Insurgence: Reclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom

Insurgence: Reclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom

by Frank Viola

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Why does the allegiance that radical terrorists give to their false cause exceed the allegiance that most Christians today give to Jesus Christ?

In Insurgence, bestselling author Frank Viola presents a radical proposal for Christians. Namely, that we have lost the explosive, earthshaking gospel of the kingdom that Jesus, Paul, and the other apostles preached. Viola argues that we've lost this dynamic, titanic, living gospel and exchanged it for a gospel of religious duty or permissiveness and "easy believism."

In today's politically charged era, Christians on the progressive left as well as the conservative right both equate their particular viewpoints with the kingdom of God. Viola challenges and dismantles these perspectives, offering a fresh and revolutionary look at the gospel of the kingdom.

Viola writes with gripping power, challenging Christians to embrace an unparalleled allegiance to Jesus Christ and his kingdom. This high-octane message is being reclaimed today, launching a spiritual insurgence.

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ISBN-13: 9781493414130
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 06/05/2018
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Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 448
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About the Author

Frank Viola has helped thousands of people around the world to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ and enter into a more vibrant and authentic experience of church. His mission is to help serious followers of Jesus know their Lord more deeply so they can experience real transformation and make a lasting impact. Viola has written many books on these themes, including God's Favorite Place on EarthFrom Eternity to Here, and Jesus Manifesto (with Leonard Sweet). His blog,, is rated as one of the most popular in Christian circles today.
Frank Viola has helped thousands of people around the world to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ and enter into a more vibrant and authentic experience of church. His mission is to help serious followers of Jesus know their Lord more deeply so they can experience real transformation and make a lasting impact. Viola has written many books on these themes, including Insurgence, God's Favorite Place on EarthFrom Eternity to Here, and Jesus Manifesto (with Leonard Sweet). His blog,, is rated as one of the most popular in Christian circles today.

