Innovation Feast: Create New Product Ideas to Feed Your Hungry Business

Innovation Feast: Create New Product Ideas to Feed Your Hungry Business

by Susie White

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780648137252
Publisher: Grammar Factory Pty. Ltd.
Publication date: 03/15/2018
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 204
File size: 4 MB

About the Author

Product innovator Susie White helps food and beverage businesses of all sizes develop new product ideas and boost long-term sales. To date, she has generated more than 3,000 new product ideas and built new product pipelines worth over $800 million in sales.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Fighting an I nnovation Famine 15
A Tailor-made Approach to Product Innovation 18
From Farm Life to Front-end Innovation 19
Introducing the FEAST Framework 24
Warm-up Stage: Innovate or Fry 27
Four Common Innovation Problems 28
1. Flavour Fatigue 29
2. Churn and Burn 29
3. Empty Pantry 30
4. Leaky Bucket 30
Assemble an Innovation Team 31
Who should I recruit to help me? 31
What mindset should I look for? 33
How much time will I need? 34
Key Learnings and Actions 35
Stage 1: Focus 39
Set a Product Innovation Growth Goal 40
Match Your Innovation Scope to Your Innovation Goal 44
The Three Types of Product Innovation 45
Define Your Innovation Scope 51
Re-Express Your Innovation Challenge 56
Compile an Innovation Ingredient List 58
Key Learnings and Actions 61
Stage 2: Explore 65
Embark on a Knowledge Hunt 66
Gather Your Existing Knowledge 70
Dive Deep into New Knowledge 72
Get Closer to Your Consumers 74
Two Essential Insight-Ready Behaviours 78
Do-It-Yourself Insight-Gathering Tools 79
Create Opportunity Springboards 89
Key Learnings and Actions 94
Stage 3: Accelerate 97
Unlock Your Creative Thinking 98
Four Creative Hacks You Need to Do 101
1. SCAMPER 102
2. What Would the Best Do? 105
3. Be a Rebel 106
4. Make It Impossible 108
Turn Your Thoughts into Ideas 110
Run an Ideation Workshop to Spark Original Ideas 112
Four Ideation Energisers 114
Four Must-Haves for Ideation Success 120
Key Learnings and Actions 124
Stage 4: Sense-Check 127
Put Your Ideas on ICE 129
Category Impact 134
Capability Ease 137
Consumer Confidence 139
Create a Compelling Product Concept 144
1. Write Like a Real Person 147
2. Steer Clear of Insight Statements 148
3. The More You Say, the More You’ll Learn 148
4. Use Magic Words for Product Benefits 149
5. Make the ‘Reason to Believe’ Compelling 150
6. Show Rather Than Tell 151
Co-Create with Your Consumer 152
Who Should I Talk To? 154
What’s Hot and What’s Not 155
Nurture Your Ideas 158
Revisit Your Ideas Bank 159
Working Out What People Really, Really Want 160
Attain Hard Data 161
Kill or Keep New Product Ideas 162
Key Learnings and Actions 166
Stage 5: Transform 169
Gather Your Evidence 169
Create a Product Innovation Plan 171
Build an Innovation Funnel 173
Create an Innovation Plan on a Page 178
Put in Place an Innovation Project Tracker 182
Hold Regular Innovation Review Meetings 184
Key Learnings and Actions 186
Conclusion: Now You’re Fit for a Feast 189
The Sweet Taste of Success 192
What’s Next on the Menu? 193
Notes 197

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