JOTT: when things disappear... and come back or relocate - and why it really happens

JOTT: when things disappear... and come back or relocate - and why it really happens

by Mary Rose Barrington


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Rifts in the Fabric of Causality
Jott is derived from Just One of Those Things, meaning things that fall on the floor and are never seen again, or were placed on a table for ready access but were next seen a few weeks later in a box of corks inside a drawer in a trunk, or which are not where you left them but unaccountably re-appear, on top of something you have just placed there... Jott takes a variety of forms, but is generally dismissed as your faulty memory, your faulty perception, your inability to report facts correctly, or just as a nuisance best forgotten. But sometimes the anomaly really is a blip in our causal reality. The author presents some cases that resist conventional explanations and goes on to examine the far-reaching implications of these seemingly trivial incidents.

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ISBN-13: 9781938398940
Publisher: Anomalist Books
Publication date: 09/21/2018
Pages: 196
Sales rank: 1,087,303
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About the Author

Mary Rose Barrington, born in London far back in 1926, became a lawyer and charity administrator, assisting in the management of property interests, finance, and welfare for groups of almshouses. Her non-professional activities have included working for voluntary euthanasia and animal protection, applying her legal resources to these causes. She was a vice-president of the Society for Psychical Research, which brings her full circle back to the time when she became president of the Oxford University SPR, psychical research having been a main interest since her schooldays.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: What Is Jott?

Chapter 2: The Cases, Part 1: Walkabout, Turn-Up, and Comeback

Chapter 3: The Cases, Part 2: Flyaway, Windfall, and Trade-In; and Oddjott

Chapter 4: The Context

Chapter 5: Psi Reality: A Framework for Jott


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