How I Married a Marquess

How I Married a Marquess

by Anna Harrington

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Josephine Carlisle, adopted daughter of a baron, is officially on the shelf. But the silly, marriage-minded misses in the ton can have their frilly dresses and their seasons in London, for all she cares. Josie has her freedom and her family . . . until an encounter with a dark, devilishly handsome stranger leaves her utterly breathless at a house party. His wicked charm intrigues her, but that's where it ends. For Josie has a little secret . . .

Espionage was Thomas Matteson, Marquess of Chesney's game-until a tragic accident cost him his career. Now to salvage his reputation and return to the life he loves, the marquess must find the criminal who's been robbing London's rich and powerful. He's no fool-he knows Josie, with her wild chestnut hair and rapier-sharp wit, is hiding something and he won't rest until he unravels her mysteries, one by one. But he never expected to be the one under arrest-body and soul . . .

The Secret Life of ScoundrelsDukes Are ForeverAlong Came a RogueHow I Married a Marquess

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ISBN-13: 9781455534067
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication date: 04/26/2016
Series: The Secret Life of Scoundrels , #3
Sold by: Hachette Digital, Inc.
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 92,092
File size: 5 MB

About the Author

Anna fell in love with historical romances -- and all those dashing Regency heroes -- while living in London, where she studied literature and theater. She loves to travel, fly airplanes, and hike, and when she isn't busy writing her next novel, she can usually be found in her garden, fussing over her roses. She loves to hear from her readers and can be reached at:
Webpage: www.AnnaHarringtonBooks.comAmazon:
And be sure to sign up for her newsletter at to be the first to receive exciting news, enter contests, access exclusive content, and more!

