Here in Spirit: Knowing the Spirit Who Creates, Sustains, and Transforms Everything

Here in Spirit: Knowing the Spirit Who Creates, Sustains, and Transforms Everything

by Jonathan K. Dodson


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“I'll be there in spirit.”
We say this knowing it isn't really possible. Yet we often find ourselves dislocated from the present, inattentive to things in front of us: people, work, culture, ministry opportunities, prayer, and even the Spirit himself.
The Holy Spirit, however, relocates us in the present, motivating us to fully engage whatever God puts before us. Instead of relating narrowly to the Spirit based on just a few of his gifts, this book broadens our engagement with him, touring aspects of his vast character that often go unexplored. It turns out, living here in the Spirit is the source of the most meaningful, creative, satisfying life possible.

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ISBN-13: 9780830845446
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
Publication date: 09/25/2018
Pages: 160
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Jonathan K. Dodson (MDiv, ThM) is the founding pastor of City Life Church in Austin, Texas, which he started with his wife, Robie, and a small group of people. He is also the founder of Gospel-Centered Discipleship and author of Gospel-Centered Discipleship, The Unbelievable Gospel: Say Something Worth Believing, and Raised? Finding Jesus by Doubting the Resurrection. He enjoys listening to M. Ward, smoking his pipe, watching sci-fi, and following Jesus.

Table of Contents

1. The Greatest Gift

2. Culture with the Spirit

3. More Than a Force

4. Renewing All Things

5. The Spirit of Silence

6. More Than Conviviality

7. The Great Companion

8. Discerning Promptings

9. Praying in the Spirit

10. Mission with the Wind

11. Experiencing the Power

12. The Shape of Suffering

13. Bearing Fruit

14. The Future of the Spirit


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What People are Saying About This

Christopher J. H. Wright

"John Stott began every day from his waking moment with a prayer to each person of the Holy Trinity, specifically greeting the Holy Spirit and asking him to go on growing his fruit in John’s life. And God answered that prayer abundantly! This book would commend such practice, with its strong call to know the Spirit of God in much more personal and intimate terms than before. I am grateful for Jonathan Dodson’s challenge. His book is very easy to read, but not at all just an easy read. I have been reminded of things I’d forgotten and rebuked for things I’ve neglected. The book has blessed my life this very day and will impact the sermon I have to preach in ten days' time. That’s because it is resonant with multiple scriptures, rich in honest, personal experience, and constantly relevant to everyday life."

Jennie Allen

"As a trusted guide, Jonathan helps us recover the beauty of a life lived with the Spirit of God inside us. This book will remind you to see God around every corner."

Scott Sauls

"Too often, we Christians are content settling for weak, anemic, and uncompelling versions of what is meant to be a strong, healthy, and life-giving expression of life in Christ. Jonathan does a great job drawing us into this more robust, Spirit-led vision for what life can be in the here and now. God has given us an inner resource to help us be and become the very best version of ourselves. It’s time we started drawing on that resource!"

Mark Sayers

"In Here in Spirit, Jonathan Dodson invites us to look up from the usual squabbles over the role of the Holy Spirit and drink in a grander, richer view of the third person of the Trinity. From the cosmic span of the Spirit who sustains all creation, to his involvement in the ordinary rhythms of our daily lives, this book offers us a deep and yet readable account, which invites us not just to learn about the Spirit but to fall deeper in love with him."

Gary Tyra

"As its name suggests, Here in Spirit is a thoughtful discussion of why Christians should not only live in the moment, but in the Spirit as well. Each chapter unveils another revelation of what the Father wants for and from the followers of his Son and why his Spirit is key to it all. Well organized and illustrated, Dodson has gifted the church with a user-friendly pneumatology (doctrine of the Holy Spirit) that seeks to motivate church members to grow in their understanding and experience of the third member of the Holy Trinity. An important book, I heartily recommend it!"

Matt Carter

"Jonathan Dodson’s voice is one I trust, and he has written a helpful resource for anyone seeking to understand and know the Holy Spirit. The Spirit has confused Christians on all ends of the theological spectrum, but this book helps us see the Holy Spirit as he’s unpacked in Scripture. As the title states, he creates, sustains, and transforms—and we have access to him! I highly recommend this book!"

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