King's War (The Kinsman Chronicles Book #3)

King's War (The Kinsman Chronicles Book #3)

by Jill Williamson

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One battle is over, but the war has just begun. They escaped the Five Realms and have found a home, but peace is much harder to find. The aftermath of the Battle of Sarikar should have been a time to mourn those lost in the slaughter. The enemies of Armania are many, however, and when one steps back to regroup, another surges forward in attack.

While the remnant must take responsibility for the evil they brought to Er'Rets, it would seem that something just as dark already existed in this new world. The growing struggle between Armania and Barthel Rogedoth is but a pale reflection of a far more dangerous battle for the souls of humanity.

And so begins this awe-inspiring conclusion to Jill Williamson's Kinsman Chronicles. The Hadar family and their allies prepare to make one final stand in the name of Arman. There shall be war--in Er'Rets and in the Veil--to vanquish evil or be ruled by darkness.

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ISBN-13: 9781441230867
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 06/19/2018
Series: Kinsman Chronicles Series , #3
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Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 672
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About the Author

Jill Williamson writes fantasy and science fiction for teens and adults. Jill grew up in Alaska, staying up and reading by the summer daylight that wouldn't go away. This led to a love of books and writing, and her debut novel, By Darkness Hid, won several awards and was named a Best Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror novel of 2009 by VOYA magazine. She loves giving writing workshops and blogs for teen writers at She now lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, two children, and a whole lot of deer. Visit her online at
Jill Williamson writes fantasy and science fiction for teens and adults. Jill grew up in Alaska, staying up and reading by the summer daylight that wouldn't go away. This led to a love of books and writing, and her debut novel, By Darkness Hid, won several awards and was named a Best Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror novel of 2009 by VOYA magazine. She loves giving writing workshops and blogs for teen writers at She now lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, two children, and a whole lot of deer. Visit her online at

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King's War 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Laeta More than 1 year ago
Nothing like a new land, the death of the king, and the approach of enemies to bring an exciting conclusion to Jill Williamson’s The Kinsman Chronicles in King’s War. I have been a reader and a lover of Williamson’s work from her first book, By Darkness Hid, and I must say it has been a joy to watch her grow as an author. This latest novel shows the development she has had throughout the years in world building, character growth, and plot development. New king Trevn is forced to try and balance the peace within his own kingdom and the nobility vying for his attention, as well as combat the rising threat from Barthel Rogedoth, Emperor Ulrik, and Chieftess Charlon. In addition he must try and keep up with new developments in the blood magic that Arman gifted the royal line with. A prophecy is coming to fulfillment, the time is nie when The Deliverer will fight The Deceiver in Williamson’s King’s War. The subtle details in her descriptions and narration are what continue to amaze me about Williamson’s work. I cannot help but love each paragraph as they make me cry, laugh, or read faster in suspense. Each word is chosen with care, and with attention to who the current narrator is. The descriptions of King Trevn are not the same descriptions that Chieftess Charlon would use. This is one of Williamson’s greatest areas of growth in her writing, the ability to segregate between characters and their perspective, an ability I see much to rarely. When I can read a paragraph and make a good guess about which character is narrating, it shows great ability on the author’s part to distinguish between different voices in her characters. This is a Christian novel, but one tactfully done. I had read bad, blatent, Christian novels, but Williamson’s is not like that. She has written a novel that both believers and non-believers would enjoy. For those who believe, watching the growth of our character’s development in their trust in Arman and the realistic reflection as they struggle is a blessing. It’s nice to not see a Christian who only blatently trusts and doesn’t have doubts. Williamson shows that life is hard, and we don’t always understand why things happen, but she also shows that God, or Arman in her novel, is there and does care. He will provide, though not always how we wish or hope. Trust and reliance, both on Arman and in our friends, is a prominent theme throughout this series. When communication is limited, you must hope your friends are fighting their battles and winning. All that is left is to trust them. When life is in chaos around you all you can do is trust that Arman will prevail. He may not save the life of you or your friends, but he will succeed. Jill Williamson has written another epic fantasy novel in her exciting conclusion King’s War.
StudentofParables More than 1 year ago
To put it simply – this is a darn good book. I received this book for review, but it turned into a read of pure enjoyment. Getting to finish the adventure we started with Trevn, Hinck, Grayson and everyone else two books ago was a high point of my reading list this summer. This book is hefty, I had to read it several times to catch everything. But this is one of those works you WANT to re-read and re-read, and will get satisfaction from every time. Great stories are like that. And Ms. Williamson does an excellent job of keeping the reader engaged moment by moment. She does not overly telegraph what will come next, and even when you have an inkling, she delivers in ways you don’t see coming. I love books with an allegorical bent to them, and the allegories Ms. Williamson weaves were rich, layered, and well-written. In all, this book is an excellent read and I can’t wait to experience more from this author! I received a review copy of this work from the publisher through NetGalley
Blooming-with-Books More than 1 year ago
Now there is a considerable amount of fighting throughout this book which with the title King's War should not be surprising. There are several deaths that may surprise reader's in how they come about - I know there was one I didn't at all see coming (not saying which as that would be a total spoiler). Readers who love classics like Tolkien's Lord of the Rings or newer works like Patrick Carr's The Staff and The Sword will enjoy delving into this world. The Kinsman Chronicles concludes with this book but it is not a quick conclusion to this series. This book is over 600 pages which may sound daunting but there are three parts so if the thought of large books scares think of this rather as 3-books-in-1. And this is not a series that can be read out of order - you must read them from first to last or you will be completely lost. And if it has been awhile since you've read the first two do yourself a huge favor and reread them and give yourselves a refresher you'll be glad you did. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House with no expectation of a review positive or otherwise - All opinions expressed are mine alone.
theskett More than 1 year ago
King’s War is the third in Jill Williamson’s Kinsman Chronicles trilogy. I love the continued development of characters in this book! The story continues as Trevn and his supporters pursue securing Armania from their enemies, along with promoting worship of Arman as the One God who is worthy of their trust and who is also their protector. I enjoyed reading about those who decide to follow Arman. Throughout the book, Trevn’s goal is to bring the kingdoms back into relationship, which nicely sets up Kinsman Chronicles as a prequel to Williamson’s Blood of Kings series, which takes place 500 years later. I would definitely recommend this series to fantasy readers who enjoy good storytelling.
2074800 More than 1 year ago