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How I Married a Marquess 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
“I received a free, advance copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my unbiased review.” (Although this is an already released book) This is the 2nd book of Anna Harrington’s The Secret Life Of Scoundrels series. I read the series out of order because I needed to review How I Married A Marquess before the release date. I must say, I absolutely LOVED all three books, but I think this one is my favorite – probably because this hero is really an underdog. He is an orphan who has done well for himself. He’s a Major in the Army and now works for the War Office as a spy because he was injured and had to leave the battlefield. He’s just been offered a very prestigious positon with the war office in Spain. She is the daughter of a duke and the sister of his very best friend. Society and her family would never sanction a match between the two. The romance is so beautifully done. They’ve loved each other since she was 16 and were torn apart because they were caught kissing. Now, five years later, they are thrown back together because Grey has to escort her to her gravely injured brother’s bedside. They learn that they each have always felt as if they were on the outside looking in rather than participating in and being accepted by society. I loved Nathaniel Grey! He prides himself on being a rogue and using and discarding women – but – with Emily he is so sweet, protective and loving, especially after he finds out her big secret. She is in danger and he is determined to protect her at any cost. Emily was a wonderful heroine. She felt abandoned and unloved, yet she proved herself to be strong and managed to hold herself together in some very taxing situations. I also love how she defends Grey to a certain gossipy society matron – Way to go Emily! The steam factor is very evident! From the first scene in the opera box, to the bath (who knew a bath could be so sensuous), to the coach and right on up through the hero swinging into the bedroom window on a rope from the roof. He’s a very romantic fellow – and once he’s made up his mind to marry the heroine, nothing will stop him (not even her refusal). It is fast paced and filled with romance and adventure. The bad guys might surprise you, I had one figured out from the first chapter, but wasn’t sure of the other until later in the book when he was actually introduced. I hope you’ll read and enjoy this book as much as I did.
JustAnAverageReader More than 1 year ago
A fabulous end to a great series! Loved every page. Fast-paced, LOTS of sexual tension, and great characters who I really came to care about by the end of the book.
Rosemary_Pennington More than 1 year ago
This is the 2nd book I have read from this author. She had definitely earned a spot on my "keepers" shelves. Josie and Thomas were a pleasure to read. I was surprised by the author's insight on someone suffering what we now know as PTSD. My step-father was a WWII veteran, and I can clearly remember his reactions to noises and surprises. Ms. Harrington got the details spot on, in my opinion. Josie is carrying some well guarded secrets of her own. I love how her mind works regarding the world she grew up in. She doesn't sugar coat, but, she doesn't bemoan her lot in life either. She is a strong minded woman, not a shrinking violet. When you add a woman like this- to a man like that, you cannot help but to fall in love. As they blunder their way through courtship, you get to laugh, pine, and hope right along side of them. The standouts of the story, for me, were Josie's brothers. I secretly hope Ms. Harrington would consider putting those oafs in the sights of Cupid's bow. It would be great to see them "come to heel" as the marriage-minded mama's would say. When you find a romance writer who throws a bit of a mystery at you, it is easy to get hooked. This book is a great read. I don't feel you need to read the books in order to find each story enjoyable. I certainly didn't. Her writing style fresh, funny, and HOT, in all of the right places. She is easily in the same league as Lisa Kleypas, Johanna Lindsey, and Nicole Jordan. I am following her on FB just so I know when new books are coming.
Historical_Romance_Lover More than 1 year ago
Loved this story!! I've read several stories lately where the heroine has dressed up and robbed her fellow members of the ton, but this one has been my favorite. I loved Josie and that she wanted to help the children in the orphanage that weren't as lucky as she was. I really liked Thomas as well. He had deduced very early on that Josie was hiding something from him and it made her all that more intrigued by her. I loved the bantering between Josie and Thomas and it often had me laughing out loud. This was definitely a great way to end this awesome series! I can't wait to see what Harrington brings us next! Thanks go out to Grand Central Publishing via NetGalley for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.
Sissymae1 More than 1 year ago
'How I Married a Marquess ' by Anna Harrington is book three in the "The Secret Life of Scoundrels" series. This is the story of Josephine Carlisle and Thomas Matteson, Marquess of Chesney. Thomas had a series bullet injury that almost too his life. Thomas still hasn't really got over it emotionally yet and hasn't been able to go by to his career of spying/Espionage. Thomas seems to get panic attacks once in a while. When a chance comes up for him to go to a house party to try and find a highway man who has been robbing people Thomas goes for it. Thomas feels this will be his chance to prove and get back in to the spying career. But he had not counted on meeting Josephine. Josephine was an orphan until about 7 or 8 when she was adopted by the Carlisle family. Josephine has never forgotten her fellow orphans at the orphanage and tries to help out the orphanage by getting them food, coal etc. But Thomas has arrived and thrown Josephine for a loop. Josephine is attracted to Thomas but knows that she is below his station and also she has secrets she doesn't want anyone to know...especially him. But Thomas has found that just being around Josephine has put a calming effect on him and his attacks. Can they find away to deal with everything to be together? Please follow more reviews at the below sites:
Denise5150 More than 1 year ago
