How to Beat Low-Limit Poker: How to Win Big Money at Little Games

How to Beat Low-Limit Poker: How to Win Big Money at Little Games

by Shane Smith, Tom McEvoy


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For 95% of the players who play only low-limit games, here's the book for them! Players learn how to win big money at the little games—$1-$2, $2-$4, $4-$8, $6-$12—typically found in casinos, card rooms and played in home poker games. Smith provides the top 10 tips and winning strategies specifically tailored to hold-em (limit and no-limit), Omaha high-low, seven-card stud, online, and low-limit poker tournaments. Easy-to-read and informative, this is great practical advice for first-time and beginning players. Poker is hot and everyone wants to play—this book shows them how!

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ISBN-13: 9781580422116
Publisher: Cardoza
Publication date: 02/26/2008
Pages: 144
Sales rank: 1,176,714
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Shane Smith (nom-de-plume for Dana Smith) is widely regarded as one of the greatest poker writers and one of the top low-limit women's players. In addition to the two best-selling underground books bearing her pen name Shane Smith, she has co-authored and ghosted more than 10 books with world champions including Beat Texas Hold'em with world champion Tom McEvoy.

Table of Contents

Foreword     9
Introduction     11
Are You Diving, Surviving, Striving or Thriving?     13
Diving     13
Surviving     15
Striving     17
Thriving     18
Where Are You in Your Poker Career?     19
Winning at Texas Hold'em     20
How Texas Hold'em is Played     21
The Deal     24
Limit Texas Hold'em Betting     25
Ten Winning Tips     27
Limit Hold'em Practice Hands     42
Big Pairs (A-A and K-K)     42
Big Pairs (Q-Q and J-J)     44
Big Connecting Cards (A-K and A-Q)     45
Medium Connectors (J-10 and 8-7)     46
Medium Pairs (10-10 and 9-9)     48
Small Pairs (8-8 and Lower)     50
Small Connectors (5-4)     51
Any-Ace Suited     52
One-Gap Hands (Q-10)     52
Two-Gap Hands (K-10)     54
Winning at No-Limit Texas Hold'em     56
No-Limit Texas Hold'em Betting     57
How Much Should You Bet in No-Limit Hold'em?     59
Ten Winning Tips     59
No-Limit Hold'em Practice Hands     70
Two Aces     71
Two Kings     74
Two Queens     76
Jacks and Tens     78
Middle and Small Pairs     81
Ace-King     82
Ace-Queen and Ace-Jack     84
Ace-Wheel Card     86
King-Queen     87
Middle Suited Connectors     88
Winning at Low-Limit Omaha High-Low     90
The Basics of Play     90
The Importance of the Two-Plus-Three Rule     93
Ten Winning Tips     94
Omaha High-Low Practice Hands     105
Playing Straights and Flushes     106
Making the Second Nuts     107
Playing the Wheel     110
Second-Nut High     111
Second-Nut Low     113
How to Win Low-Limit Poker Tournaments     115
The Basics of Tournament Play     115
Assessing a Tournmaent     116
10 Winning Tips for Tournament Play     119
Winning Tournament Advice     132
What's Your Game Plan for Winning?     132
The 7 Success Strategies of Great Tournament Players     136
Five Big Mistakes No-Limit Hold'em Tournament Players Make     139
What Makes a No-Limit Hold'em Tournament a Good One?     143
Five Tips for Winning No-Limit Hold'em Tournaments     147
Letters to the Poker Doctor     151
Concluding Remarks     157
Glossary     159
Suggested Poker Products     173
Cardoza Bookshop     176

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