How to Doodle Year-Round: Cute & Super Easy Drawings for Holidays, Celebrations and Special Events - With Over 1000 Drawings

How to Doodle Year-Round: Cute & Super Easy Drawings for Holidays, Celebrations and Special Events - With Over 1000 Drawings

by Kamo


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Create simple seasonal and holiday doodles using multicolored pens!

Want to draw a jack-o'-lantern with a toothy smile? How about a silly Santa out cruising in his sleigh? How to Doodle Year-Round helps you create these sweet and sensational designs—no previous artistic training required!

Kamo provides hundreds of examples, unlocking the simple secrets to drawing freewheeling, lively and amusing doodles. Unlike fine-art or manga, there are no rules and no art-school techniques to master. All you need is a free hand and a free spirit.

This book encourages doodlers to pick up a pen and start artfully scribbling whenever and wherever they are. Doodles can be dashed off on a piece of scrap paper or permanently enshrined on a T-shirt, bookmark, invitation or gift.

*Recommended for artists 16 & up*

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9784805315866
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
Publication date: 08/04/2020
Pages: 128
Sales rank: 171,199
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.60(d)
Age Range: 5 - 11 Years

About the Author

After working as a designer at an advertising production company, Kamo became a freelance illustrator, focusing on characters, books and advertisements before expanding into videos and consumer products as well. An instructor of illustration courses in Japan and internationally, Kamo is co-author of How to Draw Almost Everything for Kids and author of How to Doodle Everywhere and How to Draw Almost Every Day: An Illustrated Sourcebook. Visit Kamo's website at

Table of Contents

Let's Doodle 4

Part 1 How to Draw with a Pen

How to use this book 8

The Basics 1 First, try drawing with a ballpoint pen 10

Practicing loops, jagged lines, circles, triangles and squares 12

The Basics 2 Let's practice various ways of applying color 14

The Basics 3 Learn the basics of color coordination 16

1 Learn the basics for drawing body parts in order to create caricatures 18

2 Combine the face and body of animals for cute, comical effects 20

3-4 Make changes to the basic structure to create insects and marine creatures 22

5-6 Create simple designs and color schemes for plants and flowers 24

7-8 The angles are important when drawing food and other small items 26

9-10 Create icons and symbols and give ruled lines a pop art look 28

11 Use playful flourishes to make your letters bold and distinctive 30

Part 2 Doodles for Spring

Crayon set 34

Calendar 35

12 Use spring colors to enhance blooms and blossoms 36

13 Use bright colors to create a range of spring plants 38

14 Bring spring creatures to life with the use of soft colors 40

15 In Japan, spring means the Doll Festival and Children's Day 42

16 Pastels give spring fashions a feminine look and feel 44

17 Use seasonal produce to show the colorful foods of spring 46

18 Use doodles for spring term activities at school 48

19 Draw your own invitations for parties and gatherings 50

Part 3 Doodles for Summer

T-shirts 54

Handkerchiefs and handmade fans 55

20 Choose doodles that capture the spirit of summer 56

21 Draw items associated with fun outdoor summer activities 58

22 Use doodles to capture the zodiac and constellations of the summer sky 60

23 Capture the seasonal feel of nature to give summer creatures an authentic look 62

24 Use vibrant colors to capture summer plants bursting with life 64

25 Give your summer fashions a cool, fresh look 66

26 Make summer produce look ripe and flavorful 68

27 Use rain imagery to capture wet summer days and thunderstorms 70

28 Add original illustrations to greeting cards 72

29 Dress up presents with illustrations that reflect the recipient's interests 74

Part 4 Doodles for Fall

Plastic bottles 78

Book covers and bookmarks 79

30 The colors of Halloween bring your spooky doodles to life 80

31 Add delicious details to fall foods 82

32 Focus on the details when drawing hobby items 84

33 Incorporate silhouettes into your fall-themed doodles 86

34 Cars are a key element in drawings of fall excursions 88

35 Make fall creatures adorably plump as they prepare for winter 90

36 Capture the details and transformations of fall plants 92

Part 5 Doodles for Winter

Puzzles 96

Gift bags and cards 97

37 Keep outlines simple when creating illustrations for Christmas 98

38 Use three main colors as the foundation for holiday cards 100

39 Doodles for things associated with the Japanese New Year 102

40 Handwritten New Year's greetings add a heartfelt touch 104

41 Hand-drawn hearts perfectly convey Valentine's Day sentiments 106

42 Make winter wear look fluffy and warm 108

43 Highlight the stitching and weave when drawing knitted and woollen wear 110

44 When drawing winter sports, simplify the figures for a cleaner look 112

45 Make use of outlines to draw cute winter creatures 114

46 Use greenery when drawing winter plants 116

47 Add steam lines to capture the warmth of winter dishes 118

48 Add heartfelt illustrations and messages to new Year's greeting cards 120

49 Send your congratulations in handmade illustrated birthday card 122

50 Use line drawings to make events simple and easily understood 124

51 For wedding, birth and other announcements, keep it brief 126

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