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Itch by Syd Harriet

l. The murders in ITCH are hallucinations, nothing else. Yes, many were killed at an ‘M’ on September 11th, but not by our author.

2. Our author writes fiction and derives his gratification from doing that, not murdering ‘M’ customers. His murders are imaginary, nothing more.

3. To assure that our author was not a threat to society, we had him examined by three Board Certified Psychiatrists. All three concluded he was not psychotic or psychopathic. In fact, they reported how he genuinely expressed his shock when he heard about the murders at ‘M’.

4. It is true that many serial killers abduct their victims. However, if you read the novel carefully you will see that the kidnapped brother and sister were purely fictional. In real life, our author has two brothers and enjoys a warm, close, and loving relationship with both. Harvey and Earl have attended all of his book signings including those in Chowchilla, California, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, and Embarrassed, Minnesota. (Note: He has no sisters.)

5. Our author was raised in a happy and safe environment. His parents gave him a weekly allowance to purchase vocal albums every week. (Look at his Buddy Greco and Frank Sinatra collection.) The point is there is no evidence that he was abused. If anything, he was adored and loved by all.

If you are still bent on pointing your finger at our novelist, we recommend that you spend your time reading our biography of Liu Pengli of China who went out on marauding expeditions using his slaves to murder citizens and confiscate their belongings for sheer sport. Or buy our teaching manual based on Burke and Hare who killed sixteen in Edinburgh in the 19th century and sold their cadavers to an anatomy lecturer. Or read our best selling memoir by H.H. Homes whose confession was one of Thomas Edison’s first phonograph recordings.

As publisher of Crystal Night Books, I rigorously defend our author. He is not a serial killer! If he had killed anyone, Crystal Night never would have published his book. In fact, I urge you to purchase his next effort called “Practicing Psychotherapy as a Serial Killer!” I mean, how could a therapist in real life end up murdering 27 patients with personality disorders and get away with it.

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Publication date: 01/09/2011
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About the Author

I’m a writer and a serial killer. My novel “Itch!” is about how I reduce the stress from killing by writing. It’s also my attempt to understand why I do what I do. (Hey, the unexamined life is not worth living.)

“Itch!” is set in New York the day before 911 and on the day of 911. (I kill on both days, what can I say.) Included are other major cities and remote towns, Western desert towns where characters with household names try to get me to stop killing. (I don’t.) It’s a literary plot layered with suspense and woven into an inner narrative of demons barking endlessly (mine). It’s also about my epiphanies, my felt chaos, and how Kismet paradoxically strikes victim (me) and perpetrator (me). And yet, I have been lucky. I have not been apprehended, yet.

Within “Itch!” is another book, a novel within the novel, about a sister and brother who bury their father, a serial killer, and find themselves kidnapped by an older sister, a terrorist and a serial killer. (A web of plot twists drives the protagonist (me) to come up with ways to keep his sister from steering a plane into another New York skyscraper.)

It’s writing to recover without the graphic details because enough of that can be seen on TV. What you get is what I am thinking while I kill. (Hey, I too can do compassion.)

“Itch!’ has been a seven-year project. Oh, and the narrator, Luck, (me) is also a devout fan of the Great American Songbook, a singer, who had quite a following before the music became passé. (It may be why I kill.) It’s all there; my life, my novel, and how a serial killer like me attempts to get his novel read by a reader like you.

Can I interest you in a few murders? Not how I kill, but why?

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