Leadership by Anointing

Leadership by Anointing

by Morris E. Ruddick


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The world's system is being shaken. Tenets of leadership considered benchmarks are undergoing reevaluation. One of the biggest challenges for Christian leaders, especially within the marketplace, is the balance between functioning in their own ability and yielding to God's headship as leaders. For many, the acceptable inclination is blending their "natural abilities" and what has been gleaned from the world's system, with an icing of polite ethics and a "praise the Lord." Yet, the heroes of faith reversed the equation. Having heard from God, they harnessed their natural abilities to conform to and support an ongoing flow of direction and wisdom from the Lord. Everything else sprang from that. It is a higher standard. During turbulent times, it is back to basics. What endures is drawn from God's truth. Leadership by Anointing uncovers the principles, pathways and models of biblical leadership in practice with God's covenant people over the centuries.

The author's calling has been one of leadership for change. He was recently described by a long-time associate with these words: "Morris Ruddick heads several organizations and corporate entities, including Global Initiatives Foundation, The Ruddick Int'l Group, and a global intercession network. He has led development of entrepreneurial activities in critical needy areas and brought together business and ministry in several nations, including the Messianic Jewish community in Israel, as well as in Africa, Asia, Afghanistan, Belarus, Russia and other areas of need." Mr. Ruddick's Kingdom agendas reflect a unique merging of the secular and the spiritual. He sums it up as "an interlinking of secular business enterprises with overriding Kingdom objectives." Since 1995, Mr. Ruddick has been a voice encouraging and mobilizing Kingdom leaders and entrepreneurs.

The world is searching for the leadership "pizzazz" that fosters an edge. Deuteronomy 29 notes the secret things belong to the Lord. These secret things are captured in the stories of the heroes of faith and Jesus' Kingdom message. They are the distinguishing mark of leadership by anointing.

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Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication date: 04/30/2014
Pages: 206
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