Hollywood Hot Mess

Hollywood Hot Mess

by Evie Claire

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Hollywood Hot Mess by Evie Claire

Hollywood's hottest mess gets a shot at redemption—and a chance to star alongside Tinseltown's most sought-after silver fox. But when their on-screen acting becomes a scorching-hot, forbidden offscreen romance, she discovers he's hiding a dark secret behind his carefully crafted public image.

All the dirty details of former child star Carly Klein's fall from Hollywood grace were tabloid news…and they only knew about half of it. But now she's sober and grasping at the last chance to revive her flatlined career.

Devon Hayes is Hollywood royalty. Branded the sexiest man alive, granted his first shot at producing, he's living a life most only dream of. But his offscreen reality is more like a nightmare and makes the twisted tales in his movie plots look tame.

When Carly and Devon are cast opposite each other, Carly is pretty sure Devon is an asshole. Devon is certain Carly is a spoiled brat. But with chemistry that would make a nun lust like a schoolgirl, these two are DTF. Classic.

As their broken parts begin to pull them together, on-screen love turns…could it be? Into the real thing. Faced with the prying paparazzi, vindictive agents and career-ending secrets, Devon and Carly have already sacrificed their souls for fame. Living a lie in public is a small price to pay for ecstasy in private…for now.

Part One of Two. The story continues in Total Trainwreck. Don't miss it!

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ISBN-13: 9781460397466
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication date: 09/12/2016
Series: Hollywood Hot Mess , #1
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 2 MB

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Hollywood Hot Mess 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Evie Claire was new to me. I'd never read her before, but I absolutely loved this book! This is not traditional romance. It's similar to Alexa Riley's books. Carly is a very strong and very flawed heroine. You will either love her (because you so empathize with her) or hate her. Either way, Claire's storytelling is so compelling you don't want it to stop. Devon is a hero with his own baggage. Sometimes you love him, sometimes you want to scream at him to get his sh*t together. Their romance is heavy on plot and super hot on sex. This book will keep you up All. Night. Long:) The Hollywood aspect of this story is fascinating. It's not at all a glossy, perfect world like most Tinsletown love stories This book deals with the gritty, and probably real, side of fame. Check it out. You may love it. You may hate it. You won't be able to put it down. Claire's storytelling is just that powerful.
jeanniezelos More than 1 year ago
Hollywood Hot Mess,  Evie Claire Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews Genre:  Romance,   I’m a real sucker for the film/rock star romance trope so when I saw total train wreck I clicked request, got it, opened it and started, and was totally lost. Then, and only then, I realised it was book two and I needed to request this one, which somehow I’d missed. Jeannie Fail yet again ;-)   Anyway, there’s so many books in this trope that its hard to pick a winner, there’s an awful lot of ( in my opinion) mundane dross among them so I tend to be a bit cautious usually. In the beginning I was convinced this would be a fail for me, as I really didn't like Carly, she came over as a young, selfish, shallow, and angry b itch woman. Add in that on first meeting Devon she dismisses him as an old guy aannd I didn’t think much of him either, so it looked like a disaster read for me. But as I’d already got book two I plugged on feeling guilty for stupidly asking for it without checking thoroughly. This was all in the first 10% or so, so very early days and despite not liking the leads, usually a total book fail for me when that happens I quickly became hooked on the story.   As it went on I warmed to Carly and Devon, there were still things I didn’t like about both of them, but i began to see past the surface, to understand them a bit better. Devon quickly became more likeable, he’s not so much a bad man as merely a kind of shallow one, superficial and not really letting emotions affect his relationships. I learned quickly that he’d reasons for that, though I was dying to know just what he was hiding.  Carly too had reasons for her behaviour and secrets I wanted to know – I’m always keen to know more when I sniff out hidden issues... Even by the end of book two I can’t say I loved them both but I did love their chaotic, roller coaster romance. Like so many Celebrities the life they really lead is far from the one publicised, and poor Carly, awful childhood, pushy, grasping parents – she hit the bottom with her upbringing. She’s been working since she was a year old, and her parents were greedy and used her work and earnings to fuel their own lifestyles. She’s free of them now, and the drugs that were her way of coping with it all. She’s still only 19, almost 20 and yet with the things we know and things she hasn’t revealed but that are clearly affecting her behaviour, she sometimes seems twice that age. Its not long before she sees Devon as more than just the silver haired, old guy she thought he was, he’s actually only 34, and he too isn’t the person he’s fronted to be. Media have him as half of HeaVon, along with another star, Heather (someone..) but that’s all another media front, a very well kept secret and he’s got his reasons for wanting it that way. The attraction between them though is palpable, searing and addictive. How can they be together though when there’s so much riding on the film for Carly, so much invested in the HeaVon format for Devon, that they risk losing all if they’re together. Its tough, but somehow they find a way.   Its a cracking read, a great debut and full of intense plots and dramatic characters. I love Heather, she features more in the second book but she’s a wonderful b itch type and I just love them in a story. I surprised myself in how much I liked this book, when to begin I really couldn’t feel for, empathise with the two main leads. For me that’s usually essential, but as we learned mo