn’t find myself lost. I’m hooked and now want to go back and find out the stories on all Dru’s brothers! Becky Wade has a new fan. Loved her writing. This book had me from the beginning and I had to keep turning the page. The only negative comment I would make is that the storyline of Meg and Bo drew me out of the story and I found myself skimming that part. However, in saying that, I haven’t read all the other books, so I think Ms. Wade’s fans who have read the entire series will like how she’s included it as I’ve heard it wraps up loose ends. I loved Dru and Gray’s characters. They’re both stubborn, but also have a soft spot. The chemistry between them is undeniable. They come to life on the pages. Ms. Wade’s imagery and use of senses are well done. You can picture everything and you’re right there with the characters cheering them on. I give Her One and Only four footballs. This is a great book to pick up off the sidelines and pack in your beach bag! **Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc. in exchange for my honest review.
GrandaddyA More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed the last book in the Porter Family Novels by Becky Wade. She has told a very entertaining story about the youngest of the Porter siblings. Dru is quite a firecracker and keeps things interesting in her job as an executive protection agent. Small and feisty, she seems to be a good match against the big football player as she teasingly calls Gray Fowler, the football star she is assigned to protect. It is refreshing to read about someone living the life of the rich and famous as he starts making the turn back to the Christian faith he heard about as a child. Like so many people in the world today, he called himself a Christian but he was living far from a Christ-like life and was only fooling himself. Fortunately, he had heard enough as a kid to have a starting point for his turnaround. For those who have read the first three books of the series, you will enjoy glimpses of the other Porter family members again and see what they are doing. In case you are wondering, I did not figure out who was the bad guy until near the end of the book when Dru spotted him heading towards Gray. I recommend the book for adult readers. The story is good but may push the boundaries just a bit more than I would consider suitable for younger readers. For clarification, there is no vulgarity or explicit sexual scenes, but it is clear what would happen if the characters had not established their boundaries in advance. This is just the opinion of someone who has lived nearly seven decades.
debhgrty More than 1 year ago
Deb’s Dozen: Dru never imagined a stalker would lead to Her One and Only! Her One and Only is the fourth book in the Porter Family Novels, great contemporary Christian romances. Dru is the baby sister of three brothers, who seldom believe she is capable of caring for herself. To prove herself, Dru became a Marine, an expert sharpshooter, a black belt, and an experienced executive protection agent for Dallas’s best security company. Dru is assigned to one of the shifts guarding NFL superstar Gray Fowler. Gray has started receiving death threats from a stalker. He’s used to obsessive fans, but this is another level of danger. He hates the idea of bodyguards 24/7. He likes his privacy. And to top things off, one of the guards is a beautiful woman! Her last assignment a disaster, Dru is determined to repair her damaged reputation. She’s going to ace this job. But as they draw closer to finding the stalker, Dru draws closer to Gray. And he doesn’t even play for the right team! Her brothers are anything but happy. Twists and turns are rampant throughout Her One and Only as they were through Becky’s other three Porter Family books. Dru was a shadow in the other books. I’m happy to see her have her own story and interesting outcome. The characters are well-developed. You’ll learn to appreciate Dru and love/hate Gray. The secondary characters are also written well. Becky brings in just enough of the backstory to remind readers of the first three books although Her One and Only can stand alone too. I highly recommend this climactic ending to the Porter Family Novels. Five stars. Becky Wade lives in Dallas after she went and married a Texan. She has won several awards for her Christian contemporary romances including a Carol Award, an Inspirational Reader’s Choice Award, and an INSPY Award. Her website is Becky Wade. Bethany House, a division of Baker Publishing Group, gave me a copy of Her One and Only in exchange for my unbiased review.