Table of Contents

Introduction 11

A Warning Before You Read Further 15

What Is The Incurgence? 19

Part I Three Different Gospels 23

Part II Unveiling the King's Beauty 43

Part III The Gospel of the Kingdom 81

Part IV Entering and Enjoying the Kingdom 149

Part V Our Glorious Liberty 209

Part VI Advancing the Kingdom 297

Notes 433

Acknowledgments 439

Customer Reviews

Insurgence: Reclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
Michele_Stanford More than 1 year ago
Insurgence is not a read it once-and-done, feel-good-about-yourself kind of book. The message Frank delivers in Insurgence will disrupt you. It will challenge you. Insurgence shatters the long-held false gospels of legalism, libertinism, social justice, and political agendas so many Christians hold to and preach today. Insurgence beautifully explains the Kingdom of God message that turned the first century world upside down, and caused the early Christians to forsake the world system for the one that Jesus came to bring. I have heard Frank speak over the years and the one thing that strikes me most about him is his unwavering dedication to revealing the beauty of Christ that captured the early church so rapturously. Insurgence is not an intellectual read for intellect’s sake; it is a call to action to behold the beauty of Christ and the Kingdom of God Jesus came to this earth to bring. This is a kingdom message you have likely not heard before. Insurgence is the message and clarion call to break from this world and embrace the kingdom on earth as it is heaven. Insurgence is profoundly biblical, deeply engaging, and life-altering. It is an invitation. But it comes with a warning: this work will require you to examine your life in light of the Kingdom of God message; it will not be an easy examination. You will need to read this more than once. You will be re-introduced to Christ and His incomparable beauty! It will elicit radical change in you and you will never be the same again, nor will you want to be. Note: I received an advance audio version of the book from the published. I also purchased a paperback copy for myself so that I can read it again.
Rick_Michels More than 1 year ago
A Holy Call to Action “Your kingdom come Your will be done On earth as it is in heaven” Thus begins the only prayer Jesus is recorded instructing his disciples to recite. Yet many Christians, myself included, struggle to properly aligning our minds with the Lord to be in agreement with what “your kingdom coming” truly means (it is, after all, called “The Lords Prayer”). Frank Viola’s new work, “Insurgence” brings life and light, even flesh and bone, to the above lines. After reading this book, your prayer for “Thy Kingdom come” will become more than a pious wish. Rather, you will make it a radical call to overthrow the darkness of this present age until Jesus returns. Viola begins deftly with a wholly biblical demolishing of the warped and compromised gospel messages that have drained the Western Christian world of both its joy as well as its transforming power. Debunking the twin false gospels of legalism and license, Viola moves to recapture the real gospel of the kingdom, a call for a return to the radical freedom inherent in the apostles’ preaching and teaching yet now missing in the church. As happened in Galatia and Colossae in Paul’s day, the gospel of the Kingdom of God had been drained of its power through the false gospels. Here, Viola brings an inspired reclamation of the writings of Paul, John, and James: a new call to separate from the rule of the kingdoms of this world ruled by Satan and instead enter the Kingdom of our Lord through the renewal of our minds. Friendship with the world is enmity with God, Viola reminds us. Yet we rarely realize how ensnared with the world we truly are. Only a fresh encounter with Jesus will satisfy the Christian, and only a radical break from the ensnarement through a new and holy understanding of how to live in the world yet not be of the world will free the Christian. The book expertly brings to light the biblical passages and stories that demonstrate the historical/biblical workings of God to redeem and renew the world, and how we in this present age are to realize the fulfillment of the promise of the new Eden. Viola’s message will encourage young and old Christian alike to draw closer to Jesus, separate from the world and be transformed by His presence. In doing so, we will both proclaim and expand the Kingdom of heaven on earth. For the Christian wondering “is this all there is,” the book is heaven sent.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
An incredible read and fruit for thought. Imagine if people actually put into action what is presented in this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What a refreshing read! To see the emphasis shifted back towards the place where Jesus put it and taught his disciples to pray - thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven - thanks Frank for being a clear channel for the Father's heart on this subject
Bryan Kessler More than 1 year ago
