Homing In: An Adopted Child's Story Mandala of Connecting, Reunion, and Belonging

Homing In: An Adopted Child's Story Mandala of Connecting, Reunion, and Belonging

by Susan Mossman Riva


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A Miraculous Adoption Story About Reunion and Divine Timing.

Dr. Susan Mossman Riva was adopted in Omaha, Nebraska in 1963. In 1995, she sought the help of the Nebraska Children's Home to find her birth mother, leading to the discovery of her birth family in 1996. Miraculously, her search and reunion coincided with her biological sister's search. The awe and joy of homecoming brought her to the realization that synchronicity acts as a guidepost, repairing relational brokenness. The divine timing of their reunion happened months before their biological, maternal grandmother died. Susan connects the phases of her life in an intricate story mandala.

As an adopted child, she innately understands all that can be lost through her experience of separation. This awareness became a driving force as she steadfastly worked for reconciliation in all her relations. With loving intent, she embarked upon a journey seeking to reunite and reconcile with all those she belonged to. By connecting and engaging in an intentional forgiveness process. Susan was ultimately able to forge a pathway homing in to wholeness.

Readers will discover the power of the homing in mechanism that can be activated and used as an inner compass for all pathfinders. Susan's social science background provides an explanatory framework, sharing knowledgeability about generative and transformative processes.

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ISBN-13: 9781608082278
Publisher: Boutique of Quality Books
Publication date: 03/10/2020
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Pages: 476
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About the Author

Susan Mossman Riva graduated from the University of Colorado in Boulder in 1986 with a degree in International Relations. She later completed the European Master in Mediation in Valais, Switzerland and created a mediation service for political asylum seekers for the Valais Canton. Her postdoctoral work has been in public health research focusing on mental health, immigrant health, and recently the Senior Living Lab. She teaches mediation at the University of Geneva's Valais Campus and medical anthropology at Creighton University.

Table of Contents

Preface: A Story Mandala Connecting Adoption, Reunion, and Belonging ix

Acknowledgements xv

Relational Lexicon xvii

Part 1 Adoption: Re-collecting and Re-membering My Life's Beginnings 1

Chapter 1 The Giveaway Girl 3

Chapter 2 Intergenerativity 15

Chapter 3 Blackbird Bend Farm 25

Chapter 4 Seasons of Adventure 33

Chapter 5 Responding to the Call 47

Chapter 6 Faith and Community Service 57

Chapter 7 Concrescence: Wedding to Become One 65

Chapter 8 International Ski Tribes 73

Chapter 9 A Coat of Many Colors 79

Chapter 10 International Affairs 87

Chapter 11 The Tragic Break 93

Chapter 12 The Sundance Way of Life 101

Chapter 13 Kinning: Becoming a Child of Multiple Families 107

Part 2 Reunion: Finding My Birth Family 111

Chapter 14 Nature and Nurture within the Epigenetic Paradigm 113

Chapter 15 The Rebirthing Process 119

Chapter 16 The Love Letters 127

Chapter 17 Engaging in Polyphony and Dialogism 137

Chapter 18 Once in a Blue Moon 143

Chapter 19 Pictures in a New Family Album 155

Chapter 20 Welcoming Cathy into the Family Circle 167

Chapter 21 Embodying and Integrating Change 177

Chapter 22 Being Other 181

Chapter 23 Spinning the Family Tale 189

Chapter 24 The Dark Archetypical Forces 193

Chapter 25 Adieu 203

Chapter 26 Trying to Fit In 209

Chapter 27 Balancing Work and Family Relations 213

Chapter 28 The Eulogy 229

Chapter 29 Weaving a New Pattern 237

Chapter 30 Finding the Path Forward: Beyond Barriers of Belonging 243

Part 3 Belonging: Designing My Medicine Shield 251

Chapter 31 The Meaning-Making Process 253

Chapter 32 Mind-Body 259

Chapter 33 God's Many Faces or "Showings" 271

Chapter 34 The Golden Pocket Watch 277

Chapter 35 Journeymanship: Encounters in Pursuit of Higher Knowledge 283

Chapter 36 Developing Moral Imagination 289

Chapter 37 Earthrise: Expanding Our Circle of Caring 295

Chapter 38 The Weighing of the Heart 301

Chapter 39 Stewardship 315

Chapter 40 From Kinship to Earthship 327

Chapter 41 Future Forming 335

Chapter 42 Liminal Space 343

Chapter 43 Making Mandalas of Wholeness on the Medicine Wheel of Life 355

Chapter 44 Engaging in Healing Conversations 369

Chapter 45 The File 383

Chapter 46 Pilgrimage as Process: Cultivating Radical Amazement 391

Chapter 47 The Anthropology of Becoming 407

Chapter 48 Knocking on Mercy's Door 417

Chapter 49 Beholding the Sacred Vessel 427

Postscript 435

About the Author 439

Key Concepts 439

Bibliography 443

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