Layers of Meaning: Elements of Visual Journaling

Layers of Meaning: Elements of Visual Journaling

by Rakefet Hadar
Layers of Meaning: Elements of Visual Journaling

Layers of Meaning: Elements of Visual Journaling

by Rakefet Hadar


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Express yourself in a visual journal! With the ideas in this book, you will learn to create mixed media pages that express your soul and create a path to healing, internal freedom, and the sparking of passion. “Visual Journey Journaling” is an innovative artistic method taught by Rakefet Hadar and made up of seven elements: Intention, Magical Coincidence, Background, Images, Lines, Color, and Text. Visual Journey Journaling invites you to a fascinating world where you connect with your hidden inner artist to create "soul pages" using simple techniques and subtle guidelines to take a look inside yourself. Rakefet has taught these methods for many years, guiding even inexperienced artists to find and express the stories within themselves. In the first chapter of the book you will learn how to master the seven elements in your journal. There are many fun exercises and a step-by-step tutorial of how to start a simple journal. Next you will learn how to make a soul page with the seven elements. You will explore a variety of materials and how to work with them to find and create your pages. You will learn to build your journal and how to bind it into a finished book. Throughout the book and in the final section, you'll see and find the meanings in Rakefet's stunning private art journal pages and read her stories behind them.

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ISBN-13: 9780811770149
Publisher: Stackpole Books
Publication date: 08/15/2021
Pages: 176
Sales rank: 303,142
Product dimensions: 8.04(w) x 10.06(h) x 0.43(d)

About the Author

Rakefet Hadar lives in Israel and works as an art therapist with children and adults. The most powerful tool she offers her clients is Visual Journey Journaling. Rakefet’s discovery of art journaling a few years ago changed her life. From a very young age she painted, sketched, and created works of art; however, as she grew up, the joy this pastime used to give her waned. A few years ago, one of her friends showed her an altered book, and Rakefet was hooked instantly. She went online, found a tutorial on how to make her own altered book, and that was the beginning. Art journaling and the mixed media language restored in her the joy she once felt in the creation of art. She believes it can be soul-healing, and it has certainly helped her through difficult periods in her life. As a teacher, she sees the same results in her students and clients. Rakefet developed her method, Visual Journey Journaling (VJJ), and she teaches it worldwide and through her digital courses. You can find out more at

Table of Contents

Introduction 10

Part 1 The Seven Elements 21

Materials we will need 30

Chapter 1 The Element of Intention 32

Connecting With the Inner Dream Child, the Inner Guide to the Unconscious Mind

Chapter 2 Magical Coincidence 42

A Synchronicity of Inspiration and Messages

Chapter 3 The Background 56

Every Journey Begins With the First Step

Chapter 4 Images 66

A Map of the Inner World

Chapter 5 Lines and Shapes 80

My Place in the World

Chapter 6 Color (and blots) 88

Emotional Qualities

Chapter 7 Text 96

Connection to the Mind, Processing, Compass, Order

The Seven Elements - Summary 102

Part 2 Processes of Visual Journaling 107

Creative tips 120

Part 3 The Stories on the Journal's Pages 125

Chapter 1 A. The Beginning - My First Journal, My Mother and Me 128

Chapter 1 B. Death and a New Beginning - Realizing Dreams 132

Chapter 2 Working With Inner Selves - the Timekeeper and the Dreaming Girl 136

Chapter 3 The Traveling Journal - the Freedom to Wander, to Document, to Absorb 140

Chapter 4 Discovering the Symbols of the Soul - House, Moon and Stars 144

Chapter 5 Windows and Doors - Getting Answers of Magical Coincidence 150

Chapter 6 Connecting to Childhood - Working in a Children's Book 156

Chapter 7 "Visaul Translating" of a Poem - Saying Goodbye 164

A few final words 170

Acknowledgments 172

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