Five-hundred years ago, Martin Luther recovered the lost message of justification by faith and started a revolution. Known as the Reformation, this movement forever changed the church, the nations, and world history. In our day, the gospel of the kingdom that Jesus, John the Baptist, Paul, and the other apostles preached has been lost. In his book, Insurgence, Frank Viola seeks to recover this lost message and restore it to the church. Insurgence is a timely message. It is a Spirit-breathed book, that if received and recovered, could start another reformation. Jesus said, “This gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come” (Matt. 24:14). Insurgence is more than a book; it’s part of a world-wide movement. A movement the Lord is releasing into the nations so that the gospel of the kingdom is once again proclaimed. Insurgence is more than a book. It’s a message that the Spirit is presently speaking to the church, urging us to recover the message that turned the first-century world upside down. Every Jesus-loving Christian should read this book. Both inspirational and informative, Insurgence is super easy to read. But that doesn’t mean it’s shallow. Far from it. It contains deep theological truths carefully crafted so that even a high school student could understand the message. Read this book and be part of the Insurgence movement that will surely bring much needed reformation to the church.
MatthewChapman More than 1 year ago
The church in modern times has been occupied with a message of how not to go to hell in the afterlife. Important, yes, but not “the good news of the kingdom of God” as preached by Jesus, the apostles, and many others in the New Testament narrative. That has largely been lost to the church. Case in point: ask any Christian when the last time was that they specifically talked to a non-believer about a kingdom, and about seeing and entering that kingdom now. It doesn’t happen. Today’s gospel is all about a distant afterlife (“going to heaven when you die”) and the kingdom of God is viewed as one of many topics that believers will hopefully study as a part of their discipleship. In this deeply entrenched context, Frank Viola takes on the lofty task of reclaiming the gospel of the kingdom of God, the very message that, when heard and believed, transfers one out of the domain of darkness into His realm and eternal purpose—now—with the ability to now live by His indwelling life. This book, in so many ways, gives a comprehensive view of the kingdom and its glorious King—biblically, historically, spiritually, and practically. And Viola does so while staying on the narrow path of revealing the King, Jesus, who reigns by His glory in an environment of complete freedom for His people to respond to Him in love. This, as opposed to the “kingdom” variation messages of today that present either a King who reigns by law and condemnation or an innocuous King whose reign really means little as His subjects live life and pursue causes in whatever way seems right in their own eyes. This book is a must read for all who seek to live by and share with others the gospel of the kingdom of God. It is also an invaluable resource that will be read, reread, and referenced for a lifetime by any Jesus follower.
Joel Davis More than 1 year ago
This book wrecked me in a good way! I've been privileged over the years to hear Frank speak and there is always this perfect mix of sincerity, deep biblical truth and a profound sense of God's affection that flows out of his work. This book was truly incredible! There is something unique about it from his other books. It "scratched an itch" for me in the sense that it gently exposed deeply held convictions and exposed them to the authentic Kingdom gospel that is the Lord Jesus Christ and helped me to see where I've missed the fullness of that gospel and to reveal its profound beauty and majesty. Many have endeavored to explain the Kingdom gospel and describe it from different angles, but Viola invites us to truly encounter it (not just intellectually), to immerse ourselves in its compelling, life altering power. I am more convinced than ever before of the glory of my King Jesus, His call on my life, and His eternal purpose. I love that Viola provides practical simple action steps at the end of each section which help the reader to put into practice what was revealed in the reading. This book is not meant to simply prod your mind, but instead to embrace and live out the Kingdom gospel. I could not put it down. Every Christ follower should read this book and buy copies for their friends. Its really that good!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What an amazing book! I've been following Frank Viola since before his seminal "Pagan Christianity," and this one is another instant theological classic. Here is a text that will challenge you to re-think the definition of the Gospel. Why did the early Christians set the world on fire, and how were they so willing to die for their faith? What did they know that so many modern believers don't? Viola lays out how different versions of the Gospel have developed over time, and challenges the reader to embrace the radical vision of the earliest Christians. They were rocked to the core by their intimate experience of the indwelling Spirit of Christ and were driven by fealty to a new and different kingdom. Viola lays out in detail the awesome beauty of Christ and grandeur of the Kingdom he inaugurated. This book does nothing less than ignite a thirst that may drive you to a joyous, ecstatic, and radical new life. Take the risk. Read this book, and open your mind to a new understanding of the faith. Highly recommended. --Bren Hughes
Bret Wade More than 1 year ago
Frank Viola clearly defines the ditches both sides of the Gospel of the Kingdom that entrap most Christians. He exposes the pollution within today's modern gospels which have become the substitute for the radical message that Jesus preached and demonstrated. The early Church lived it. Today's Church by and large doesn't know it or relate to it. Insurgence gives a clear perspective of loving Jesus and knowing Him as being primary to serving Him. Love transforms us. Without that love our Christian experience is very shallow. Frank stresses that we must see His beauty first and foremost becoming alive to it! Everything else flows out of that place. What a picture is painted of Christ's love and His Kingdom. It's His passion and it's to be ours. I've read and heard many messages on this topic but never one as clear and objective as Frank's. I've been reading his writing for well over twenty years. This is another revolutionary book that will change your life to see the true Kingdom and it's Message.