I have sincerely loved The Secret Life of Scoundrels series written by Anna Harrington. All of her stories have excellent characters that I find myself caring about almost instantly. And much to my delight, this book didn't disappoint. I especially love romances where the saucy and naughty love scenes are interlaced with a hero and heroine who have sharp, clever wits. This is a fantastically indulgent read that everyone who loves Regency romances will enjoy.
LoriP123 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this third book in Anna Harrington's The Secret Life of Scoundrels series! Josephine isn't who she seems. She holds secrets close to her heart and lives a life of mystery that not even her family knows about, but from the first time that Thomas sees her he is interested. Thomas is looking for a highwayman that is robbing the locals as they go to and from a family friend's home. Thomas is hoping that if he finds and stops the highwayman his boss will let him continue working after an attack and wound have kept him from working this past year. Josephine is attracted to Thomas almost immediately, but doesn't feel like she belongs in his social circle let alone marry into it so falling in love is out of the question while if Thomas returns to his job where having a family is frowned upon so any type of relationship is out also. They both decide that having one night with each other will get it out of their systems, but all it does is make them realize that they are falling in love with each other whether they planned for it or not. I was given an ARC for an honest review. All conclusions are mine and mine alone.
KaylaHayley More than 1 year ago
Love love love!!! I finished this book in one sitting because I absolutely could not put it down. Anna Harrington has done it again by writing beautifully and captivating me with amazing characters and a love story that is for the ages. Although I have adored each and every book she has written this one is by far my favorite. You can't help but love Thomas and I love him as a character. Josie is just as lovable and their chemistry is to die for. This book is a must read!!! I received a free advanced copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my unbiased review.
Stefanie0 More than 1 year ago
Once I started reading How I Married A Marquess, I couldn't put it down! The story just grabs your attention and all you want to do is keep reading! Anna Harrington is a new favorite author for me. Thomas Matteson, Marquess of Chesney, is not so nice in the beginning. After getting shot and almost dying in the last book, he is restless and trying to find himself. He was a spy, but can't do it because he has lost ability to be perform his duties. He desperately wants back in the spy game. Thomas is given an opportunity to get his career back with the help of a family friend, Earl of Roylston. Thomas needs to find out who is robbing the Earl's guests. Josephine Carlisle is not your typical aristocrat daughter. She is spirited and wants to find love but she doesn't believe she will find someone who think she's good enough to marry. Every time a suitor is interested, they change their mind when they find out about her lineage. The reason is because she is adopted and she isn't a natural daughter of the baron. Even though her family truly loves her, she's fearful that one day her family is going to wake up and realize that they made a mistake. Josie has resigned herself to a life of spinsterhood. That is until she sees Thomas at a country ball at the Earl of Rolyston's home. Josie is a spunky, brave young woman. She stands up for herself and her beliefs. Thomas is charming but calculating. He just wants to go back to his previous life, no matter the costs. Thomas does spend a lot of time trying to protect Josie and they do have obstacles they must overcome, such as whether Thomas' loyalty to his family friend is misplaced. The chemistry and banter between them is so clear and entertaining. The story is so captivating, detail oriented and so uniquely written. There are some great plot twists that really keep you reading. I received an Advanced Copy of this book for an honest review. I can honestly say I would highly recommend this book. In fact, I would love if this series continues with books about Josie's brothers!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Chatham House, Mayfair London - 1817 Thomas Matteson, Lord Chesney, Marquess of Chesney, has been staying at Chatham House while his parents are at their other home. Thomas sustained a bullet wound to his hip a year ago which took a long time to heal. Even with his background as an operative for the War Office, his injury has left him with panic attacks and the inability to sleep well. But when he receives a missive from Earl Bathurst, the Secretary of State for War and the Colonies, saying that Thomas is unfit for service, he is devastated. Then Thomas receives a request from Earl Royston of Blackwood Hall to use his special skills to investigate some highway robberies near his estate. If Thomas stops the robberies at Blackwood Hall, Earl Royston will put in a good word with Earl Bathurst for Thomas to which he agrees. Thus, Thomas leaves for a house party at Blackwood Hall to begin his investigations. Josephine (Josie) Carlisle, age 23, is attending the house party at Blackwood Hall. The Carlisle family are neighbors to the Roystons. The daughter of a Baron, Josie is actually an adopted orphan. Adopted at age 6 by Richard and Elizabeth Carlisle, she has dedicated herself to do all she can to help the orphans at the Good Hope Orphanage. The older she gets, the more she realizes she is probably remain unwed as she is passed over because she was an adopted orphan. The Carlisles have 3 sons of their own and as Elizabeth was unable to have more children, they decided to adopt a daughter. She has always been loved and treated as their true daughter. When Josie glimpses Thomas at the house party, she is very intrigued by this handsome man. After a waltz, they are immediately attracted to one another. As Josie helps out at the Orphanage she vows to do all she can to make life better for the orphans. She does not like Mrs. Potter who runs the Orphanage. The woman works for Lord Royston and does whatever he tells her to do. She also steals money and beats the children. When Thomas sees her with the orphans, he is quite intrigued by Josie and her ability to comfort people. Just being around her relaxes him. When the highway robberies continue, Thomas lies in wait and follows the robber. What he finds leaves him shocked and confused whether to arrest the perpetrator or not. The stubbornness of Thomas and Josie became grating at times but it only added to the angst of the characters. I enjoyed this story and I know others will as well. Copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.
