Journey to Authentic Joy

Journey to Authentic Joy

by Lepora Flournoy

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This book is not written from the perspective of claiming perfection by simply being whoever we are and want to be. This book is written to inspire people to live an authentic life guided by Christ alone, guided by someone who continues on the journey as you do. If you are looking for a book that tells you that the key to authentic joy is satisfying yourself in every moment of your life, then you have picked up the wrong book. I would agree with most recent authors who write about authenticity when they say that authenticity stems from being genuine. However, the difference in this book is that it professes that actual authentic joy comes from being genuinely obedient to a power higher than ourselves—God. I would argue that authenticity in itself does not always result in joy and obedience without one’s own heart genuinely being behind the obedience to God does not result in joy. However, when you have genuine obedience and when your heart is tied to God that is the key to having authentic joy. That is the essence of the essays.
This is not referring to independent authenticity. Independent authenticity is very popular, yet unrealistic to sustain because we live in a world that is interdependent. We are dependent on our family. We are dependent on our friends to fulfill what we want them to fulfill in our lives. We are dependent on our work relationships and are becoming even more dependent globally. Or shall I say, we are becoming more aware of how globally dependent we are. Most importantly, we are dependent on God. So independent authenticity, I would argue, is a misnomer. The argument that independent authenticity leads to joy is a misnomer for 99 percent of the people. It may lead to moments of happiness, but sustained authentic joy, it is not. Authentic obedience is not obedience alone and is not authenticity alone, but it is the combination of authenticity and obedience that leads to joy.
This book is a book about redemption, the everlasting ability of God to redeem us. Just when we thought that we made the biggest mistake possible, the all-powerful God comes in to save the day. He is the restorer of our souls, the keeper of our sanities, the source of our love and the fortitude of our backs. Our God is a God of endless chances. When we think that He has given us ten chances, in actuality He has given us 100, but who’s counting … These essays reflect our forever journey on this earth by seeing our lives through God’s eyes, the most important reflection of all. With courage, confidence and commitment please embark on this journey with me.
Our relationship with Christ is the constant that has to be maintained in order to receive abundant joy. Whenever that constant is removed, the formula is disrupted in a radical way, and joy is decreased. Ritualistic obedience without a continued relationship with Christ will not maintain our joy. Once we receive peace in our obedience to Christ, we must maintain a relationship with our savior in order to experience ultimate joy. In order to maintain that joy in our hearts, Christ must remain our primary relationship.

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About the Author

Aside from writing, Dr. Lepora is the highly credentialed CEO and Principal Consultant at Results Company ( a coach and speaker, a certified expert in Process Improvement, Human Resources and Project Management, but most importantly, she is a lover of God. She coaches, speaks and facilitates workshops with a vision to help people live their unique life purposes with authentic joy. For more information about Dr. Lepora you may go to:

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