The Ice Cap and the Rift

The Ice Cap and the Rift

by Marshall Chamberlain

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The Ice Cap and the Rift by Marshall Chamberlain

Revised 2nd Edition of Book II in the Ancestor Series of adventure thrillers fom a "Foreword Reviews," 1st Place Award Winning Author:

A Comboquake rakes across the submerged twenty-five hundred mile ribbon of the Atlantic Ridge, threatening disaster on three continents. At the north end of the Ridge, a fifteen-mile long rift tears into Iceland’s largest ice cap, spewing a curtain of steam five hundred feet in the air. Advanced satellite imagery reveals the dissection of a large cavern eleven hundred feet down the ragged crevasse, containing objects and structures frozen in the ice that shouldn't be there.

The UN’s Institute for the Study of Unusual Phenomena (ISUP) and its new director, John Henry Morgan, geologist, ex-marine, are cast into the aftermath of the largest single shift ever recorded in the Earth’s crust and the strange anomalies left in its wake.

When it’s discovered the cavern was occupied 180,000 years ago and contains a perfectly preserved hi-tech habitat and a travel machine, ISUP’s benign scientific expedition to study the origin and contents of the cavern turns chaotic.

Ferreting out the existence and significance of the discoveries, nations and terrorists mount sophisticated operations to acquire technological treasures for their own purposes.
The ISUP organization finds itself at the convergence of clandestine assault from several fronts. Acts of deceit and violence cascade into escalating brutality. Lives are expendable, a scenario that has plagued the human race throughout the chronicles of time.

Frantic action streams across the globe, crossing oceans and air lanes: Prague; London; New York; Washington, D.C.; Libya; France; Spain; Iceland; China. As factions grapple for power, survival of the ISUP scientists lies in their choices of whom to trust, how to utilize mysterious new technologies, and whether to seek assistance from an esoteric source claiming domicile in the Pleiades, a star cluster of the Taurus constellation.

Marshall Chamberlain weaves a magnificent adventure into plausible reality, transporting readers into unique realms of danger and suspense. Stalwart characters meet avarice and violence head-on in Book II of the Ancestor Series of adventure-thrillers. The Ice Cap and the Rift is spellbinding and scientifically mysterious.

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Publisher: Marshall Chamberlain
Publication date: 10/03/2014
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About the Author

Marshall Chamberlain is a man focused on his passions, with no time for pets, lawns, plants, puttering around or companion compromises. He has a master’s degree in Resource Development from Michigan State University and a graduate degree in International Management from the Thunderbird School near Phoenix, Ariz. He was an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps and spent many years in investment banking, venture capital and even a stint as a professional waiter. He is obsessed with preparedness, survival and independence. This combination of traits and an unconditional openness to life have led him to all manner of adventure and authoring the Ancestor Series of adventure-thriller. The first book was "The Mountain Place of Knowledge," released on December 15, 2013; it was the first of three books in the series. Chamberlain’s primary worldview is simple but profound—“I’m in awe of the magnificence of this world.” To discover more about this above average man, visit his website: Or, contact him at:

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Ice Cap and the Rift 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Kiribear13 More than 1 year ago
The Ice Cap & The Rift is written by Marshall Chamberlain and is book 2 in the Ancestor Series. This book picks up loosely where the first book (Mountain Place of Knowledge) left off. The main character of Dr. John Henry Morgan is still the main player of the story with a new event revolving around a combo-quake that has made a huge split in Iceland, exposing a huge rift and possible caves. The pace of this book is a lot faster than the initial book with the Chinese, CIA, and UN all vying to be in charge of anything that may have been exposed. There is of course a return in alien technology to include alien mobile craft. I thoroughly enjoyed the ancestor part of the story as well as the descriptions of the newly found environment. Unfortunately I wanted more time to be spent in the environment exploring, and to have a better sense of the size of the found area that was entered. This book has a main focus on the red tape, and political movement fight that is trying to stay one step ahead of the Chinese and trying to negotiate with the CIA and Americans while appeasing the UN and not compromising the upper hand. There was definitely a LOT of nail biting action and it was great to see Dr. Morgan take a stand. His ignorance at the feelings between Dr. Mary Ellen Rollins and himself is so frustrating at times. I had moments of wanting to reach through the book and slap some sense into him for her. Chamberlain does a superb job of making identifiable characters. I had many moments of feeling like if this book was a tv show that I would be yelling at the characters to connect the dots and see what was right in front of them. I love the Triad connection, and found it highly interesting and entirely plausible. If you know your current events in world powers, this book is definitely an intriguing and exciting look at how all of the players in the game for “power” line up and contend with one another, while trying to save face for the press. As a computer/intel geek I loved the set up at the underground work space and the brilliant descriptions. Overall I give this book 5/5 stars as it is very well written and comes from a brilliant mind. The Ice Cap & The Rift definitely takes a different tone than the original book, but it is still the ongoing cat and mouse game. I hope to see more of the Ancestors and the exploration of the Alien Technology in the next book, and maybe we can FINALLY get a jump on the Chinese before the end is here. If you are into suspense, adventure, sci-fi, fiction, political, action, espionage, etc. *I received this book for free in exchange for a fair and honest review.
MargieS1 More than 1 year ago
Given To Me For An Honest Review The Ice Cap and the Rift (Ancestor Series Book 2) by Marshall Chamberlain is the sequel to The Mountain Place of Knowledge. I was fortunate to be able to read The Mountain Place of Knowledge. When you begin this book you will begin turning those pages and keep  on turning until the end. It is discovered that a combo quake threatens three continents. While keeping watch and preparing for this a  technical environment and time machine is found in a cavern that had been occupied 180,000 years ago. After this is discovered other  countries try to steal the time machine. The United States were working to prevent it from happening. Was there alien civilization on a  distant planet? Were they planning on returning? There are questions to be answered and hopefully in the next book we will have answers. I gave this book 5 stars but it really needs more. I recommend this book to all, especially if you enjoy fantasy/science fiction.  I look for more from Marshall Chamberlain.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Riveting read A well crafted story, on what many would believe to be a very plausible topic. A massive rift opens up across Iceland’s largest ice cap, revealing items left behind by a more advanced civilisation. The race is on to claim them and the knowledge and technology they may reveal. Whilst national and international agencies fight between themselves, there is a far more sinister party out there and they are determined to obtain the artefacts and the knowledge that they might contain for themselves. The story flows well; it is taut and has a couple of unexpected turns. I would describe the story as easy going, escapist reading: a thriller, touched with science fiction. I thoroughly enjoyed it over a week’s worth of evenings. My one gripe about the book is that I didn’t find any of the characters particularly likeable, although I would say that they are certainly true to life
Nurse-Pearl More than 1 year ago
Chamberlain makes sure there's a robust serving of adventure in this sequel to keep even the most reluctant reader engrossed! A gripping story with intricate plots filled with danger, sci-fi and suspense. It's easy to see why this author is planning to write a third book around the same theme, and if the pages turn as quickly as this fantastic piece, he will have a publishing phenomenon on his hands.
bookwormJK More than 1 year ago
Another great read from Marshall Chamberlain. I like the sci-fi angle and how he manages to tie it into his orginal hit "The Mountain". I look forward to reading the next book in the series.
Allison_Mac More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this second book in the Ancestor Series by Marshall Chamberlain. The book is exciting and thrilling - kept my interest high, just like the first book. Great characters and strong story-line...Awesome Read!! I highly recommend it!
DLC-ATL More than 1 year ago
This book is full of adventure and suspense, a must read. The characters are amazing. I highly recommend this book.