Scott Ness More than 1 year ago
Insurgence is far more than a knowledge book. It is more than gaining a fuller picture of the Kingdom of God. This book is a roadmap and a battle plan. It moved me. Changed my perspective. Called me into action. Today I am a more fuller version of who God wants me to be, not because I know more (although I do), but because the book compelled me to act as a Kingdom agent. My picture of God's Kingdom is bigger and more colored. But I also have a better grasp of my place in this Kingdom and am motivated to take up my cross and follow. In a climate filled with agendas, half-truths, and positioning and postulating, Frank Viola comes with this timely book that exposes all of this jockeying like an interrogator's spotlight. As is typical with Viola's works, Insurgence offers a unique, vital, and full perspective that is not seen in other works. This book is about the Kingdom of God. It will challenge you as it challenged me. With boldness, Viola shows what is lacking in the typical depiction of the Kingdom from the strict conservative and legalistic view as well as the loose and free libertine posture. What Viola presents in the wake of this is challenging, provocative, and explosive. Viola raises the bar. As I try to summarize my thoughts on the book and what it invokes in me I am drawn to the verse from Revelation. "Because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold--I am about to spit you out of my mouth." for too long, our grappling with and understanding of the Kingdom of God has been lukewarm. Viola, through Insurgence, turns up the heat!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As a 27 year old woman who has spent a lifetime surrounded by faith and American Christian culture (and who is searching for something much more) this book has undone my spirit and reshaped so many misconceptions I had about the Kingdom of God on earth and my part in it now. Are you living life disengaged from the Kingdom (or do you even know what the kingdom is)? It's as if I've been on the precipice of the true insurgence, my soul longing for something more, but hadn't quite looked over the edge to completely jump into this new unknown; however, now I have jumped. WARNING: This text isn't another rule book or guilt guide to the Christian life, nor does it contain a message that will make you comfortable. It's an invitation, a call to the hungry in spirit, to begin truly living and following Jesus as an individual and within the context of his Church. Viola's words wisely create space for the Spirit of God to move, speak to, and call us (believers) out of the world's kingdom and into Jesus'. At a time when the western institutional Church is disunited, desperately loosing ground, and becoming irrelevant to, at least, nearly all of my friends, Insurgence packs a message of hope to God's people and gives examples of a deeper Christian life within the context of his Kingdom. This book will launch those of us who are ready to yield our spirits to the TRUTH into living a radical life for this Jesus we say is worth it. If you're hungry, there is more. -Beth
BrianDel More than 1 year ago
I felt a rumbling and rolling in my world as I read Insurgence by Frank Viola. C.S. Lewis said, "Christianity is the story of how the rightful king has landed, you might say in disguise, and is calling us all to take part in his great campaign of sabotage." A sabotage from above. An insurgence on earth. My instincts tell me that prior to the Coming of the King, there will be a remnant in the Church who will rise in a holy insurgence ... as a witness of the coming King and the completeness of his Beautiful Kingdom. I so appreciate Frank Viola writing this. He's radical. Radical in the sense of the Latin meaning of the word: returning to the root. Clearly, the overarching theme of Jesus' teaching and practice in the Gospels of the New Testament is the Gospel of the Kingdom. How have we lost this? Viola takes us back to this New Testament reality. He's also a practitioner. Not merely a theoretician. He writes from a crucible of rich experience and practice. This is not a book you read once and put back on your shelf. There's a sense in which you'll have to fight for this. Work through this book once, engaging the reflections and action steps. And then go back and marinate in it slowly, taking even deeper actions. Keep coming back to it from time to time. It's stunning how many layers of "Churchianity" and pop theology have to be excavated to reclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom that Jesus offers. King Jesus and his Kingdom are worth the process! Supreme beauty, value, and power. Share it with others, trusting that the Holy Spirit will bring it before the right readership. Jesus will have a glorious Bride. Even if it's a Church within a Church.
RevEdBlonski More than 1 year ago