busymomoftwo More than 1 year ago
This is the fourth book in the Porter Family Series, I have only read the second and third story, but since each story can be read as a standalone, readers can jump in with any of the stories. This book focuses on Dru, the youngest sibling and only daughter in the Porter family. A former Marine, she is now working as a body guard and is assigned to the protection detail of Gray Fowler a popular, successful football player in the NFL. Becky Wade does a great job in developing the characters. The way that she shares the story from multiple vantage points allows the reader to get to know the characters through their thoughts and actions and through their perspectives of the other characters, as well as the backstory that they share with one another. This three-dimensional view, helps make them realistic and allows the reader to feel a connection with them. The book appeals to the romantic side with the great love story, but also has a nice stream of suspense that keeps the reader wondering who is stalking Gray and wondering what lead up to the events in the prologue. As with the other books in this series, the characters are challenged and flawed. Their spiritual needs are woven into the story and as they put their faith in God, they are able to forgive, learn to trust and love again. The chance to see a glimpse into the ongoing story of the other Porter siblings who we got to know in the earlier books is something that I really enjoy about reading books in a series. I was bummed to realize that with the stories of all four Porter siblings told, the series is complete. I can only hope that the author features them again in another book. This book is a must read for anyone that loves a good story with suspense, love and discovery. A complimentary review copy was provided by Bethany House.
book4children More than 1 year ago
Her One and Only is the perfect ending to an amazing series and I'm sad it's over! This is the fourth book in the Porter family series and we finally get Dru's story. Dru made only a few appearances in the previous books, but she came across as a pain in the neck that couldn't keep herself out of trouble. Now she's a grown up pain in the neck that can't keep herself out of trouble. She's fierce, competitive, and as tough as nails. She has a softer side that we get to see every now and then, but I love the way she is unapologetically herself. She doesn't try to be something she's not. Gray's mysterious past eats at him and drives him to behave in a way that keeps himself isolated from meaningful relationships with anyone. As he and Dru get to know each other better, both of their walls start to come down. It's not easy hurdling those walls, and it takes a lot of suspense, danger, and self-reflection to topple them completely. Becky Wade's characters are so alive, they feel like real people. She doesn't write perfect characters, she writes REAL characters. They all have pasts, made mistakes, and work toward becoming better people. I love the relationships in this book and the way Gray and Dru fit together perfectly. They're both difficult to handle, but that's why they're such a good match. If you like clean romance with awesome characters (especially kick-butt women), read this book. It can be read as a stand-alone novel, but I recommend reading the entire series, if only for the pure delight of spending more time in small town Texas with some great romances. Content: Some drinking, violence, and mentions of sex (discussion on the value of boundaries and waiting for marriage). Source: I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
NDowning More than 1 year ago
I was very excited to see Becky Wade’s book as one of my choices for doing a book review for Bethany House Publishers. Ever since I read “A Love Like Ours”, I became a Becky Wade fan. She has three books about the three Porter brothers, and this is the book about the little sister Dru. Becky is a good writer and she kept me entertained from cover to cover. This was a suspense and romance combined and I didn’t want it to end. I liked this line so much I actually stuck a sticky note in that page so I could quote it in my review. Talking about Dru kissing Gray, “She only knew that it felt like a glorious storm–lightning and soft rain and sweet wind–caught in a bottle.” Wow. So…go get Becky’s books. All. Of. Them. But especially Her One and Only. I just saw that it is on sale. And…go. I give this book 5 stars. Bethany House Publishers gave me a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.
