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Insiders Talk: Winning with Lobbyists, Readers Edition

Insiders Talk: Winning with Lobbyists, Readers Edition

by Robert L Guyer
Insiders Talk: Winning with Lobbyists, Readers Edition

Insiders Talk: Winning with Lobbyists, Readers Edition

by Robert L Guyer

Paperback(Reader's ed.)

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Insiders Talk: Winning with Lobbyists, Readers Edition provides practitioners, general readers, and students with a deeper understanding of the state lobbying process and roles of special interests, lobbyists, legislators, legislative staff, governor, and regulatory agencies in modern lawmaking. The lite version of our Professional edition (hardcover, 488 pages) discusses: what lobbyists can and cannot do for clients; who really runs the legislature; corruption among lawmakers and lobbyists; the overstated link between campaign money and lawmakers' votes; relative unimportance of technical facts; agency influence with the legislature, governor, and special interests; agency veto of legislation by rulemaking and enforcement.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780967724232
Publisher: Engineering the Law, Inc.
Publication date: 08/01/2019
Series: Insiders Talk
Edition description: Reader's ed.
Pages: 250
Sales rank: 653,566
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.57(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Overview of Lobbying

  • Who May Lobby
  • Whom to Lobby
  • When to Lobby
  • Where to Lobby
  • Trust is the Foundation of Lobbying
  • Legislative Procedure and Lobbying Are Similar in All States
  • Follow the Money

Chapter 2. Understanding Contract Lobbyists

  • What Lobbyists Offer
  • What Lobbyists Do Not Offer
  • The Home-Folk Trump All Lobbyists
  • Spectator and Minor-League Lobbyists
  • Major-League Lobbyists and Important Personality Traits
  • Relationship Reciprocity

Chapter 3. Understanding Lawmakers

  • Personalities of Lawmakers
  • Election Campaigns Reveal Lawmakers' Characters
  • Uses of Power
  • Lawmakers May Not Be Powerful Enough to Vote the Way They Want

Chapter 4. When Facts Matter and When They Don’t

  • Lawmaking Is Logical but Irrational
  • Bills Still Need Factual Support
  • Technical Studies as Political Tools
  • Technical Studies Are for Agencies

Chapter 5. Power and Corruption

  • Hazards of Power
  • Criminal Corruption among Lawmakers
  • Blurry Lines between Criminal, Unethical, and Unseemly
  • Corruption of the Governor, Staff, and Agencies
  • Corruption Exists but Don’t Expect It

Chapter 6. Ethics Laws for Lobbyists and Clients

  • Need for Ethics Laws
  • Ethics: Lobbyist to Lawmaker
  • Ethics: Lobbyist to Client
  • Ethics: Client to Lawmaker
  • A Client May be Liable for the Wrongdoing of Its Lobbyist

Chapter 7. Campaign Contributions

  • Perceptions and Realities
  • Significant Campaign Contributions “Buy” a Measure of Political Benefit
  • How Candidates Spend Campaign Dollars
  • Campaign Finance Laws
  • Effective Campaign Contributions Don’t Have to Be Financial
  • Influence of Big Money on Lawmakers

Chapter 8. Lobbying Special Interests and Coalitions

  • What Special Interests Do
  • Coalitions Aggregate, Apply, and Control Power
  • Coalitions Exist for Advantage, Not Love, Loyalty, or Debt
  • Holding a Coalition Together

Chapter 9. Lobbying Legislative Staff

  • Staff Can Run the Legislature
  • Types of Legislative Staffs
  • Disrespect for the Ill-Informed

Chapter 10. Lobbying Executive Agencies

  • Agencies Are Powerful Legislative Players
  • Agency Influencers
  • An Agency May Undermine Itself with Lawmakers

Chapter 11. Lobbying Legislators

  • Roles of the Legislature
  • Rules for Selling a Bill
  • Sales Packages Must Be Customized to Each Lawmaker
  • Committees and Committee Testimony
  • Leadership Influences Committee Votes
  • Don’t Rely on One-Party Control of the Legislature

Chapter 12. Lobbying the Governor

  • Roles of the Governor
  • Vetoes
  • Predicting a Veto and Veto Letter

Chapter 13. Executive Agency Rulemaking, Appeal, and Enforcement

  • The Headless Fourth Branch of Government
  • Agencies Implement Statutes through Rulemaking
  • Agencies May “Veto” Statutes
  • Rulemaking Process
  • Overcoming a Final Rule
  • Agency Enforcement
  • Best Lobbyists for Agencies

Endnotes and Index

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