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It's a Pleasure: Sweet Treats without Gluten, Dairy, and Refined Sugar

It's a Pleasure: Sweet Treats without Gluten, Dairy, and Refined Sugar

by Virpi Mikkonen

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Discover how to make delicious, wholesome desserts without sacrificing flavor in this collection of simple, guilt-free recipes.

A delightful cookbook of decadent sweets and homemade treats that taste great, look beautiful, and have good health in mind. This enticing collection features easy recipes, made from high-quality, nutritious ingredients, for fabulous desserts that are gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined-sugar-free. With this inspiring book, award-winning Finnish author Virpi Mikkonen shows how easy it is to make sweet treats a truly enjoyable—and guilt-free—pleasure

It’s a Pleasure is a gorgeous guide to making delicious and wholesome desserts at home without sacrificing flavor. Featuring candies, cakes, pies, and more, the appealing recipes—such as gingerbread chocolate, cookie ice cream with salty peanuts, and cardamom-vanilla donuts—offer great-tasting, guilt-free pleasure and are suited for entertaining, gift giving, or everyday snacking.

Find inspiration for chocolate and candies, cakes and pies, ice creams and sorbets, jams, frostings and more! Recipes include: sea salt toffee bites; vanilla stars with chocolate hearts; frosty banana cake; blueberry cream cake; mango-melon sorbet cake; tiramisu ice cream cake; fig fudge; and licorice truffles.

Praise for It’s a Pleasure

“Mikkonen shares her secret concoctions for some incredibly delectable pastries, as well as confections like sea salt toffee candies and peanut toffee chocolates. But the standout recipes are those for Mikkonen’s rich but not too indulgent cakes. She creates decadent flavors with light, nutritious ingredients like coconut milk and almond flour, and the images in It’s a Pleasure are enough to make your mouth water.” —Vogue

“Mikkonen shares the virtues of sweets rather than their sins. Encouraging us to let go of the guilt often held when we decide to indulge in a cake loaded with refined white sugar and wheat. Completely banishing these two ingredients, she encourages the use of natural flavors and nutritious raw ingredients like coconut cream, dates and almond flour. With nature’s sweets and her creativity, Mikkonen makes equally or even better sweet indulgences compared to their refined sugar and wheat counterparts.” —Honest Cooking

“This aesthetically gorgeous compilation of sweets showcases how easy it is to make gluten, dairy and refined sugar-free recipes without sacrificing the flavor (or fun!) The book is a true dessert and foodie lover’s dream—a compendium of Instagram-worthy sweets, made from high-quality, nutritious ingredients.” —Chic Vegan

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ISBN-13: 9781681882499
Publisher: Weldon Owen
Publication date: 09/13/2016
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 144
Sales rank: 543,226
File size: 10 MB

About the Author

Virpi Mikkonen is a SAVEUR Blog Award-winning Finnish author, recipe developer, stylist, and photographer who specializes in food and wellness. She has also worked as a journalist and magazine producer. Her award-winning site Vanelja ( focuses on wholesome food and good living.

Table of Contents

Introduction 7

About the Ingredients 8

Chocalate & Confections 10

Basic Chocolate 12

Chocolate Banana Bites 13

Mint Chocolate Squares 15

Peanut Toffee Chocolates 16

Nut Caramel Chocolates 18

Caramel Drops 21

Blueberry Chocolate 22

Orange Marzipan Bars 23

Sea Salt Toffee Candies 26

Rum Raisin Chocolate 28

Raspberry Yogurt Bar 29

Raw Chocolate Log 30

Spicy Chocolate Buttons 31

Gingerbread Chocolates 31

Fig Fudge 32

Chocolate Puffed Rice Squares 33

Licorice Truffles 34

Mint Chocolate Truffles 37

Coconut Milk Chocolate 38

Kids' Choice Chocolate 39

Caramel Apple Leather 40

Vanilla Strawberry Leather 40

Raspberry Sticks 42

Fat Licorice Candies 44

Vanilla Coconut Buttons with Hearts of Chocolate 47

Cake & Pies 48

Strawberry Rose Cake 50

Frostbitten Banana Cake 53

Lotta's Cake 54

Lime Chocolate Cake 57

Whipped Coconut Cream Chocolate Cake 58

Raw Carrot Cake 60

Cherry Dream Cake 63

Gorgeous Pancake Cake 64

Blueberry Dream Cake 67

The Perfect Apple Pie 69

Nut Brownie 70

Lemon Poppyseed Cake 72

Caramel Mud Pie 75

Pistachio Mint Chocolate Brownie 76

Fig Chocolate Tart 79

Lemon Pie 80

Manuka Blackcurrant Cake 82

Cookies, Muffins & Other Small Goods 84

Anise & Fig Cookies 86

Lace Cookies 88

Nut Banana Cookies 89

Cacao-Filled Hazelnut Cookies 91

Crunchy Chocolate Muffins 93

Nut Butter-Covered Mocha Muffins 94

Caramel Donuts 96

Cinnamon Chocolate Donuts 99

Cardamom Vanilla Donuts 100

Orange Flower Marzipan Buns 102

Ice Creams & Sorbets 104

Licorice Ice Cream 107

Cardamom Peach Ice Cream 108

Mango Melon Sorbet Cake 111

Cookie Ice Cream with Salted Peanuts 112

Artisanal Dreamsicles 115

Cherry-Chocolate Ice Cream 116

Eskimo Squares 119

Strawberry Rose Ice Cream 120

Tiramisu Ice Cream Cake 122

Garnishes, Jam & Spreads 124

Vanilla Coconut Butter 126

Chocolate Almond Butter 127

2 x Easy Chocolate Icing 128

Date Chocolate Icing 128

Avocado Chocolate Icing 128

Caramel Spread 131

Whipped Coconut Cream 132

Peanut Butter Spread 134

Dairy-Free Milk Alternatives 137

Almond Milk 137

Oat Milk 137

Sesame Milk 137

Dairy-Free Yogurts 138

Coconut Yogurt 138

Almond Yogurt 138

Chia Jams 140

Rose Raspberry Jam 140

Peach Lavender Jam 141

Index 142

Acknowledgments 144

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