syeager More than 1 year ago
A seemingly impossible marriage, between two people who have both lived through terrible situations in their pasts. Thomas Matteson, Marquess of Chesney quickly falls for Josephine Carlisle, adopted daughter of a baron. She has more secrets and intrigue in her life than a seemingly clumsy lady should have. A fun, passion filled romance that looks at the seedier side of society.
JeneratedReviews More than 1 year ago
New talent on the Historical Romance scene Anna Harrington shows that when secrets collide and hearts awaken there is bound to be drama in the third book in her Secret Life of Scoundrels series, How I Married A Marquess! A courageous heroine with a reckless streak and a hero seeking to regain his lost confidence and life as a government spy find themselves with opposing objectives and an undeniable attraction. Wit and love take center stage with a well-developed espionage backdrop in this author’s latest work. Intelligent and bold writing joined with exceptional storylines feature Ms. Harrington’s gift as a writer and make reading one of her works something to look forward to! *I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.* *While part of a series this work can be read as a stand alone.*
Lindsey_Gray11 More than 1 year ago
Josie is the adopted girl surrounded by four brothers in the Carlisle family. Thomas, Marquees of Chesney, is an ex spy looking to get back in the game after an injury. You might wonder what these two have in common. On the surface absolutely nothing. Josie lives in a wealthy family, but doesn’t believe she belongs and will never marry because of her birth. She longs to help each and every child in the local orphanage get the best treatment possible. Thomas wants his life of intrigue and espionage back, loving the thrill of the chase. When Thomas is invited to a house party with the task of finding a masked highwayman, he meets the intriguing Josie. Athough they know they shouldn’t have anything to do with one another, they can’t stay away. This is the third book in The Secret Life of Scoundrels series, but the first I’ve read by Harrington. I immediately fell in love with her writing style and read from cover to cover in one day. The intricate plot with a dynamic backstory hooked me from the start. The way Harrington portrayed Josie, I could feel myself really understanding her dedication to the children abandoned in the orphanage. I loved the mystery behind the highwayman’s identity. Such a shock when it was revealed! As a sucker for a happily ever after, I have to say I adored the ending and can’t wait to read more of Harrington’s work soon. I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
MoniqueD More than 1 year ago
Thomas Matteson is alone at his parents’ London residence, when an unexpected visitor comes calling: the Earl of Royston, a family friend, and asks Thomas for a favour. Only a year before, Thomas, the Marquess of Chesney, was working with the War Office as a spy, but he was shot and then deemed unfit to pursue his career as an agent. Thomas has never been the same since then: he’s plagued by panic attacks and anxiety. Thomas wants his old life back, and Royston’s proposition might be the solution to Thomas’ career woes. Royston’s estate in Lincolnshire has been the target of highwaymen, and if Thomas catches the villain, Royston will make sure Thomas goes back to the War Office as if nothing had ever happened. Josephine Carlisle is at a fête at the Royston estate, when she spies the most dashing of men. Josephine considers herself a spinster, not really by choice; she was orphaned and adopted by the Carlisle, but Josephine deems she does not belong. The few men who notice her are either after her dowry, or worse. However, Josephine is rather bold, and she makes a move to meet the captivating stranger. They find each other entertaining and pleasant, but what is to become of this flirtation when they both have very dark secrets… HOW I MARRIED A MARQUESS is the latest book in The Secret Life of Scoundrels series, and it stands perfectly on its own even though characters from the previous books make an appearance. The sassy Josephine is more than a match for Thomas; she has spunk, she is brave and she stands up for her convictions, even at her own peril. Thomas is a true charmer, but sometimes comes off as cold and calculating: he wants one thing in life, return to his life as a spy, and he will stop at nothing to get what he wants; he even forgets to live in order to achieve his goals. Ms. Harrington’s prose is as delightful as ever, gorgeous and fluid, and the banter between Thomas and Josephine is a joy to behold, and their interactions in the first chapter set the tone for the rest of the book. The chemistry between them is palpable, but there are serious and conflicting obstacles to conquer, Thomas’ tunnel vision not being the least of them. Anna Harrington paints a realistic and disquieting picture of orphanages during the Regency era, and the sad fate that awaited most orphans. It is easy to understands why Josephine acts the way she does. Josephine and Thomas’ romance is rather complicated because of their respective secrets, and it almost seems a lost cause; something’s got to give somewhere, and it makes up for great drama. Ms. Harrington’s flowing prose makes HOW I MARRIED A MARQUESS very easy to read, and both Josephine and Thomas seemed real to me, as did every character. There were a couple of stunning plot twists, some very amusing moments, as well as heartbreaking ones, the romance felt very organic, in spite of all the couple’s problems, which in the end proved to be the best that could have happened to Thomas. I really enjoyed HOW I MARRIED A MARQUESS! I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
Every epic romance begins with a secret. That's what keeps the reader magnetically glued to the story. The prospect that all will be revealed in time. Anna Harrington stacked the deck with How I Married a Marquess. There were a number of red herrings before the big reveal and along the way the sizzling chemistry between Josie and Thomas was an added bonus. My one criticism of the story is that because so much was going on it was difficult to keep some of the key points in the story straight. No story is perfect but How I Married a Marquess did what it was supposed to do. Entertain.
tiffanyu More than 1 year ago