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Hike It Baby: 100 Awesome Outdoor Adventures with Babies and Toddlers

Hike It Baby: 100 Awesome Outdoor Adventures with Babies and Toddlers

by Shanti Hodges
Hike It Baby: 100 Awesome Outdoor Adventures with Babies and Toddlers

Hike It Baby: 100 Awesome Outdoor Adventures with Babies and Toddlers

by Shanti Hodges


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New parents and parents of toddlers face unique challenges when it comes to planning outdoor trips. “Family-friendly trail” is often a misleading phrase, and doesn’t take young children under the age of 5 into consideration, whose safety and comfort require a different perspective. The unpredictable nature of little ones leads many parents to put their adventure dreams on the back burner, missing out on years of meaningful experiences as a family. Hike it Baby presents 100 outdoor adventures across the U.S. that you can take with babies and toddlers (really!), along with everything you need to know about exploring the natural world. Sourced from real families using Hike it Baby’s trail-tested system, this book helps moms and dads get out there in their comfort zone, yet feel like hardcore adventurers! Whether you’ve always wanted to hike part of the Appalachian Trail, splash around in gentle Northwest waterfalls, or scramble up rocks in the desert surrounded by Joshua Trees, this book shows you how to plan a truly memorable journey together.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781493033904
Publisher: Falcon Guides
Publication date: 06/01/2018
Pages: 376
Sales rank: 554,352
Product dimensions: 7.40(w) x 9.20(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Shanti Sosienski Hodges is the founder of Hike it Baby, a marketing consultant, motivational speaker, and brand ambassador. Prior to starting Hike it Baby, Shanti worked as a freelance writer for a number of years full time for Outside, Marie Claire, Men's Journal and more. She lives in Portland, OR with her son, Mason, and her husband, Mark.

Table of Contents

Foreword 8

Introduction 13

How to use this Book 18


Cahaba River Loop 22

Pond Way 24


Turnagain Arm Trailhead 27

Spencer Glacier 29


Boyce Thompson Arboretum 32

West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon 35


Falls Branch Trail 38


Barney Lake Trail 48

Redwood Grove Loop Trail and San Lorenzo River Trail 51

Hidden Valley 54

Loch Leven Lakes 57

Sentinel Dome 59

Ernie Maxwell Scenic Trail 62


Montville Nature Trail and Mosca Pass 65

Ouray Perimeter Trail 67

Dawson's Butte Ranch Open Space Trail 70

Columbine Trail 73


Bluff Point Trail 86


Indian Springs To Hidden Pond Trail 89


Cyprus Swamp Trail 91

Black Bear Wilderness 94


Mountain Top and Mountain View Trails 104

West Rim Loop 107

River Trail 109

Canyon Loop Trail 112


La Perouse Bay 114

Likeke Falls 117


Mores Mountain Interpretive Trail 119


St. Louis Canyon and Wildcat Canyon 121

Rim Rock Recreational Trail 124


Turkey Run 134

Edesses Trail 137


Hickory Ridge Trail 140


Monument Rocks 143

Upper Ridge Trail and South Trail 145


Rock Bridge Trail 148


Wonderland Trail 154

Jordan Pond Westside Trail 156


Yellow Loop and Blue Trail 158


Sunrise Trail to Summit 160

Canyon Loop Trail 163


Lower Falls Trail 172

Dune Climb 174


Oberg Mountain Loop 176

Richard T. Anderson Trail 178

Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness 180


Braille Trail 183

Gayfeather Trail 185


McDonald Creek Trail 187

Pine Creek Falls 190


Waterfall Trail 200

Fontelle Forest 202


Lost Creek Canyon 204

New Hampshire

Flume Gorge 206

New Jersey

Green Loop 208

Pyramid Mountain to Tripod Rock 211

New Mexico

Jemez Falls 213

Interdune Boardwalk 215

Tecolote Trail 217

New York

Shelving Rock Falls 219

Black Creek Preserve 222

Moses Mountain Trail 224

Mashomack Preserve 226

Sunset Rock 228

North Carolina

Max Patch 239

Cat Gap Loop and John Rock Trail 241

North Dakota

Buck Hill Trail and Ridgeline Trail 243


Ash Cave Gorge Trail 246

Osage Orange Trail 249


Elk Mountain Trail 252


Heceta Head to Hobbit Trail 254

Mirror Lake 257

Trail of Ten Falls 259

Todd Lake 265

Rowena Crest Plateau 262


Tom's Run Creek 274

South Carolina

Caw Caw Interpretive Center 277

Boardwalk Loop 280

South Dakota

Door, Window, and Notch Trails 283


Carver's Gap to Overmountain Shelter 287

Clingman's Dome 290


Caprock Canyon 292

Monahans Sandhills 294

Old Baldy Summit 296

Summit Trail 298


Capitol Gorge Trail to the Tanks 310

Jenny's Canyon Trail 313


Quechee Gorge Dewey Pond Trail 316


Blackrock Summit 318


Second Beach 324

Grove of the Patriarchs 327

Ape Cave 329

Fall Creek Falls 332

Gibbons Creek Wildlife Art Trail 334


Big Schloss Trail 341

West Virginia

Bald Knob Trail 344


Pike Lake, Kettle Moraine 347

Copper Falls Trail, Doughboy Loop 349

Parfrey's Glen Trail 351


Taggart Lake 354

Joyner Ridge 357

Phelps Lake, Woodland Trail 360

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