The Ladies' Room Reader Quiz Book: 1,000 Questions and Answers about Women and the Things They Love

The Ladies' Room Reader Quiz Book: 1,000 Questions and Answers about Women and the Things They Love

by Leslie Gilbert Elman
The Ladies' Room Reader Quiz Book: 1,000 Questions and Answers about Women and the Things They Love

The Ladies' Room Reader Quiz Book: 1,000 Questions and Answers about Women and the Things They Love

by Leslie Gilbert Elman


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A kicky, sassy way to learn about incredible women and their amazing accomplishments.

The Ladies' Room Reader Quiz Book offers thousands of bits of trivia around the lives and work of women, including:

  • Senators
  • Rock stars
  • Cooks
  • Sports heroes
  • Nobel Laureates

The book offers many different kinds of brain-teasing quizzes, fill in the blank, matching, true or false, multiple choice, and more. (Answers are provided with accompanying explanations in the back of the book.) The 100 quizzes range from Fashionable Women to Mostly Martha, from California Girls to Kiss Me Kate, from The Cinderella Syndrome to Shop-Til You Drop, from Lady Be Good to Goddess Bless.

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ISBN-13: 9781609252373
Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser
Publication date: 03/15/2004
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 310
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

Leslie Gilbert Elman is a New York based writer, editor, and frustrated Jeopardy contestant. She is a regular contributor to Islands and Healing Lifestyles and Spas magazines.

Leslie Gilbert Elman is a New York based writer, editor, and frustrated Jeopardy contestant. She is a regular contributor to Islands and Healing Lifestyles and Spas magazines.

Read an Excerpt

The Ladies' Room Reader quiz book

1,000 Questions and Answers About Women and the Things They Love

By Leslie Gilbert Elman

Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC

Copyright © 2004 Leslie Gilbert Elman
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-60925-237-3


The Quizzes

1. NOT!

Two are, one isn't. Two did, one didn't. Pick the one who's not ...

1. Pictured on a U.S. postage stamp
a. Abigail Adams
b. Betty Ford
c. Dolley Madison

A Grammy award-winner
a. Ella Fitzgerald
b. Billie Holiday
c. Etta James

3. A wife of Frank Sinatra
a. Mia Farrow
b. Ava Gardner
c. Rita Hayworth

4. Seen topless in a movie
a. Julie Andrews
b. Julia Roberts
c. Sissy Spacek

5. Born a woman
a. Berthe Morisot
b. Jan Morris
c. Toni Morrison

6. An abstract painter
a. Helen Frankenthaler
b. Artemisia Gentileschi
c. Lee Krasner

7. A character in Alice in Wonderland
a. Benjamin Bunny
b. March Hare
c. White Rabbit

8. In a James Bond movie
a. Kim Basinger
b. Michelle Pfeiffer
c. Jane Seymour

9. Born in the U.S.A.
a. Pamela Anderson
b. Nicole Kidman
c. Bette Midler

10. An astronaut
a. Shannon Lucid
b. Shirley Muldowney
c. Sally Ride

2. Man or Woman?

One's a man and one's a woman, but which is which?

1. Morgan Fairchild and Morgan Freeman

2. Leslie Nielsen and Leslie Caron

3. Mackenzie Astin and Mackenzie Phillips

4. Isak Dinesen and Izaak Walton

5. Evelyn Waugh and Evelyn Wood

6. George Eliot and George Romney

7. George Sand and George Washington Carver

8. Meredith Willson and Meredith Brooks

9. Gale Storm and Gale Gordon

10. Joyce Kilmer and Joyce Brothers

Did you know ...

Man Enough to be a Woman is the autobiography of Jayne County (a.k.a. Wayne Rogers), a flamboyant drag queen who was part of Andy Warhol's coterie in the 1970s.

3. What's She Worth?

Who says women aren't good with numbers? Match the dollar value to its significance.

4. Go-Go Girls

Fill in the blanks with the names of famous women—real and fictional—whose names begin with "Go."

1. Going to eat porridge in the woods ___

2. Going to the chapel with Charlie Chaplin ___

3. Going bareback in Coventry ___

4. Going to create anarchy ___

5. Going under the alias Anna Akhmatova ___

6. Going to take her Nobel Prize home to South Africa ___

7. Going ape with chimps in Africa ___

8. Going to win the first Miss America pageant ___

9. Going to deceive her dad in King Lear ___

10. Going to star in Harold and Maude ___

Did you know ...

The term "go-go girl" originated in the 1960s at the Whisky A Go-Go nightclub in Los Angeles, where the female disk jockey, who was suspended in a cage above the dance floor, danced to the records she played.

5. California Girls

What do you know about women from the Golden State?

1. Who was the first female mayor of San Francisco and the first female senator from California?

a. Barbara Boxer
b. Dianne Feinstein
c. Barbara Mikulski

2. Summer Sanders from Roseville is a world champion in which sport?

a. Figure skating
b. Soccer
c. Swimming

3. Which author from Oakland wrote The Joy Luck Club? ___

4. Miss Moffit from Long Beach grew up to be which famously feminist tennis star?

a. Chris Evert
b. Billie Jean King
c. Venus Williams

5. Fifth-generation Californian Joan Didion is an award-winning what?

a. Author
b. Biologist
c. Conservationist

6. TV's "French Chef" was born in Pasadena. Who is she? ___

7. Edith Head from San Bernardino made her name in which field?

a. Fashion design
b. Medicine
c. Music

8. Alice Stebbins Wells of Los Angeles was the first woman in the United States to become a what?

a. College professor
b. Film director
c. Police officer

9. What California girl was featured in the hit song "Valley Girl"? ___

10. Beauty and the Beat was a #1 album for which L.A.-based girl band?

a. The Bangles
b. The Go-Go's
c. The Runaways

Did you know ...

"California Girls" was a #3 hit for the Beach Boys in 1965 and a #3 hit for David Lee Roth in 1985.

6. Patronize Me

In good times and bad, Christians ask for the help and protection of patron saints. Match these female patron saints with their areas of expertise.

7. With a Name Like That ...

Choose the true profession for each of these colorfully named women.

1. aria Tallchief a. Ballerina
b. Politician
c. Zoologist

2. Cindy Birdsong

a. Engineer
b. Nutritionist
c. Singer

3. I.C. Love

a. Archaeologist
b. Fashion designer
c. Matchmaker

4. Ima Hogg

a. Agriculturalist
b. Chef
c. Philanthropist

5. Wilma Mankiller

a. Astronaut
b. Native American leader
c. Poet

6. Hortense Powdermaker

a. Anthropologist
b. 19th-century novelist
c. Firearms specialist

7. Annie Jump Cannon

a. Astronomer
b. Beauty pioneer
c. Stunt pilot

8. Emma Nutt

a. Botanist
b. Psychologist
c. Telephone operator

9. Theodate Pope Riddle

a. Architect
b. Evangelist
c. Naval officer

10. Frances Gumm

a. Actress
b. Chemist
c. Confectioner

Did you know ...

Shirley Ellis' sing-along song, "The Name Game," was a top-10 hit in 1965.

8. Female Anatomy: Believe it or Not

The female body is an amazing creation. Take a look at these facts and decide if you believe 'em or not.

1. When you're pregnant, your uterus expands to 1,000 times its normal capacity.

Believe it

2. The ovaries of a newborn girl contain 1.5 million potential eggs.

Believe it

3. A woman's breasts grow larger after menopause.

Believe it

4. There is only one type of orgasm.

Believe it

5. Dry skin causes wrinkles.

Believe it

6. Blondes have more hair on their heads than brunettes do.

Believe it

7. Of all your fingernails, the one on your middle finger grows the fastest.

Believe it

8. The thinner you are, the more likely you are to develop osteoporosis.

Believe it

9. The only purpose of mother's milk is to provide nutrients to her baby.

Believe it

10. A woman's labia change color.

Believe it

9. Mother Lode

Fill in these maternal nicknames.

