In the Name of Peace

In the Name of Peace

by Paul Sande

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In the Name of Peace is a spy thriller that explores the contemporary issue of government mass surveillance and the inevitability that collected private data will be stolen.

A Terrorist's Revenge:
Before his death in an American drone strike, Hamza bin Ladin ordered an attack on the United States that will make 9/11 pale in comparison... 

The Story of the Century:
An iconic Canadian newscaster whose career had flamed out, is deteremined to break the story of the century. A story that will bring down the Canadian government in the midst of sensitive border negotiations with the United States...

A Race Against Time:
It's up to rooke FBI agent, Lavinia Walsh, as she leads an unlikely group of allies to unravel the plot and stop the terrorists!

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BN ID: 2940163644605
Publisher: Paul Sande
Publication date: 09/01/2019
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
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In the Name of Peace 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
ReadersFavorite3 11 days ago
Reviewed by Asher Syed for Readers' Favorite In the Name of Peace by Paul Sande follows FBI agent Lavinia Walsh when she is selected to lead a task force against a man suspected of smuggling two suitcases, each containing a nuclear weapon, into Canada. The man accused also happens to be her father, Gerald, an investigative journalist that has passed his prime and spends more time in the bottle than in the newsroom. Still, Gerald had determined that his next big story would be the vulnerability of the Canadian border...a plan that backfires and ends up turning him into the next big story. Meanwhile, a genuine threat is planning and plotting his moves, nearly ready to make a play with a terrorist attack of epic proportions. Paul Sande knows how to write a good spy thriller, pulling out all the stops with In the Name of Peace. Lavinia is an excellent protagonist and I'm always happy when a smart and savvy woman is given the lead. She's both of these things and so much more, with a plate full of problems and enough brain and brawn to suss it all out. The action sequences are ripe and the suspense carries all the way through the end. Sande gives us the points of view of two intelligence agents and the terrorist themselves, which allows for a deeper immersion into the story through the eyes of those who are telling it. I think this novel will do well with lovers of the genre and will do especially well with those who appreciate when the world is saved by a strong, confident woman.
ReadersFavorite2 11 days ago
Reviewed by Christian Sia for Readers' Favorite In the Name of Peace by Paul Sande is a spy thriller with strong terrorist themes. Before his death, a terrorist orders a horrible attack on the United States, an attack more devastating than any in history. The terrorists are determined and their method is more sophisticated than anything before. What makes the threat even more dangerous is that the terrorists seem to have access to very sensitive data. Can rookie FBI agent Lavinia Walsh and an unusual team of allies stop the impending terror? It is a race against time and while the threat hovers over the United States, there is a sinister story that is about to destroy the Canadian government, currently involved in border negotiations with the United States. The story is fast-paced, a thriller that is ingeniously plotted and intelligently written. The short chapters and the frequent shifts in scenes establish the suspense that makes the narrative a page-turner. From the very start, the reader’s sense of mystery is piqued with the introduction of Miranda, an agent who suddenly becomes aware that she is being monitored. The international setting adds an element of intrigue to the story and helps in fleshing out the plot while enriching the conflict. Paul Sande is a gifted storyteller who gets the reader’s attention through every page. The characters are real and richly developed and the conflict is huge. In the Name of Peace is set in the near future and the relevance of the narrative can be easily noted in the way the author integrates technology and digital surveillance. It is fast-paced and filled with surprising turns. A riveting read, indeed.
ReadersFavorite1 11 days ago
Reviewed by Astrid Iustulin for Readers' Favorite In The Name of Peace is an intriguing novel in which anything can happen. Terrorism, espionage, and hacking are like an inexhaustible series of Russian dolls in this riveting story by Paul Sande. The FBI suspects Gerald Walsh, an alcoholic reporter, to be a terrorist and sends his daughter, Lavinia, to investigate him. In the meantime, two hackers disguised as the perfect neighbors are preparing a cyberattack with serious effects on every country, but on the United States in particular. Their connection with a casualty of the “system” makes this plan a lot more personal. At last, a group of terrorists is on its way to carry out the plan designed by bin Laden before his death. This summary gives only a brief idea of the episodes, turns of events, and unexpected alliances of In the Name of Peace. Sande develops his narrative in an unforeseeable, captivating, and nonetheless clear way. The book seems to be over after some of the main events, but the end of the story is the beginning of something new. These “new” parts are always logical continuations, and in the end, every piece of the puzzle fits. Sande leads the reader to the end with masterly skill. Moreover, In the Name of Peace aims at criticizing the use and collection of personal data since 9/11. After reading this book, I wondered what would happen to our personal information if the government could not protect us. Definitely, In the Name of Peace is an outstanding novel and brings a serious matter to the reader’s attention.
ReadersFavorite 11 days ago
Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite In the Name of Peace is a work of espionage thriller fiction focused on terrorism and the fight against specific insurgents like those who steal private data, and was penned by author Paul Sande. Patriotic and proud in its nature, the plot focuses on tensions between Canada and America as a sudden newsflash creates a further border crisis. At the same time, a terrifying terrorist attack has been ordered against the USA that promises to be the worst ever. And in the midst of all this is Lavinia Walsh, a relative newcomer to the FBI, who finds all the threads of this thrilling mystery have landed in her lap. Fans of the against-the-clock style of thriller storytelling are sure to get behind author Paul Sande and his breakneck writing style, which feels like reading a really good episode of 24. The cast of characters whom Lavinia employs to help her solve the many mysteries of the plot each has a chance to grow and use their special skills to contribute to the mystery, though our eager and plucky rookie takes center stage for her time to shine. I liked Lavinia’s spirit and patriotism, and her naivety worked well to let us as readers into the plot, learning the ropes with her and not feeling like we’ve been shut out by experts. The novel is mercifully jargon-free and delivers both its slow exposition moment and tense action scenes very well, and in good balance with each other. Overall, In the Name of Peace is a very pleasing thriller read for fans of the genre.