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Home Again

Home Again

4.1 200
by Kristin Hannah

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Madelaine Hillyard is a world-famous heart surgeon at the top of her game. Her personal life is far less successful. A loving but overworked single mom, she is constantly at odds with her teenage daughter. At sixteen, Lina is confused, angry, and fast becoming a stranger to her mother—a rebel desperate to find the father who walked away before she was born.


Madelaine Hillyard is a world-famous heart surgeon at the top of her game. Her personal life is far less successful. A loving but overworked single mom, she is constantly at odds with her teenage daughter. At sixteen, Lina is confused, angry, and fast becoming a stranger to her mother—a rebel desperate to find the father who walked away before she was born. Complicating matters for Madelaine are the vastly different DeMarco brothers: While priest Francis DeMarco is always ready to lend a helping hand, his brother, Angel, long ago took on the role of bad boy. Years earlier Angel abandoned Madelaine—and fatherhood—to go in search of fame and fortune. His departure left Madelaine devastated, but now he reappears and seeks help from the very people he betrayed—as a patient in dire need. With Home Again, New York Times bestselling author Kristin Hannah has written a moving, powerful novel about the fragile threads that bind together our lives and the astonishing possibility of second chances.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Watch out, LaVyrle Spencer. Hannah's latest, after Waiting for the Moon, places her squarely among today's best-known mainstream romance authors. When movie star Angel DeMarco suffers his first heart attack on location near Seattle, his survival depends on a heart transplant. He's medevac-ed to a local hospital famed for its cardiology unit and placed under the care of Dr. Madelaine Hillyard-the pregnant girlfriend he'd abandoned 17 years earlier. Facing death, he's forced to come to terms with his misspent life and attempt to make things right with Madelaine; his saintly priest brother, Francis; and his rebellious teenaged daughter. This is a tender, beautifully told story of emotional growth, forgiveness, the possibility of miracles and the frightening, humbling experience of-literally-placing your heart in another's hands. (Dec.)
Library Journal
When a failing heart takes fast-living, rebellious Hollywood icon Angelo DeMarco back to his hometown and the life he once rejected, he finds he has more to live for than he thought, but he needs courage-and a miracle-to make it happen. A driven cardiologist heroine; a troubled, vulnerable teenager; and a magnetic priest round out the cast of skillfully drawn characters, and paranormal elements and flashes of humor temper the bittersweet quality of this memorable story of love and redemption. Hannah (Waiting for the Moon, Fawcett Crest, 1995) lives on Bainbridge Island, Washington.
From the Publisher
“A tender, beautifully told story of emotional growth, forgiveness [and] the possibility of miracles.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review)
“[A] memorable story of love and redemption.”—Library Journal
“All the world loves Kristin Hannah.”—Newsday
“Powerful, thought-provoking and emotionally complex.”—RT Book Reviews

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Madelaine took a deep, steadying breath and marched into the lion's den.

He was sleeping. Thank God.

She stood in the doorway, uncertain for a second as to her best course of action. She could turn around and leave right now or she could wake him up and talk to him. Or she could sit down beside him and look at him. Just look.

Quietly she closed the door shut behind her. Weak autumn sunlight shone through the small window, giving the room a respite from the cold impersonality of fluorescent lighting. The narrow, metal-framed bed cut the room in half.

He lay as motionless as death, the washed-out gray sheeting tucked haphazardly across his chest. Dark brown hair lay in a tangled heap against the white cotton of the pillow. His chiseled face looked sunken and too thin; his lips were pale. A stubbly growth of black beard shadowed his triangular jaw and darkened his upper lip.

Even so, he was so handsome he took her breath away.

She sank unsteadily to the chair. For a second she couldn't think about his illness or what was at stake here. All she could think about was the past and how much she'd loved this man.

He had swept her, laughing, into a whole new world. A world of lights and possibility and hope, a place where rules and responsibility didn't exist. She'd clung to him, giggling, believing, following wherever he led, so proud that hers was the hand he wanted to hold. She'd fallen in love with him in the wild, abandoned way that only teenagers could. Made excuses during the day to be together, sneaking from her father's austere house in the middle of the night. It was the first time she'd ever disobeyed her father, and it had made her feel recklessly confident.

With the distance of so many years, she knew that she'd never really fallen in love with him, not in the way that lasts. She'd been consumed by his brushfire passion, transformed by him.

There had been that night, under the old oak tree at Carrington Park....

They'd been lying in the grass, staring up at the night sky, wishing on stars, sharing their dreams, holding each other. But she'd known it was time to go home. Her father would be getting back from his business trip.

She pulled away from him, staring down the long, darkened street. The thought of leaving him, returning to that cold house and her even colder father, made her feel almost sick with desperation. "I don't want to go back...." She realized instantly that she'd said too much. She held her breath, waiting for Angel to call her silly or stupid or childish--all the words her father hurled at her with such regularity.

But he didn't. He touched her cheek, gently turned her face to his. "Don't. Stay with me. We could run away...raise a family...be a family...." Madelaine had never known what it could feel like to love someone until that moment. The emotion swept through her, filling her soul with heat until, suddenly, she was laughing, and then she was crying. "I love you, Angel."

Ah...it had been so painfully sweet...