In King’s War, the growing battle between the Kinsman remnant governed by King Trevn of Armania and their enemies led by Barthel Rogedoth leads to a final conflict between good and evil, in Er’Rets and in the Veil (a shadow realm). The final battle is more dangerous than any can imagine, and allies change sides frequently. As new gifts and powers are discovered, new alliances are made and broken. Will the gifts of Arman be able to defeat the armies of enemies? How will the final prophecy be fulfilled? Williamson produces another well-written volume with complex characters and plot twists. Although it is a lengthy tome (even longer than the previous two volumes!), the multiple points of view are identified by the character’s name at the beginning of each chapter. Originally published as three shorter ebooks: The Reluctant King, A Deliverer Comes, and Warriors of the Veil, King’s War concludes this epic fantasy satisfactorily. Inspired by the corrupt kings of Israel, Williamson’s series is more appropriate for adults and young adults. Each volume includes a list of the key players, a map, and an author’s note; discussion questions and other supplemental material is available on her website. The Kinsman Chronicles serves as a prequel to Williamson’s The Blood of Kings trilogy, set 500 years later.
EmilyAnneK17 More than 1 year ago
A great tragedy has happened. But Armenia must survive, and everyone is looking to Trevn for aid. As he embarks on his newest, if unwanted, adventure, Trevn and his wife Mielle must quickly learn how to protect the nation. Their many enemies will do anything to get rid of them. King's War picks up the dreadful cliffhanger at the end of King's Blood. This book can never be read as a stand-alone! I never expected that event to happen, and it was certainly painful. But now, my favorite character, Trevn, gets to take over much of the focus of this book. But enough about that. This book is as complicated and long as first two in this series were. It follows over twenty characters throughout five nations, plus a couple of the tribesmen from this new land. There are complicated politics, magic, battles, and plots from all of the nations to take over the other four. MOST of the prophecies are fulfilled, but not quite all of them. Those loose ends kind of annoyed me. I understand that, in the history of the storyworld, some of the prophecies Must be fulfilled later. But it felt wrong that these things that I had looked forward to happening for so long didn't happen. On the whole, though, I enjoyed this book. The character arcs were well-done, the politics were absorbing, and the end was satisfactorily happy. It was a great ending to the Kinsman Saga. I recommend this book as a NA Christian allegorical fantasy. I received a complementary copy of this book through the author and NetGalley. All opinions are my own, and I received no compensation for sharing them.
bookstoregal More than 1 year ago
Wow! What an awesome conclusion to this epic trilogy!! Now I'm gonna have to go back and read the Blood of Kings series. :) I loved the portrayal of the battle in the spiritual realm as well as the physical. And how the Armanians learned to trust in the God, Arman, and grew in their faith in him. And how they learned to use His power, and that even if they could not defeat the enemy, God could! A great lesson for all of us, when we are tempted to do things in our own strength. I was hoping for a better outcome for Charlon, but alas... (However, I am not going to be the one who tells you what happens!) I love Hinck and Saria-they may be my favorites in this book! And, of course, Grayson rocks! And Miss Onika, though I hate one part of what happens to her. This is a huge book, which I love. Things ended well, but not perfectly, of course, as life is not perfect. I actually feel like there could be another book, just sayin', though I know Jill probably does not want to hear that right now. ;) I recommend this series to anyone who loves fantasy books like Tolkien, Lewis, Stephen Lawhead, etc. You should definitely start with the first one in the series, though! Don't try to read this one first. #1 is King's Folly, #2 is King's Blood, and then this one. Thanks, Jill!
joyful334209 More than 1 year ago
Most importantly with human kind and their Heavenly FATHER. JEHOVAH. The author was so masterful in her ability in how to show each one and how they interact with each other. She pegged things to a T. The adventure comes to a n eventful close and it is sad to see it go - it was a wonderful ride and journey - you see in your mind the whole thing like a movie - that is how clear the author made it for the readers - now the one thing I will say is that it would be extremely hard for someone - I think - to pick up this book as an alone book - I think you would need to have read the other two - but that is my opinion - so you could understand where they are - why they are where they are - who ALL of them are. I received a copy of this book from the Publisher and Netgalley; all of the opinions expressed in this review are all my own. if you would like to read more of my Christian book reviews go to - I look forward to seeing you there.
Lavay Byrd More than 1 year ago
Oh, my goodness, where to begin? The moment I opened the first page of this highly thrilling epic conclusion of the Kinsman Chronicles, I found myself unable to put it down... unless I had to. Every single page/scene/character POVs kept me captured from start to finished. It was THAT GOOD! Better than good. It was AMAZING! Unlike King's Folly and King's Blood, King's War follows Treven, newly crowned King of Armania, as he struggles to not only defend his people from powerful enemies, but also to build his people's trust and faith... and his trust in Arman. Appropriately named, "King's War" encompasses three different wars: A war within the souls of compelling and real characters, a war between nations, and a war for the souls of humanity. Every action and sudden twists keeps you on suspense to the very end. They'll even give you a twist of what is to come in Jill William's debut: the Blood of Kings Trilogy. The only sad thing is... that it was over... (but not without a happy ending!) (Oh, did I mention that I finished the entire book in four days?) Once more, Jill Williamson's Kinsman Chronicles has grown stronger and more beautiful, ending with a triumphant finale! I will certainly read it again and again, looking more forward to "Blood of Kings"! *I received an advance reader's copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.*