MelissaF More than 1 year ago
This is the final book of the Porter series and Becky has done a great job of wrapping everything up. Not only do we get to hear Dru’s story but we meet up with all the other Porter’s who we have met previously and get to see what is going on. With that being said, have no fear if you haven’t had a chance to read the other books, Becky works everything in so new readers won’t be confused. Dru is one tough lady and Gray isn’t used to dealing with woman who don’t fall all over him. What I loved about this book was how Becky made this romance a slow burn. With her other books (which I loved) there was a quick burn, a lot of heat from the get-go but not so with this one. The romance in this one takes more time but it’s never dull. Gray has some major wounds from his past and these are slowly revealed, just enough to satisfy but not too fast that the suspense is over. I honestly had to keep reminding myself this was a romance book and not a romantic suspense but it definitely has those elements. Overall, another great book by Becky Wade. A copy of this book was given to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
swimreadbreathe4JC More than 1 year ago
Her One and Only by Becky Wade is the fourth and final book in the "Porter Family" series, and I am SO sorry to see this end! I have loved following this cowboy-Marine Corps family! After three swoon-worthy brothers, I was interested to see this wild sister have her own story. Dru Porter is a former Marine just like all her older brothers, as well as a black belt, fantastic shot, and a security agent at a local firm. She's petite, but boy oh boy, she's fierce. Gray Fowler is a star NFL player whose team managers want him to have a bodyguard around the clock. Gray personally doesn't see the need, nor does he see how a little girl could possibly protect him. I mean, after all, he's like twice as big as she is. So he ignores her...until he realizes that he can't do without her. I loved this book. I can't honestly say that it works as a stand-alone, because Meg and Bo are the secondary characters and it really helps to remember their story from book one. Also, this is a cute story. It really is. And while I'd give it five stars by itself, when compared to the rest of the series, it was more of a four and a half. I don't know why, but something was a little less than the others. I mean, I loved it absolutely loved it. I will probably read it again. I just liked books two and three better. Thank you so much to Bethany House and Net Galley for providing me with an electronic copy of this book to read and review. All opinions are my own and were not required to be positive.
Deal_Sharing_Aunt More than 1 year ago
Dru Porter is trying to make herself look good again in the eyes of her country. Gary Fournier is a superstar in the NFL. He knows that some fans can get over excited. But, now someone is wishing him dead, why, no one knows. This follower has taken it to an all new level. In order to make sure his stays ok Dru has been hired to protect him. He in no way believes that this little girl can help take care of him at all. Actually Dru is a black belt and a former Marine, she can take care of others as well as herself. But, can they dismiss the feelings that are trying to show themselves? They are not supposed to become close at all. What will happen if something happens to one of them? I give this book a 4/5. I was given this book for a review . These are my opinions.
NatashaMarieL More than 1 year ago
I'll begin by saying that I was so excited to read the last book in the Porter family series! It was fun to read the youngest and only girl's story. Dru is one tough cookie! Which means she is very cool, but not relateable for me at all. I am not tough. Well, I guess I'm a different kind of tough. Dru Porter reminds me, in many ways, of Natasha Romanoff from the Marvel superhero comics/movies. She is strong, knows how to handle a bad situation, and she is not going to be intimidated or one-up-ed by the men in her life. She is fun to read about. I'm not in to sports. At all. Especially football. But I still enjoyed Gray. He has a sad backstory, which makes him slow to trust. He wasn't the most interesting character, but his story line - especially wondering who his stalker could be - was. That was what I enjoyed most about this book, the mystery, sleuthing feel of it. I don't know that I would read this, or any of the Porter series, again. They were more the "enjoy once" then the "read over and over" type of books. Quite enjoyable, light reading. I received this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest review.
June0 More than 1 year ago
Dru's story ties up the Porter series nicely. This is the perfect ending to a perfect series!!! I came away from the story feeling that the Porter family is safely wrapped up and just waiting for their fans to revisit, which I'm sure I will do often. This is one of those series with real life issues and characters that feel like someone you truly know. Becky Wade is an amazing author! I loved the banter between Dru and Gray. But they also had some serious conversations that were intense and I came away from the story feeling like I knew both of them pretty well. The little competition between Gray and his teammate Corbin was fun to watch too. I think my favorite part of the book was the Doritos example to explain Dru's brothers. It was awesome and so well put. The Porter brothers in a nut shell. I highly recommend not only this book, but the entire series! I received a copy from the publisher in return for an honest review.
BethErin More than 1 year ago
I've been wanting to read a Becky Wade title for quite some time and now that I have, I feel compelled to read them all! I am a big family-centered series fan so I especially enjoyed the interactions between the Porter siblings. Her One and Only is the fourth book in the Porter Family series yet new readers can jump right in and meet the whole Porter family at once. This book is a winning combination of suspense, romance, and drama. I received a copy of this title from the publisher. The opinions expressed are my own.