He pulled her into his arms, held her so tightly, she couldn't breathe. Together they dropped to their knees in the spongy grass. She felt his hands on her, stroking her hair, her back, her hips. And then he was kissing her, tasting her tears, claiming her so completely with his mouth that she felt dizzy.

At last he drew back and stared down at her. There was an intensity in his eyes that stole her breath, made her heart beat wildly. "I love you, Madelaine. I don't...I mean, I've never..." Tears squeezed past his eyelashes and he started to wipe them away.

She stopped his hand. "Don't be afraid," she whispered.

He gave her a trembling smile. In that instant she understood so much about him, about the way he was. He went about swaggering and blustering and acting like the rebel, but on the inside he was just like her. Scared and confused and lonely. He didn't believe in himself, didn't think he was good, but he was--she believed in him enough for both of them. And he loved her like no one had ever loved her before....

Such powerful, powerful words: I love you...

After that, she'd told him everything, opened her heart and soul to him and let him become a part of her. Without him, she hadn't thought she could live.

What if he could do that to her again?

She forced herself to remember the other things, the other moments, letting the pain wash through her in a cold, cleansing sweep.

She'd thought she'd forgiven him for what he'd done to her--for leaving her without so much as a good-bye. Honestly, truly, she thought she had. Time and again she'd replayed the sequence of events in her head. She told herself she didn't blame Angel for running out on her. She told herself that seventeen was young, so young, and with each advancing year of her life, it felt younger still. She told herself it had been for the best, that they never would have made it, that they would have ruined each other's lives.

Yes, she'd told herself a lot of things, but now, in this second, staring down at him, she recognized the truth at last. They were lies, all of them lies. Pretty foil paper on a dark, ugly gift.

She hadn't forgiven him. How could she?

He'd killed a part of her that summer, a part he'd created and nurtured and claimed to love. A part she'd never gotten back.

From the Paperback edition.

Meet the Author

Kristin Hannah received an undergraduate degree from the University of Washington and a degree in law from the University of Puget Sound. Her first book, A Handful of Heaven, became the first debut historical romance to win the Romance Writers of America’s prestigious RITA/Golden Heart Award and the Georgia Romance Writers’ MAGGIE Award. Kristin Hannah lives with her family in the Pacific Northwest.

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Home Again 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 200 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I had read and enjoyed a more recent Kristin Hannah novel, so I thought I'd try this older and less expensive ebook. What a wonderful read. When I started reading, I thought I was reading a book with a different synopsis. I loved having the book unfold without any expectations for what was to come. I had an idea of what was going to happen, and I was right--but it happened in the middle of the book not at the end. Tender, poignant, hopeful and at times sad. A movie star, a cardiologist, a priest, a teenage girl, life changing decisions, first love and second chances. I don't want to say much else and give anything away.
Kelsey Waterfield More than 1 year ago
When i read books i am often disappointed that the end of the book comes with little detail. Howevee this book finished every loose end and the story felt complete. I really like the character development!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
You can tell that this is one of Hannah's early writings. The story line is good. but the pace is very slow - bordering on boring. This book makes you appreciate how far her writing ability has come!
aimlyss More than 1 year ago
I loved this story involving a cardiologist, a spoiled movie star, a priest, and a teenage girl with a bad attitude. If you read this book, make sure you have some tissues handy ... that's pretty much standard for all of the Kristin Hannah books I've read.
Debbie Osborne More than 1 year ago
Found my favorite new author! Loved this book.
GMN2008 More than 1 year ago
This is one of my favorite K. Hannah books. It's a touching story with a twist that you will not be expecting. If you like K. Hannah, you will enjoy Home Again!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Kristin Hannah is my favorite author and this is my favorite book. What a story and an unbelievable turn of events that seems to offer a solution, though unexpected, to an unsolvable problem. Tears and joy abound in all of Kristin's books, but never more than in this one.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Book was well written and such a beautiful love stoy. One of the best books I have read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this book. I cried my eyes out like a little baby
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have read many of this author's books and I always enjoy them; this book was no different. As with most characters in Hannah's books there is a complicated relationship between mother and daughter. Story is told from all the characters points of view. The mother is an interesting character who does not understand how to parent a teenager, the father is not in the picture although the author makes sure to have a positive male role model for the child. The story is sad but predictable. Even though there are not many surprises along the way I still enjoyed this book and would recommend it to my friends.
JanetH49 More than 1 year ago
When you read this book, keep a box of tissues handy. If you're a parent, your heart strings will be pulled. This is a wonderful book. Kristin Hannah is quickly becoming my favorite author.
Ms_Marisa2013 More than 1 year ago
I love Kristin Hannah's novels. This book was good, it could get a little boring at times. But overall it was a good story. I did enjoy it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Well Kristin Hannah has done it again. Home Again was magical and wonderful, and like every good book I read, I hated for it to end. As another reviewer suggested, I read the book blindly, without knowing what it was about, which made it even more interesting. I wish other reviewers would realize that you don't need to give the plot away- or give an all out book report! This is yet another new favorite of mine by Kristin Hannah, thank you, thank you, for another truly amazing story that I simply did not want to put down!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
In my opinion all of her books are great!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Hannah is one of my favorite authors, very touching book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago