by Kim Chance


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ISBN-13: 9781635830125
Publisher: North Star Editions
Publication date: 01/30/2018
Pages: 408
Sales rank: 152,253
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 7.80(h) x 0.80(d)
Age Range: 14 - 18 Years

About the Author

Kim Chance is an English teacher from Alabama, currently residing in Michigan with her husband and three children. When not writing, Kim enjoys spending time with her family and two crazy dogs, binge-watching Netflix, fangirling over books, and making death-by-cheese casseroles. Keeper is her first young adult novel. Kim is also a YouTuber who loves connecting with other writers. She posts videos and is the creator of the #ChancetoConnect chat on Twitter. Connect with her on Twitter: @_KimChance, Instagram: kimwritesbooks, Facebook: @kimwritesbooks, and on her

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Keeper 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Kim Chance tells an amazing story that had me upset at the end because I truly didn't want this story to. Filled with magic and romance the story is different . Lainey is fun because she is so type A and has to end up so far out of her comfort zone, it might as well be another country . Her best friend Maggie is amazing and I hope we see more from these characters in the future.
Ethriel101 More than 1 year ago
If you like magic, if you like comic books, and if you like adventure, I highly recommend this book! It was such a fun ride, full of twists and turns and kept my attention the whole time. Kim Chance is making a killer impression for her debut novel!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Keeper blew me away in the best kind of way! The YA fantasy novel by debut author Kim Chance was something I had been anticipating a couple years as I've followed her writing channel on Youtube. To be honest I didn't have very high hopes as fantasy is not my favorite genre especially when dealing with teens. So much of the novels I've read are cliche and filled with tired plots. I'm very happy to say that Keeper was different. The story was engaging and the characters felt real. I loved the way the past was woven into the modern period MC Lainey Styles was in. The magic felt realistic as did the lack of control a new magical person would really experience. She wasn't perfect, none of the characters were, and that made it all the better. Magic does leave a mark and this novel will find a permanent home on my carefully curated bookshelves! I can't wait to see what more tales Kim Chance will bring us over the years!
Lissa Gromley More than 1 year ago
Keeper is the kind of fantasy that every inspiring witch or warlock wants to be a part of. Lainey Styles, an ordinary girl with an ordinary life discovers she’s a powerful witch. This discovery leads Lainey on a mission to take back what was lost, only to discover that things are not always as they appear. While in the beginning, the story goes just a tad fast, it flows elegantly with grace and soon balances out. What I love most about the book are its unique twists and turns that kept me second guessing. The second most thing I loved about it was the realistic characterization of the characters. Lainey definitely grew as a character, becoming completely different as a person than she was in the beginning. This is a wonderful book for anyone who loves a YA fantasy involving a unique view on witches, warlocks, faes, and more.
WindyPrasert More than 1 year ago
I received an arc of Keeper in exchange for an honest review. First - the cover is astoundingly gorgeous. The colors, the elements within the artwork, the representation of the main character Lainey - all wonderfully pulled together in a way that illustrates the story within perfectly. The characterization in this novel is fantastic. Each character has their own distinct personality, and Lainey's best friend Maggie brings a bit of comic relief to an otherwise serious story. It's easy to connect to Lainey but also to the other characters around her. They all have depth and well-defined identities. The setting in the small southern town is that of a quaint, average place. The reader is given just enough description without the total immersion that would be unneeded in this particular book. As the focus is on characters and backstory, and over-done setting would have detracted from the book. That the author held back on providing too much in the way of setting was a brilliant move. The story itself focuses on Lainey's discovery of her witch ancestry, yet there are many other magical beings portrayed within the story. That being said, the magic system is not overly-complicated. One mistake that books in this genre tend to make is focusing way too much on the magic system - thus the reader is not overwhelmed with a system hard to follow. Though the story is set primarily in first-person, there are several chapters from another's perspective that are in third-person. This switch eliminates the difficulty of having to reorient oneself to who is narrating. Not to mention the switch in writing style to a poetic, almost ethereal song is simply breathtaking. The artistic skills of the author become clear when switching between these two perspectives. The story includes a love interest, and Kim Chance does a terrific job of avoiding the dreaded Insta-romance that so many YA books are cursed with. The romance is sweet and G-rated; no worries about picking this up for your teenage daughter to read. I cannot wait to read the next book in this series; putting it down at the end and leaving Lainey's world, albeit temporarily, was very hard indeed. Worth every star possible!
J_M_Miller More than 1 year ago
“… I’ve spent my whole life wishing to be more than just ordinary. But I’m just me, just Maggie, and that’s probably all I’m ever going to be.” Maggie grabbed my hand again. “But you, Lainey, you get to be anything but ordinary, and maybe that’s not such a bad thing.” I absolutely love Keeper! I'm a truly lucky person, having witnessed Kim Chance's writing abilities as she crafted Keeper's drafts. She is a talented storyteller, meticulous in her character development and world building. For me, the authenticity of the characters and their relationships is what makes Keeper shine, especially the bond between Lainey and Maggie. This is YA at its finest--two ordinary girls, the best of friends, discovering that their lives are about to become anything but ordinary. I also love the historical elements that shed so much light on what Lainey's life is really about while adding much more depth to this fantastic story. I really don't want to reveal any more. Read the blurb then pick this one up when it releases in January if you're a YA UF fan! I'm excited for the world of Keeper to continue!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Kim Chance’s “Keeper” is a refreshing breath of air when it comes to contemporary fantasy, a popular YA genre these days. It has heart, action, a love interest, and a strong female friendship. The cast of characters were developed enough to stand on their own feet and feel real. None of the side characters melted into each other or the background. I enjoyed each of them for their unique personalities and contribution to the plot. The dialogue flowed and was realistic. Descriptions made me feel as if I was experiencing everything firsthand and drew me into the story. Many scenes were unpredictable and that increased their excitement and my enjoyment of them. The story flowed naturally and no scene felt forced or out of place. There were no filler scenes, each scene contributed to and progressed the plot. The main character Lainey had a definite character arc, which is more than a lot of books on the market can say. She is smart, and strong in an emotional sense more than a physical sense (though she can kick butt when required!) What I love most about Lainey is her devotion to her family and friends. She would do anything for them. I also enjoy how Lainey deals with every supernatural thing thrown at her in a natural progression of denial to reluctant acceptance, which was refreshingly realistic in contemporary fantasy. If you’re looking for a book with strong female friendship, this is it. Maggie and Lainey are a true representation of best friends who support and love each other. Whenever one calls, the other comes to her aid immediately. They trust and believe in one another, and Maggie is completely on board with whatever Lainey has planned. I love how Maggie is not only the first person Lainey tells about her ghost encounter, but it’s also the first thing she does after the encounter. Which is such a realistic best friend move. Side note: Maggie is an amazing character who loves all things comics and has amazing references to those comics she loves most. It’s fun to read as a fellow super hero nerd. The magic system is only brushed upon in this book, which makes sense since Lainey is just learning about it and the story is from her point of view. I enjoy how she struggles to control her powers, how they’re tied to her emotions, and how it takes a lot of her energy to use magic. It makes for good realism and a counter balance to magic. You might be powerful and able to do extraordinary magic, but you will be dead dog exhausted after using it. I also loved how it was physically represented as green lightening. There were some recognizable tropes: meets boy by pretending he’s her boyfriend to ward of unwanted suitor; BFF loves fashion and thrusts it on friend who doesn’t like fashion (especially heels); a tiny bit of insta-connection where she feels instantly drawn to the boy. As you can tell these are very minor, verging on picky. This is how picky I had to get to find a ‘fault’ with this book and they aren’t even necessarily faults because they didn’t detract from the book at all. Overall this book was a joy to read . The pacing had me wanting to know what happened next and there were many surprises throughout the book that I didn’t predict. I’d call it a great debut novel, but it’s more than that. It’s a great book on its own, debut or not. It’s a fun, whirlwind story of magic, family, love and learning who you are that draws you in from the first scene. Hopefully Kim won’t make us wait too long for the second book!
LynleeA2018 More than 1 year ago
I've been looking forward to reading this since I first started watching Kim's videos on YouTube. The way she described her story sounded exactly like the type of book I love to read, and I can honestly say, Kim did not disappoint. The characters are so believable, mostly because they're like real people. I went to high school with girls like Lainey, I have a friend that acts like Maggie--it took little-to-no imagination on my part, because I already knew these people! I really like the way Kim utilized flashbacks in this story. I took a creative writing class, and flashbacks were one of the requirements in our final project. Let me tell you, they are a pain unless you know what you're doing. Kim does! The setting of KEEPER pulled me in, and I loved that it wouldn't let go. The descriptions made everything feel so real. Following along with Lainey's ups and downs was an awesome roller coaster to be on.
A.J. Winter More than 1 year ago
I loved this book and I love the author! I think my favorite part of the whole novel was the amazing dialogue. Lainey and the other characters all had this unique, and very modern, sense of dialogue. My favorite things sprinkled in were the pop culture references. Within the first few chapters there was Supernatural and Harry Potter. It was a wild ride, everyone. I also adored the premise. It was so unique with the Keeper idea. The only thing I struggled with was the Grimoire and how it came to be where it is. That is the part that I struggled with the most, but all in all, the premise was really interesting. Especially with Josephine. I wish more of her was included into the plot, but that's because I found her much more fascinating. I'm also such a nerd for anything including ancestry, so I wished Lainey focused more on her rather than running The characters are also what fell a little flat for me. I didn't feel like I got to know them as well as I wished I did. The connections I feel toward characters are so important and I felt closer to Josephine than I did Lainey. I loved Lainey, but gosh darnit, I wish I got to know her a little bit more. Maggie was probably my second favorite character next to Josephine for that exact reason. Ty made me so angry at the end, but I'm not going to say anything so you can experience it for yourself. The villains for me didn't seem villainy enough (yes, I made up a word). I wanted more from them and I wanted more gore? I'm a science fiction buff, I write death and gore on the daily. I think this book didn't have enough oomf to it? I have no idea if you know what I mean by that, but I wish there was more action to it than there is. This could have been remedied by spending some more time on certain scenes and elongating the knowledge we get. The writing, as I mentioned, was good. This book is what I would categorize under the younger YA section. There is definitely something for everyone, but I feel like if you're not up on your pop culture, then this book is probably not for you. A lot of the references will go right over your head.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
To put it simply, I enjoyed this book! As a contemporary fantasy, it nestled right into my wheelhouse of being part of my favorite genre. At first, I was unsure if I was going to like it. As a young adult, I think the author seemed to try a bit too hard to write convincing teens in the very beginning. That being said, my opinion changed as I read along! Soon after the first few chapters, I started to get attached to Lainey (protagonist) and her storyline. The inciting incident was well done, and happens very early on, so no worries of a long and drawn out exposition. I also enjoyed how down-to-earth her characters were! They grew on me. Lainey and Ty are also adorable together, and I found myself really routing for them. In fact, all of the characters were good! Kim's writing style is refreshing. It isn't pretentious or too-much, if that makes sense. Lainey's voice was distinctive and relatable. I could really feel her anguish and indecision through her narration! At times, I could really relate to her! And wow the ending!! To avoid spoilers, I won't say much. Sequel please, haha! Overall, this was a solid read. I would recommend this for anyone who wants to read a fun YA book that has substance and a good conflict. Again, thank you Kim so much! Congratulations, I'm so excited for this book to sit on my shelf when it releases.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The characters truly do make the story come to life. First off we have Lainey our protagonist. She is a relatable 17-year-old who is focused on passing the SATs and getting into a good school. Throughout the book, we follow her on her journey to understand and accept who she really is. The emotions she feels are incredibly real and well written. Her fears and anxieties are palpable throughout the story. She is the hero you can't help but cheer for, and a girl who's not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. Next, we have Maggie, one of my favorite characters. She is funny and forever an optimist. She is a loyal best friend and always has a nerdy comeback for everything. I want her to be my best friend! Then there is Ty, oh Ty. Forever playing with my heart. Handsome and mysterious Ty may be the obvious love interest but he will keep you guessing the entire time. With a slew of supporting characters that I could go on and on about, Keeper's characters really do deliver. The story kept me on the edge of my seat and I was finished with the book in just a few days. Reading this book in the middle of the night when I was the only one awake in the house terrified me a to a point that I am embarrassed to admit. It really was the perfect fall read. Debut author Kim Chance lets her voice shine in Keeper. She has created a world you can fall in love with and leaves you wanting more. I can't wait for the sequel to see where the story goes.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I didn't have a lot of preconceived notions about what to expect going into Keeper - but I did know that I love Kim's YouTube channel, and that her writing advice has always been incredibly helpful, so I absolutely wanted to check it out. Thankfully, I was given an ARC through NetGalley and Flux, and I'm delighted to say I LOVED this book. So! The book starts off centered around the school oriented, very intelligent sixteen-year-old Lainey, and rapidly we find out that she's anything but when she keeps seeing an apparition following her around. Sounds great right? I was definitely curious. The beginning was a bit slow going for me, as world building sections can be. I immediately felt drawn to Maggie because of my own personal interests but I also appreciated the quirks that Lainey brought to the table. As the story progressed these initial feelings were reaffirmed over and over as new characters were introduced. I especially delighted over the "You're Wolverine. Got that?" exchange. ;) The nerd references were fantastic and helped provide some comedic relief, they were very well placed. (Maggie and Ty ended up being absolute favorites by the end.) I also appreciated the way Josephine was handled - too often these segments become info dumps or are disorienting, but these were smooth and informative without breaking from the story. Don't get me wrong, Keeper definitely follows several tropes, but I genuinely enjoyed the way Kim handled them, and I'm incredibly eager to see book two!
KaylaScutti More than 1 year ago
Lainey, the main character, is lovable, quirky, and fun. Also, sometimes frustrating, as good, well-rounded characters should be. The supporting characters are just as exciting and profound as Lainey herself. The characters grow and develop together throughout the book, and I believe that is one of the most important things about Kim's writing. It's not only excellent and unique; it's strong and inspiring. Each character has a purpose, and they all make you fall in love with them. For me, this book went deeper than just a YA Novel. It was about finding yourself, taking chances, trusting even when people betray you, and loving deeper than you ever thought you could. It's coated with magic and nerdy jokes, but beyond that is a book of inspiration and looking past the surface of things. Seeing what is not being said or show, and learning who you are and what you are supposed to be, even if it wasn't what you had planned
SpringPaul More than 1 year ago
I love when I can identify with a character right off, and I did identify with Lainey right away. Of course, the amazing things that happen to her never happened in my oh-so-normal life, but that’s why it’s fiction, and that’s what makes it fun! I love Lainey because she never backs down from the chaos she’s thrown into. She faces everything head-on. I ADORE Maggie, and I want to be her best friend. Until KEEPER, I hadn’t liked any of the witch books that have come out lately (I have NOT read all of them, just a few.) But this one I loved. I loved Lainey’s connection with her mother and other ancestors, and her interaction with them. The plot kept me guessing, and it s a fairly easy and quick read. I’m excited to read the rest of the series!
MusicInPrint More than 1 year ago
When Chapter Two of the Keeper by Kim Chance mentions my favorite show "Supernatural" with Sam and Dean I am more than hooked! Teen characters with adult hurdles to leap over will entertain both age groups. Lainey is a driven student with college on her mind and one goal "To ace the SAT Test". Her best friend Mags is a quirky, fun, optimist with a craving for anything comic book related. Being raised by her Uncle Gareth and his psychic girlfriend Serena; Lainey has spent her life moving to tons of sleepy little towns. Lainey's secret past is revealed when her long dead ancestor Josephine appears to her. Josephine DuCarmont was a powerful WITCH in her day and a Keeper of a leather bound book called the Grimoire. Action packed, romantic elements, loyalty, and deceit fill these pages with amazing characters who fight the forces of good and evil. Ending is amazing and only makes the reader anxious for future additions to it. To quote a passage "MAGIC ALWAYS LEAVES A MARK". "A copy of this book was provided by Flux via Netgalley with no requirements for a review. Comments here are my honest opinion."