This latest book from Frank Viola is one that can potentially change how we look at the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I think this book answers the question, "Why isn't the Christian Church as radical and powerful as it was in the first two centuries?" The answer is actually quite simple. Because Christians have stopped proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ as given to us by Christ and His Apostles. Frank gets to the heart of my life by causing me to take a close, hard look at what I am doing as a Christian and as a pastor. Is the Gospel I'm preaching the Gospel of Jesus? Or is it just some feel-good news that makes people feel better about themselves. One will make lasting change. The other will be "here today and gone tomorrow." Frank has written an incredibly powerful book in an easy-to-read format. But make no mistake - this book is NOT easy. The Holy Spirit will use this book to change your heart and transform your life - and just possibly the world!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As I read Viola’s Insurgence, I kept wondering why in the world I had not been taught about the Kingdom! I’ve been a believer for decades, and so much in this amazing book was new to me. I kept thinking of all my friends who don’t know what they don’t yet know—that they need the truth about the Kingdom that this book explores! Pagan Christianity was jaw dropping in so many ways; Insurgence stops you in your tracks and gives the heart-hungry believer a whole new way to view the world and the new life we share. I would give this book a 10 star review if I could. Andrea Sims, Ph.D.
Tim_Oslovich More than 1 year ago
Frank Viola’s new book not only paints a picture of the Kingdom of God but also encourages believers to open themselves to the power of the Holy Spirit so that the Kingdom can break into our world now. Frank writes about an insurgence, a movement of people so deeply connected to and committed to Christ that they have decisively broken out of the world system and now live as citizens of God’s Kingdom. It is revolutionary. Frank deeply engages Scripture and the writings of others who have written about the Kingdom of God. But this is not a book that merely describes the Kingdom of God. Frank examines the work of the best scholars to help us see the beauty and power of God’s Kingdom so that we are changed and the world is changed. This is a call to radical discipleship. Frank inspires and empowers believers to become agents of God who join the insurgence which manifests God’s Kingdom in the world. Frank provides examples of believers who have joined the insurgence and become radicalized for the Kingdom of God. He also provides some practical exercises so that readers can begin to implement what they have read. As Frank says, “Reading a book without taking action is like flying a plane without landing.” Frank gives his readers some suggestions so that they can take action to join the insurgence, experience a deeper connection to Jesus Christ and help God’s Kingdom break into our world. Anyone who has read Frank’s other books will definitely want to read Insurgence. It pulls together many of the themes of his earlier work and advances them to new levels. It is an invitation to the deeper Christian life and an exposition of God’s Eternal Purpose that also offers followers of Jesus some transformative exercises to help us become part of God’s revolution.
Mark Lake More than 1 year ago
What made the first followers of Jesus so radical??? Christianity today has lost its center. She has lost her identity. She has lost her message. She has lost her impact. Many Christian groups have strayed and fallen into various ditches on either side of the road and suffer the error of over-emphasis on a piece of the puzzle, and therefore miss the bigger picture. If only we could recapture the original gospel message that Jesus and the early church proclaimed. Enter "Insurgence" by Frank Viola. Frank turns the watered down gospel, fire insurance policy gospel, prosperity gospel, social gospel, political gospel, etc on their heads and presents the radical, world shaking gopsel of the kingdom of Jesus Christ. This is a gospel brought the death of many of those who were sold out (radicalized) to Jesus in the first century. I think Frank gets as close to the original heart of the message of Jesus and the church as is possible today. Insurgence takes dead aim at the plague of both legalism (do as I say) and libertinism (do whatever you want) in the church today. Rather than follow a list of do's and dont's, or throw in the towel and just do whatever, Frank unveils how our allegiance to Jesus and our willingness to listen directly to Him steers us away from these dangerous waters. In this book you'll not only get a thorough view of the original message of Jesus and the church, but you'll get **practical steps** that will help shift your allegience away from the tentacles of this world to focus more Jesus the King. This book is not just fluff - you'll get actionable steps you can take immediately.
LuvManyBooks More than 1 year ago
Wow, what a book! One of the best books I've read in years. Here's what I loved about it. I loved that the chapters were short but deep. Easy to read! I loved that it took me through the whole Bible and showed me the kingdom as a consistent theme and tied things together that I never noticed before. Lots of AHA moments! I loved that for the first time as a Christian I've heard the gospel of the kingdom. Amazing! I loved that it set me free. Liberating! I loved that it convicted me and gave me action steps to deal with areas of my life without putting me under a guilt trip. Refreshing! I loved that I realized I didn't know as much as I thought about the kingdom or the spiritual warfare involved with it. Illuminating! I loved that it spoke to my heart and gave me a new understanding. Revealing! The book is really incredible. Get it. You will probably love it too.