Less Oil or More Caskets: The National Security Argument for Moving Away From Oil

Less Oil or More Caskets: The National Security Argument for Moving Away From Oil

by Gregory A. Ballard


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Every day, millions of Americans get behind the wheels of their car, peacefully unaware of where the gas that powers their vehicle originates. Only transportation and industrial uses consume significant quantities of oil in the United States, with transportation by far the dominant user. Electric power generated by oil is virtually nonexistent, while residential and commercial heating uses for oil continue to fall.

In Less Oil or More Caskets: The National Security Argument for Moving Away From Oil , Greg Ballard profiles the history of US troops in the Middle East the last forty plus years and the impact the oil industry has had on our international politics. More than a recap, Ballard makes a call to action for American politicians and citizens to change their ideas about transportation in America. By changing the fuel in our vehicles and embracing new technologies in transportation, he argues that within two decades our nation and the world could be on the path to freedom from the current dependence on oil-rich nations. This would preclude the United States from having to send troops overseas to protect the supply of oil for the entire world, saving both dollars and lives.


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ISBN-13: 9780253037442
Publisher: Indiana University Press
Publication date: 01/01/2019
Pages: 168
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About the Author

After a twenty-three year career in the US Marine Corps and retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel, Greg Ballard returned home to Indianapolis in 2001. In 2007, he ran a successful campaign to become the 48th Mayor of Indianapolis, subsequently serving two terms. While Mayor, he became a Trustee for the US Conference of Mayors and was known for his boldness and innovation by his fellow mayors. He is a graduate of Indiana University, holds a Masters in Military Science, and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from both Butler University and Marian University. He is currently a Visiting Fellow for Civic Leadership and Mayoral Archives at the University of Indianapolis. A Persian Gulf War veteran, he continues to be active in veteran causes as a member of the State of Indiana's Veterans’ Affairs Commission and a board member of the Indiana War Memorials Foundation. Greg and his wife, Winnie, have been married for 35 years and have two children.​

Table of Contents


Moving Away from Oil: Why Now?

1. What is the Situation?

2. The Military Side

3. What Are the Costs?

4. How Did We Get to This Point?

5. What Is the Technology Today—and What Does the Future Hold?

6. What Would Happen?

7. What Should We Do Now?

8. A Final Thought

Appendix A: Congressional Donations Data

Appendix B: Price of a Barrel of Oil, 1986-2015

Appendix C: Even the Saudis Know

Appendix D: How Did We Get Here?

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