Interpreting Abraham: Journeys to Moriah

Interpreting Abraham: Journeys to Moriah

by Bradley Beach, Matthew Powell

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The story of Abraham and Isaac is a story of near universal importance. Sitting near the core of three of the world’s great religious traditions, this nineteen verse story opens a world of interpretive possibilities, raising questions of family, loyalty, faith, and choices that are common to all.

This collection of essays takes up the question of how our interpretation of this pivotal text has changed over time, and how, even in unlikely intellectual places, the story influences our thought.

It begins by exploring various readings of Abraham and the Akedah story throughout the traditional lenses of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. From there, it moves into modern and postmodern readings, including how such varied thinkers as Kant and Kierkegaard, Kafka and Derrida have enaged the text.

The book demonstrates the diversity of interpretations, and the dramatic impact of the story on the western intellectual tradition.

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Publisher: Augsburg Fortress, Publishers
Publication date: 02/01/2014
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About the Author

Bradley Beach is associate professor of philosophy at Walsh University in North Canton, Ohio. His philosophical interests are centered upon metaphysics, philosophy of religion, and philosophical theology. He has published papers in metaphysics, ethics, and postmodernism.

Matthew Powell received his PhD from Marquette University, studying the relationship between tradition and contemporary Western society through the lens of literature and philosophy. He has taught at Walsh University and has published extensively on the life and works of Franz Kafka.

Table of Contents

Contributors ix

Preface xi

Part I Traditional Readings

1 Judaism 3

Jewish Uses of the Akedah-Genesis 22:1-19 Rabbi John H. Spitzer

2 Christianity 27

Traditional Christian Interpretation of Genesis 22 Carey Walsh

3 Islam 57

Engaging with Abraham and His Knife: Interpretation of Abraham's Sacrifice in the Muslim Tradition Ism Yazicioglu

Part II Modern Readings

4 Kant 87

The Attack on Abraham Ronald Green

5 Hegel 101

Abductwe Inference, Autonomy, and the Faith of Abraham Preston Stovall

6 Kierkegaard 131

Resignation and the "Humble Courage of Faith" in Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling Andrew Tebbutt

Part III Post-Traditional Readings

7 Kafka 149

A Tale of Two Abrahams Matthew T. Powell

8 Levinas 169

Unbinding the Other: Levinas, the Akedah, and Going beyond the Subject Laurence Bove

9 Derrida 187

Derrida and the Test of Secrecy Chris Danta

Part IV Today

10 Our Journeys to Moriah Bradley Beach 213

Bibliography 221

Index of Names 229

Index of Biblical References 231

Index of Quranic References 233

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