1. Fairy tale character ___ Goose

2. Comedian Jackie ___ Mabley

3. Singer Gertrude Malissa ___ Rainey

4. Painter Anna Mary Robertson ___ Moses

5. Labor leader Mary Harris ___ Jones

6. Berthold Brecht character ___ Courage

7. Outlaw Kate ___ Barker

8. Blues singer Willie Mae ___ Thornton

9. Political activist Doris ___ Haddock

10. L'il Abner character ___ Yokum

Did you know ...

Most babies in the United States are born on Tuesday.

10. Family Ties

How are these women related?

1. Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson ____

2. Abigail "Dear Abby" Van Buren and Ann Landers ____

3. Elizabeth I of England and Mary, Queen of Scots ____

4. Florence Griffith Joyner and Jackie Joyner Kersee ____

5. Loretta Lynn and Crystal Gayle ____

6. Mary Higgins Clark and Carol Higgins Clark ____

7. Lynn Redgrave and Natasha Richardson ____

8. Ethel Barrymore and Drew Barrymore ____

9. Virginia Woolf and Vanessa Bell ____

10. Loretta Sanchez and Linda Sanchez ____

11. Anything You Can Do

Men and women are different in ways you may not expect. Do you know who ...

1. Wakes from anesthesia faster?


2. Snores more often?


3. Lives longer?


4. Hears better?


5. Sees better at a distance?


6. Has a better sense of smell?


7. Has more muscle mass?


8. Talks more in public?


9. Is more susceptible to motion sickness?


10. Smiles more often?


Did you know ...

The song "Anything You Can Do," written by Irving Berlin, comes from the Broadway musical Annie Get Your Gun.

12. Women 1 to 10

Match the numbers to what they represent. The answers range from 1 to 10.

1. Bo Derek-Dudley Moore film

2. Children of Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy

3. Elizabeth Taylor's marriages

4. Fingers (including thumb) on Minnie Mouse's hand

5. he Pleiades

6. TSpice Girls

7. Witches in Macbeth

8. Wives of Henry VIII

9. Women who have served as U.S. attorney general

10. Women who have won the Iditarod sled dog race

13. A Girl's Best Friend

Men can have dogs; we'll take diamonds. How much do you know about them?

1. Which is the world's largest diamond?

a. The Cullinan Diamond
b. The Hope Diamond
c. Koh-i-noor

2. Which country was the first to mine diamonds?

a. China
b. India
c. South Africa

3. Who wore the first diamond "tennis" bracelet?

a. Chris Evert
b. Billie Jean King
c. Serena Williams

4. What color is the Hope Diamond?

a. Blue
b. Pink
c. White

5. Which company uses the slogan "A diamond is forever"?

a. Cartier
b. De Beers
c. Tiffany & Co.

6. Where is Crater of Diamonds State Park?

a. Alabama
b. Arizona
c. Arkansas

7. How many prongs hold a diamond in a Tiffany setting?

a. 4
b. 5
c. 6

8. When she won the 2001 Oscar for Best Actress, what color diamonds was Halle Berry wearing?

a. Black and white
b. Pink and blue
c. Brown and orange

9. Diamonds are composed of which element?

a. Calcium
b. Carbon
c. Phosphorus

10. Who wore $1-million diamond-and-platinum shoes to the 2002 Academy Awards?

a. Jennifer Connelly
b. Laura Harring
c. Chloe Sevigny

Did you know ...

Edna MacArthur of Canada had her cremated remains made into a diamond. Intense heat was used to form her ashes into a stone.

14. Eat It or Wear It?

Some you eat and some you wear. Which is which?

15. Stuck in the Middle

Fill in the middle names of these famous women.