ARS8 More than 1 year ago
In Her One and Only by author Becky Wade, we get to go back and visit with the Porter family once again. Baby sister and only girl, Dru Porter, has grown into her own now and after the military is now an executive protection agent, or bodyguard. Assigned by her agency to protect NFL star Gray Fowler from a stalker, Dru takes her job seriously especially after a really bad case in Mexico. Well as you can imagine, sparks fly between Dru and Gray, who finds her intriguing and quite attractive but does not necessarily take her job, his situation, or his safety seriously. This was a really a great romantic read with an underlying sense of danger as the stalker ups the ante and begins to target more than just Gray. We, along with Dru are introduced to Gray’s very dysfunctional family and some of his crazy fans and girlfriends. It was really a joy to go back and reunite with Dru’s older brothers, the Porter boys and their families. I loved seeing the brothers again and how very different they all were. Bo and Meg have a very prominent side story that was very poignant and long awaited for. Becky Wade is probably my favorite contemporary author and I look forward to all her stories. I received a copy from Bethany House Publishers for an honest review and the opinions are my own.
Sprinkle23 More than 1 year ago
Having grown up with three older brothers, Dru knows how to hold her own in the midst of conflict. After serving as a Marine, earning a black belt, and honing her shooting skills, she excels as an executive protection agent until one case goes very wrong. Now she's been assigned to protect NFL tight end Gray Fowler and she needs to do it well to recoup her professional standing. Determined to find his stalker, end the danger, and restore her reputation, she refuses to be drawn into any sort of romantic relationship, though Gray seems intent on dissuading her. The more time Gray and Dru spend together, the more they are drawn to each other. Can Dru discover Gray's stalker in time to preserve his life... and her heart? Read more in Her One and Only. Her One and Only by Becky Wade is the fourth and final novel in the Porter Family series. This novel probably could stand alone, but Meg and Bo (from Book One, Undeniably Yours) feature prominently and I think it might feel a bit disconnected if I hadn't read the previous books. My favorite part of Dru and Gray's story was the tension and sizzle of their personalities. The obvious attraction and issues between them held my attention. The plot was nicely paced and the climax was not what I expected, making it even better. I'll definitely keep this novel and likely reread the entire series in the future. Readers who've enjoyed any of the Porter family series, thus far, will likely enjoy Her One and Only as well. Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."
Bekah_M More than 1 year ago
Dru Porter is the youngest of the Porter clan, and has always felt like she had something to prove with her three big brothers. After a fairly wild youth, she joined the Marines, worked towards a black belt in jui-jitsu, and can shoot a target with perfect precision. But even with all the training, she couldn’t have prepared for the disaster of her last assignment as an executive protection agent. Again, she feels like she has something to prove to her agency with her latest client- NFL star Gray Fowler. Gray has a stalker, which is not out of the ordinary for him, but this time the threat is frighteningly real. When a gorgeous, feisty Dru is assigned as his newest bodyguard, he doesn’t know how to take it exactly. Especially when their sarcastic banter soon turns to real feelings for one another. But Dru is determined to remain detached for her job (and heart’s) sake, and Gray doesn’t know how to let anyone in seriously due to a rough childhood. But as the danger rises and Gray’s stalker escalates to threatening to kill them both, they soon realize that the feelings they keep fighting might be the one thing that can get them through. As I’ve come to expect from this author, Her One and Only is an example of a story that is simply a gift to its reader. Beautifully genuine, heartbreakingly raw, and a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, it delivers a poignant tale of a man and woman both afraid to love but willing to risk everything for each other…it had me both in tears at the frighteningly palpable emotions it emerged in me and giggling at the pure cuteness of Dru, Gray, and the whole Porter family I’ve come to know and love. I am in awe of how much one story can remind me of why I love reading so much in the first place. It checked all the boxes – Her One and Only immediately engaged me with honest-to-goodness characters and a nail-biting plotline (it literally starts with a bang due to the first chapters glimpse of the story’s future), gave me ALL THE FEELS with sizzling chemistry between Dru and Gray yet still was a clean romance, held some mystery with an ending I never would’ve guessed, and taught me a lesson about the power of letting go of the ugly past and allowing faith, forgiveness, and love to take it’s place. If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m pretty passionate about my love for this extraordinary series. This is a must-read for anyone who delights in contemporary romance. Though a satisfying conclusion to the Porter Family series, it will be one of the rare series that I anticipate re-reading over and over again. In closing, a beautiful story awaits you in Her One and Only! *I received this book free from Litfuse Publicity Group in exchange for my honest review.
