Into Tibet: The CIA's First Atomic Spy and His Secret Expedition to Lhasa

Into Tibet: The CIA's First Atomic Spy and His Secret Expedition to Lhasa

by Thomas Laird

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ISBN-13: 9780802196620
Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.
Publication date: 12/01/2007
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 386,732
File size: 4 MB

About the Author

Into Tibet is the incredible story of a 1949-1950 American undercover expedition led by America's first atomic agent, Douglas S. Mackiernan -- a covert attempt to arm the Tibetans and to recognize Tibet's independence months before China invaded. Thomas Laird reveals how the clash between the State Department and the CIA, as well as unguided actions by field agents, hastened the Chinese invasion of Tibet. A gripping narrative of survival, courage, and intrigue among the nomads, princes, and warring armies of inner Asia, Into Tibet rewrites the accepted history behind the Chinese invasion of Tibet. 8 pages of black-and-white photographs are featured.

Table of Contents

Author's Notexi
Part 1Why They Went1
Shegar-Hunglung, Tibet, April 29, 19503
An Atomic Monopoly, An Atomic Peace, 1945 to 19498
Strategic Services Unit, HQ, Peking, March 5, 194610
U.S. Embassy, Nanking, March 194618
Alphabet Soup, 1946-194722
The American Consulate, Tihwa, March 25, 194623
Murray Hill, 1943-195024
Koktogai, ETR, May 15, 194625
At the Chingil River Ford, April 10, 194727
The White House and the Potala, March 194729
Osman Bator, Douglas Mackiernan, and Uranium, May and June 194730
Pegge Lyons and Douglas Mackiernan, Tihwa, Sinkiang, July and August 194735
CIA Headquarters, Washington, D.C., July 194741
The AEC and AFSWP, July 194743
Pegge and Doug, Shanghai and Tihwa, September 194744
The U.S. Army Advisory Group HQ, Nanking, China, September 25, 194746
Shanghai to Peking, September 25-29, 194747
USS President Polk, off the China Coast, October 4, 194749
Bessac's Cover, Peking, China, October 15, 194751
The Crag Hotel, Penang, Malaysia, October 21, 194753
Frank Bessac and Prince De, Peking, China, October 194755
The Green Lantern, January to August 194857
Douglas Mackiernan and Atomic Explosions, 1948 to March 10, 194969
Department of State, Washington D.C., April 19, 194974
The Raid on the U-2 Mine, Sinkiang and the ETR, April or May 194976
Hawaii, June 1, 199678
The Russian Atomic Test Site, Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan, August 29, 194981
Part 2The Journey to Tibet91
Tibet, Summer of 194993
Dingyuanying, Inner Mongolia, August 194997
Hami to Tihwa, Sinkiang, September 9, 1949103
Tihwa-Urumchi, the People's Republic of China, September 26, 1949107
Leaving Tihwa, September 27, 1949112
Lake Barkol, with the Kazak Horde of Osman Bator, October 29, 1949115
The White House, October 31, 1949120
Fairfax, California, November 1949121
Around the Taklamakan Desert, October 30-November 29, 1949124
Washington, D.C., November and December 1949127
The Fourteenth Dalai Lama, Dharamsala, India, December 1, 1994131
Dean Acheson, January 12, 1950132
Shanghai, the People's Republic of China, January 30, 1950134
Fairfax, California, January 30 and 31, 1950135
Peking and Washington, D.C., January 20, 1950140
Senator McCarthy's Speech, Wheeling, West Virginia, February 9, 1950142
Acheson Meets Lowell Thomas, February 17, 1950144
Winter at Timurlik, November 29, 1949, to March 20, 1950145
A Letter to Tibet, State-CIA Relations, March 30, 1950153
McCarthy and Lattimore, Washington, D.C., April 1950156
Across the Changthang, March and April 1950158
Morning, April 29, 1950169
Shegar-Hunglung, Tibet, April 29, 1950171
When They Heard Mackiernan Was Dead177
Part 3Through Tibet and Home Again181
Nomads and Grenades, April 30 and May 1, 1950183
The Arrow Letter, Tibet, May 1, 1950185
The U.S. Embassy, New Delhi, India, May 2, 1950187
Shentsa Dzong, Tibet, May 6, 1950188
Shentsa Dzong, Tibet, May 11, 1950191
Trip to Lhasa, May and June 1950193
Tibet, Taiwan, and China, Spring 1950197
Lhasa, Tibet, June 11, 1950199
Mr. Latrash's Lhasa "Assets," Calcutta and Lhasa, Winter and Spring 1949-1950206
The Fourteenth Dalai Lama, "A U.S. Agent Passing Through Lhasa," December 1, 1994209
Fairfax, California, June 11, 1950211
Meeting the Dalai Lama, Lhasa, Tibet, June 1950212
Dinner at Tride Lingka, Lhasa, Tibet, June 15, 1950215
The Tibetan Foreign Bureau, Lhasa, Tibet, June 16, 1950219
Carving Crosses, Lhasa, Tibet, July 30, 1950227
The Flogging, Lhasa, Tibet, July 1950229
The Potala, Lhasa, Tibet, July 1950230
Last Days in Lhasa, Late July 1950233
Mackiernan's Death Announced, July 29, 1950238
Minister Shakabpa Visits the U.S. Consulate, Calcutta, India, August 4, 1950241
The Earthquake, August 15, 1950242
Latrash and Bessac, Calcutta, India, August 29, 1950244
The U.S. Embassy, New Delhi, India, August 30-September 22, 1950246
Calcutta, India, September 15, 1950247
Mrs. Douglas Mackiernan Goes to Washington, October 4, 1950248
Bessac in Washington, D.C., October 1950249
The State Department, Washington, D.C., October 18, 1950252
Bethesda, Maryland, and Drukha Monastery, October 19, 1950255
Washington, D.C., October 27 and 28, 1950260
Pegge and John, First Meeting, Washington, D.C., November 8, 1950261
Life Magazine, November 13, 1950262
Pegge and John, Washington, D.C., November 24, 1950263
Tibet, Winter 1950-1951264
Winter of the Cold War, Washington, D.C., 1950-1951270
Tihwa, Xinjiang, the People's Republic of China, April 29, 1951273
Epilogue: Zvansov, Bessac, Mackiernan, and Tibet274

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