How Many Moons Does the Earth Have?: The Ultimate Science Quiz Book

How Many Moons Does the Earth Have?: The Ultimate Science Quiz Book

by Brian Clegg

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How Many Moons Does the Earth Have?: The Ultimate Science Quiz Book by Brian Clegg

Why did Uuq become Fl? Why is the sky blue? Why is the sky black? What is spaghettification? There’s a problem with the typical quiz. It always features far too much sport, 1980s pop and celebrity gossip – and not nearly enough science. How Many Moons Does the Earth Have? is the ultimate solution. Test your knowledge to the limit with a sizzling collection of brain-stretching, science-based questions in two eight-round quizzes. Turn the page to get the answer immediately – and as each answer page explores the subject in more depth, this the only quiz that’s just as entertaining to read from beginning to end as it is to play competitively. Where was the Big Bang? What links the elephant Tusko and Timothy Leary? What is the significance of 6EQUJ5? Science explainer extraordinaire Brian Clegg tells all…

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781848319295
Publisher: Icon Books, Ltd. UK
Publication date: 11/05/2015
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 240
File size: 1 MB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Science writer Brian Clegg studied physics at Cambridge and specialises in making the strangest aspects of the universe accessible to the general reader. He is editor of and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. His previous books include Inflight Science, The Universe Inside You and Science for Life.

Table of Contents

About the author vii

Acknowledgements ix

Introduction xv

Quiz 1, Round 1: Earth and Moon 1

Q1 Counting moons 3

Q2 Space Station blues 5

Q3 A question of dropping 7

Q4 The black hole of Earth 9

Q5 The man who fell through Earth 11

Q6 Lunar currency 13

Q7 Measuring the world 15

Q8 Eggs in space 17

Quiz 1, Round 2: Miscellany 19

Q1 Spaghetti science 21

Q2 Winning physics gold 23

Q3 The Carrington question 25

Q4 An absolute temperature 27

Q5 The movie snack menace 29

Q6 A distinguished ology 31

Q7 Elephant extraordinary 33

Q8 It's Santa time 35

Quiz 1, Round 3: Mathematics 37

Q1 Pick an answer, any answer 39

Q2 The football player's nightmare 41

Q3 An average kind of question 43

Q4 A random percentage 45

Q5 Robert Recorde's claim to fame 47

Q6 Irrationally diagonal 49

Q7 Seven-league science 51

Q8 Coasting along 53

Quiz 1, Round 4: Biology 55

Q1 Eye spy 57

Q2 Locked up in a cell 59

Q3 Blood-red poser 61

Q4 Avian altitude 63

Q5 Hairy problem 65

Q6 Lousy ancestry 67

Q7 A rare question 69

Q8 Arachnid anxiety 71

Quiz 1, Round 5: Technology 73

Q1 The wind-up king 75

Q2 Conscious computing 77

Q3 A light-bulb moment 79

Q4 The Big Blue blues 81

Q5 Atomic company 83

Q6 Fizzing with ideas 85

Q7 Patent madness 87

Q8 Matrix mechanics 89

Quiz 1, Round 6: Chemistry 91

Q1 Molecular mindgames 93

Q2 It's a gas 95

Q3 Bonding rituals 97

Q4 Helping the medicine go down 99

Q5 Water, water everywhere 101

Q6 Popping pills 103

Q7 She sells sea salt on the seashore 105

Q8 E is for blueberry 107

Quiz 1, First Special Round; Famous Scientists 109

Quiz 1, Second Special Round: Cryptic Science 115

Quiz 2, Round 1: Physics 119

Q1 Isaac's apples 121

Q2 Time flies 123

Q3 Somewhere inside the rainbow 125

Q4 The electronic professor 127

Q5 Beam me up 129

Q6 Balletic bullet ballistics 131

Q7 Moonshine power 133

Q8 Gamow's game 135

Quiz 2, Round 2: Biology 137

Q1 Tasty teaser 139

Q2 Our mousy cousins 141

Q3 Can a ground lion change its spots? 143

Q4 Making sense 145

Q5 Daily decay 147

Q6 Taste-tingling tangs 149

Q7 Dolly mixture 151

Q8 Mouse menace 153

Quiz 2, Round 3: The Mix 155

Q1 Train drain 157

Q2 Light fantastic 159

Q3 Alphanumeric enigma 161

Q4 Bovril bonanza 163

Q5 The Wardenclyffe wonder 165

Q6 Unpronounceable 167

Q7 Hazardous hydration 169

Q8 Hothouse habitat 171

Quiz 2, Round 4: History 173

Q1 Birth of Bacon 175

Q2 Albert's alma mater 177

Q3 Cloud conundrum 179

Q4 Passing the baton 181

Q5 Saucer of secrets 183

Q6 Blue heaven 185

Q7 Ray gun remembered 187

Q8 Find the link 189

Quiz 2, Round 5: Space 191

Q1 Travelling light 193

Q2 Seeing stars 195

Q3 Universal knowledge 197

Q4 Ill-met by moonlight 199

Q5 Weighing up the solar system 201

Q6 Fast folk 203

Q7 Venusian values 205

Q8 A singular singularity 207

Quiz 2, Round 6: Technology 209

Q1 Charge your weapons 211

Q2 Wizard words 213

Q3 Spot the bot 215

Q4 Casting light on lifeguards 217

Q5 Computer composition 219

Q6 Focusing on lenses 221

Q7 Digital dreams 223

Q8 K is for kilo, kitchen and klystron 225

Quiz 2, First Special Round: Periodic Table 227

Quiz 2, Second Special Round: NASA 231

Further reading 237

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