1. Joyce ___ Oates

2. Julia ___ Howe

3. Charlotte ___ Gilman

4. Zora ___ Hurston

5. Elizabeth ___ Stanton

6. Harriet ___ Stowe

7. Joan ___ Cooney

8. Ruth ___ Ginsburg

9. Mary ___ Bethune

10. Helen ___ Brown

Did you know ...

B@bies Online, a website produced by Southeast Missouri Hospital, ranked the top five middle names for babies born in 2002. For girls: Marie, Elizabeth, Nicole, Ann and Renee. For boys: Michael, James, Joseph, Alan/Allen and Andrew.

16. Playing the Percentages

Match the percentages to what they represent.

Did you know ...

Women who work full-time, year-round earn only 76% of what men in the same jobs earn. That's 76 cents for every 1 dollar. Saddest part of all? That's the closest women have yet come to equal pay for equal work.

17. Power of Four

What's the common denominator in each of these groups of four?

1. Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, Leah ____

2. Martha Washington, Pocahontas, Sacagawea, Susan B. Anthony ____

3. Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, Samantha ____

4. Susannah Hoffs, Michael Steel, Vicki Peterson, Debbi Peterson ____

5. "Believe," "Dark Lady," "Gypsys, Tramps and Thieves," "Half Breed" ____

6. Meg, Jo, Amy, Beth ____

7. Hollis Stacy, Betsy Rawls, Mickey Wright, Susie Maxwell Berning ____

8. Morning Glory, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, The Lion in Winter, On Golden Pond ____

9. Angela Bassett, Whitney Houston, Loretta Devine, Lela Rochon ____

10. Diane Crump, Patricia Cooksey, Andrea Seefeldt, Julie Krone ____

18. Mermaids Multiple Choice

How much do you know about these women with fins?

1. According to legend, mermaids often lack this human faculty.

a. Sight
b. Speech
c. Hearing

2. A mermaid's male counterpart is called a:

a. Merman
b. Mermaster
c. Mermister

3. In ancient Scotland, a mermaid was a symbol for a

a. Sailor's wife
b. Sailor's daughter
c. Prostitute

4. Who wrote the famous tale of "The Little Mermaid"?

a. Guy de Maupassant
b. Danny Kaye
c. Hans Christian Andersen

5. Which actress was the model for Walt Disney's animated Little Mermaid?

a. Alyssa Milano
b. Winona Ryder
c. Pamela Anderson

6. What is a "mermaid's glove"?

a. Snorkeling gear
b. A type of marine sponge
c. Divers' slang for a dangerous reef

7. Which city has a mermaid on its coat of arms?

a. Helsinki
b. London
c. Warsaw

8. Where would you find the Weeki Wachee Mermaids?

a. California
b. Florida
c. Mississippi

9. Darryl Hannah played her in Splash.

a. Madison
b. Park
c. Lexington

10. Playing Cher's daughter in Mermaids was the first major film role for this actress.

a. Parker Posey
b. Maggie Gyllenhaal
c. Christina Ricci

Did you know ...

The Golden Mermaid statue, for the year's outstanding bathing beauty, was awarded to Miss America contestants in the 1920s.

19. Measuring Up

Match the measurement to its significance in female anatomy.

20. All Hail the Queen

How much do you know about royal women throughout history?

1. Present-day queen of Denmark ____

2. Longest-ruling monarch of England ____

3. Julius Caesar's favorite Egyptian queen ____

4. Deposed her husband to become Russia's empress ____

5. Marie-Antoinette's mother ____

6. Became queen of Sweden at age 6 ____

7. Benefactress of Columbus ____

8. The Netherlands' queen since 1980 ____

9. Last Romanov empress ____

10. China's infamous Empress Dowager ____

Did you know ...

All Hail the Queen, rapper Queen Latifah's 1989 debut album, sold more than 1 million copies. The Queen's real name is Dana Owens.

21. Who Thought of That?

We give you the invention; you tell us whether a man or a woman was responsible for it.

22. Is She for Real?

Which of these famous foodies are real women?

Did you know ...

