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Hoop Dreams: Modern Hand Embroidery

Hoop Dreams: Modern Hand Embroidery

by Cristin Morgan
Hoop Dreams: Modern Hand Embroidery

Hoop Dreams: Modern Hand Embroidery

by Cristin Morgan


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Vibrant color and rich textures abound in Hoop Dreams, a stylish embroidery guide for the modern maker. Author Cristin Morgan of Marigold + Mars outlines the basics of 10 classic embroidery stitches and then teaches you how to use them to create 20 beautiful and practical projects for hoops, for the home, and to wear. New and experienced embroiderers alike will be delighted by the fresh motifs and bold color palettes and empowered by the easy step-by-step instructions and templates, which show that with just a few simple stitches, some basic materials, and an idea or two, you can stitch just about anything. A glossary of more than 50 additional patterns and motifs will inspire you to personalize your projects and use your newfound embroidery skills in fresh and imaginative ways. As an added bonus, the book includes an envelope with 10 carbon transfer papers for quickly transferring patterns to fabric.

If you received a first printing of this book that includes transfer papers that do not work, please email us at or call (212) 206-7715 to receive replacement papers.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781419729263
Publisher: ABRAMS
Publication date: 04/24/2018
Pages: 128
Sales rank: 943,205
Product dimensions: 7.30(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Cristin Morgan is an accessories designer turned contemporary embroidery artist. Her work can be found at and on Instagram (@marigoldandmars), where she also shares behind-the-scenes looks into her creative process. She lives in Richmond, Virginia.

Table of Contents

Meet Cristin 6

Tools and Materials 10

Chapter 1 Just Hoops 14

"Hello" Hoop 16

Confetti Hoop 20

Wildflowers Hoop 24

Rainbow Hoop 28

Monogram Hoop 34

Buzzing Bees Hoop 38

Peace and Nail Polish Hoop 42

Finishing Your Hoop 46

Chapter 2 For Your Home 48

Letter Flag Banner 50

Wink Pillow 54

Cactus Cloth Napkins 58

Striped Plant Cozy 62

Framed Fern 66

Chapter 3 For You 70

Floral Jacket 72

Heart Collar 76

Watermelon Sunglasses Case 80

Felt Floral Pins 86

Pattern-Play Pendant 90

Tote Bag with Pom-Pom Charm 94

Zippered Makeup Case 98

Hand and Needle Patch 102

Chapter 4 Techniques and Stitch Directory 106

Basic Techniques 106

Stitch Directory 111

Straight Stitch 111

Split Stitch 111

Granitos Stitch 111

French Knot 112

Stem Stitch 112

Long and Short Stitch 113

Satin Stitch 113

Back Stitch 114

Running Stitch 114

Fern Stitch 114

Chain Stitch 115

Woven Wheel Stitch 115

Templates 116

Index 128

DMC Threads and Credits 128

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