I'm Not Guilty: The Case of Ted Bundy

I'm Not Guilty: The Case of Ted Bundy

by Al Carlisle

Paperback(2nd ed.)

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ISBN-13: 9780990857563
Publisher: Genius Book Company
Publication date: 05/13/2016
Series: Development of the Violent Mind , #1
Edition description: 2nd ed.
Pages: 376
Sales rank: 245,441
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.78(d)

Table of Contents

Part I: The Creation of a Serial Killer
The Entity
Developmental Profile of Ted Bundy
The Vulnerability Stage
Beginning of Fantasy
Preteens and Sex
Mid-Teens: The Waiting Game
Shattering The Dream
The Fall
Escalation of an Addiction
Return to Politics
Beginning of the Killing Cycle
Rescued by Liz
Deterioration of the Relationship with Liz
Graduation from College
The Governor Dan Evans Campaign
Reuniting with Marjorie
Christmas 1973
Two Years of Killing - 1974/1975
An Attempt to Change?
Detective Jerry Thompson's Investigation
Trial, Conviction, Evaluation, Escape
Part II: The Interview
1. Florida State Penitentiary
2. Early Childhood
3. Effects of Loneliness
4. Pornography
5. Death of a Little Girl
6. Teenage Years
7. Voyeurism
8. High School
9. Later Teen Years
10. Graduation from High School - Beginning of College
11. University of Puget Sound
12. University of Washington
13. Marjorie
14. Stanford University, Summer 1967
15. Deterioration
16. Marjorie's Birthday
17. End of a Relationship
18. Skiing in Aspen
19. Two Elk
20. Elizabeth Lund Home for Unwed Mothers
21. 34th Street
22. Art Fletcher Campaign and Temple University
23. Breakdown of a Personality
24. Spring 1969
25. The First Attack
26. The First Homicides
27. Elizabeth Kendall
28. The Law School Fiasco
29. Return to School
30. Liz's Date
31. 1972
32. Attempted Drowning
33. Homicide
34. The Joy of Sex
35. The Return of Marjorie
36. Living with Liz, Proposing to Marjorie
37. Christmas 1973 - The Fall
38. The Killing Continues
39. The Salt Lake Period
40. Ted Becomes a Mormon
41. The Capture, Evaluation, Sentence
42. Colorado and the Escape
End Notes

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