Candy maker Leo Hirschfield named Tootsie Rolls in honor of his daughter Clara, whose nickname was Tootsie.

23. Girl Groups

Shang-a-lang and da -doo-ron-ron, fill in the blanks on these girl group hits.

1. "I Met Him on a ___": the Shirelles' first record.

2. "He's a ___": A #1 hit for the Crystals.

3. " ___ of Love": Where the Dixie Cups were going in 1964.

4. "Please Mr. ___": Entreaty from the Marvelettes.

5. "___ Too Late": The Poni-Tails' lament.

6. "Mr. ___": The Bobbettes' ode to their high school teacher.

7. "My Boyfriend's ___": Warning from the Angels.

8. "Leader of the ___": Chart-topper from the Shangri-Las.

9. "He's So ___": Sang the Chiffons in 1963.

10. "___ in the Rain": Favorite activity of the Ronettes in 1964.

Excerpted from The Ladies' Room Reader quiz book by Leslie Gilbert Elman. Copyright © 2004 Leslie Gilbert Elman. Excerpted by permission of Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents




Part I: The Quizzes          

1 Not!          

2 Man or Woman?          

3 What's She Worth?          

4 Go-Go Girls          

5 California Girls          

6 Patronize Me          

7 With a Name Like That ...          

8 Female Anatomy Believe It or Not          

9 Mother Lode          

10 Family Ties          

11 Anything You Can Do          

12 Women 1 to 10          

13 A Girl's Best Friend          

14 Eat It or Wear It?          

15 Stuck in the Middle          

16 Playing the Percentages          

17 Power of Four          

18 Mermaids Multiple Choice          

19 Measuring Up          

20 All Hail the Queen          

21 Who Thought of That?          

22 Is She for Real?          

23 Girl Groups          

24 Ode to Florence          

25 Marriage-Minded          

26 Calorie Count          

27 Smells Like ...          

28 Title Characters          

29 Birds Do It          

30 She Said What?          

31 Kiss Me, Kate          

32 Color Full          

33 More Likely          

34 Nobel Women          

35 Women's Timeline          

36 Mostly Martha          

37 First Women          

38 Chick Flicks          

39 I Love to Tell the Story          

40 The Cinderella Syndrome          

41 Person or Place          

42 Chocolate Covered          

43 Me, Me, Me          

44 Shop 'til You Drop          

45 Butterfly Kisses          

46 Miss Thing          

47 Old Testament Women          

48 O'Baby          

49 The Beauty Treatment          

50 She's a Buckeye          

51 Signature Songs          

52 Queen of the Nile          

53 In Your Dreams          

54 A Price Above Rubies          

55 This Is a Bust          

56 Gentlemen Prefer Blondes          

57 Fashionable Women          

58 Double Your Pleasure          

59 Rose Fever          

60 M ... M ... Good          

61 Did She Really?          

62 Initially          

63 Bay State Babes          

64 Power of Three          

65 The Sopranos          

66 I Do, I Do          

67 Swingin' Girls of Song          

68 Olympians          

69 She's Got Spirit          

70 It's Me, Margaret          

71 Holy Women          

72 Just Marilyn          

73 Lone Star Women          

74 Mind Your Manners          

75 Notorious          

76 Heart Throbs          

77 You Jane          

78 Easy as Pie          

79 We Love Lucy          

80 Comic Relief          

81 She Is Love          

82 More or Less          

83 Shakespeare's Women          

84 The Healers          

85 Flower Power          

86 Jersey Girls          

87 You Should Be Dancing          

88 On the Scene          

89 Stamping Ground          

90 Read the Label          

91 Valentine's Day          

92 Which Happened First?          

93 La La Ladies          

94 When She Was Born ...          

95 Lady Be Good          

96 Pair Shaped          

97 Oh, You Beautiful Doll!          

98 Goddess Bless          

99 Queen of Scots          

100 Handy with a Needle          

Part II: The Answers          

Selected Bibliography          

About the Author          

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