GailHollingsworth More than 1 year ago
Becky Wade has another winner and starts Her One and Only out with a bang! The prologue grabs you right from the start. And the rest of the story starts weeks back and brings you the background you need to understand what is going on. The suspense throughout is so thick you could cut it with a knife and I had no clue to who the culprit was, that makes for a great suspense. Gray is an NFL football player who has received death threats through emails and letters and is stalked by an unknown person. Dru Porter is hired as a bodyguard to take daily shifts protecting Gray. That doesn't sit well with Gray. A woman, small in stature and beautiful to boot, protecting him? Please don't let any of my fellow football players hear about this he tells her. As time goes on he continues to receive threatening letters. No matter where they go Dru is keenly aware of every person around them. In one of the restaurants where they are eating, gun shots are fired through the windows. This stalker is getting really serious now. As they spend more and more time together, Gray and Dru want to trust each other, but trusting is hard, especially for Gray. He had a tough childhood with an abusive stepfather. I loved the interaction between the two of them. I think Gray was drawn to Dru because of her spunk and sassiness. She didn't fall all over him like most women that were wanting to know a famous and rich football player. Her family was not gung-ho over her relationship with Gray either, especially her brothers. He was a Mustang after all and they are die hard Cowboy fans. I throughly enjoyed this story and am so sad to see the Porter Saga end. I would dearly love for Becky to come back a few years from now and write a "catch up" story with all the Porters and what's happening with each family. I received this book from the publisher for my honest review, which I have given.
GnatBehindtheLens More than 1 year ago
From the moment that you open the first page, this book seems to suck you in like a vacuum. And somehow, the once daunting 400 hundred pages of book seem to go by in an instant flurry of handsome NFL players and tough-guy, er, tough-girl bodyguards. This book is a book of snarky conversations, Sherlock Holmes detective skills, fast cars, hired housewives, and a splash of forbidden love.
Shay14 More than 1 year ago
Talk about a book hangover!! I finished Her One and Only last night and sat there after putting it down thinking...WOW. I am pretty sure this is my favorite out of all of the Porter family novels. I loved the flow and feel of this novel. Becky Wade has a knack for creating life-like characters with genuine emotions and reactions. She pulls you into a story and leaves you wanting more at the end (in the best possible way, of course). Speaking of characters, I absolutely LOVED Dru and Gray. Dru is everything I wish I could be: strong, independent, feisty, and did I mention strong!! She has her flaws, of course, like everyone else. Grayson had my heart from the beginning. Like Dru, I couldn't help but to be drawn into his life. I was curious about him. I wanted to know what made him tick, what made him keep people at arm's length. His broken family is something I can definitely relate to. Their relationship had me in tears at some points I was laughing so hard. Their banter and the sparks that they both tried to ignore were entertaining! I also loved catching up with the rest of the Porter crew: Meg and Bo, Celia and Ty, and Jake and Lyndie. The message of this story is about letting go. Dru and Gray both have things in their past that have defined how they view life today. By not letting go of those things, they are holding God back from what He can do in their life. As the verse at the end states, by letting go, we can embrace the "new things" God has for us. Overall, I'm sad that the Porter Family series has come to an end, but I couldn't have asked for a better conclusion to one of the best family series I've ever read! "See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland." - Isaiah 43:19 *I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher through the Litfuse Blogging program in exchange for my honest review*