How To Understand The Bible

How To Understand The Bible

by David Ewert


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In 13 chapters, David Ewert shares guidelines on studying the Scriptures. We who take the Bible seriously want to understand the texts correctly. We puzzle over differing applications of the Bible in the church. Ewert helps us avoid pitfalls in interpreting the Scriptures.

Our experiences shape the pre-understandings we bring to the Bible and may distort our interpretation of it. Many Christians use the Old Testament to support their practices. Ewert shows how God's final revelation in Christ gives us needed light for rightly interpreting.

This book explains literary forms, idioms, and figures of speech from ancient cultures so readers can understand their meanings for today. With apt illustrations, it deals with many common questions. Ewert encourages us all to look to the Bible for daily guidance, strength, and hope.

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ISBN-13: 9780836191158
Publisher: MennoMedia
Publication date: 10/06/2000
Pages: 240
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"Helpful to all evangelical readers. Of benefit for thousands of small Bible-study groups as well as for careful work in Christian education programs." —Myron S. Augsburger, Educator, Harrisonburg, Virginia

"With plain speech and a direct style, Ewert harnesses the insights of critical scholarship in an effort to imporve biblical literacy among the body of believers. A quite usable guide for serious students of the Bible." —Jay Marshall, Earlham School of Religion

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