Let Justice Descend (Gardiner and Renner Series #5)

Let Justice Descend (Gardiner and Renner Series #5)

by Lisa Black

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In a taut, brilliantly twisted new thriller from bestselling author Lisa Black, forensics expert Maggie Gardiner and Cleveland detective Jack Renner investigate the bizarre murder of a senator with secrets to hide…
Three days before a key election, U.S. Senator Diane Cragin is electrocuted on her own doorstep—a shocking twist in an already brutal political race. Cragin’s chief of staff is quick to blame rival Joey Green, a city development director who’s had his hand in every till in town for over twenty years.
Maggie and Jack have their own theories, especially after discovering a fortune in cash in the senator’s safe. But as they follow the money through the treacherous landscape of Cleveland politics, they find many more millions in play—and more suspects.
As Jack says, “Anyone can be dangerous, when they have what they think is a good reason.” He should know. Now a Herald reporter is perilously close to discovering the truth about Jack’s penchant for acting as both detective and executioner. With each passing hour, the stresses of the impending election expose new fractures and corruption at the city’s highest levels. And as one murder leads to another, and another, Maggie and Jack’s only hope of stopping a killer is an alliance that’s growing ever more fragile.

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ISBN-13: 9781496722379
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 10/29/2019
Series: Gardiner and Renner Series , #5
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 32,860
File size: 724 KB

About the Author

New York Times bestselling author Lisa Black introduced the characters of Maggie Gardiner and Jack Renner in her acclaimed suspense novel That Darkness and continued their story in Unpunished, Perish, and Suffer the Children. As a forensic scientist at the Cuyahoga County Coroner’s Office, she analyzed gunshot residue on hands and clothing, hairs, fibers, paint, glass, DNA, blood and many other forms of trace evidence, as well as crime scenes. Now she is a latent print examiner and CSI for the Cape Coral Police Department in Florida, working mostly with fingerprints and crime scenes.
Lisa is a member of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, the International Association for Identification, and the International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts, and she is a Certified Crime Scene Analyst and Certified Latent Print Examiner. She has testified in court as an expert witness more than sixty-five times. Her books have been translated into six languages. She lives near Fort Myers, Florida. Visit her on Facebook, Twitter, or at www.lisa-black.com.

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Let Justice Descend 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
NJ_Reader19 20 days ago
Maggie and Jack continue their odd partnership in this latest outing, with Maggie wishing that Jack would just hurry up and leave already. Jack, on the other hand, seems to be developing feelings for Maggie. I get the sense that things will only get more complicated for Maggie. Great story and interesting twists kept me hooked. I received a digital ARC via NetGalley
booklover- 24 days ago
When a woman is found on her own doorstep, dead by electrocution, Detectives Jack Renner and his partner Detective Riley are called to the scene, meeting up with Maggie Gardiner, forensics expert working for the police department. Surprised as they were with how the murder was committed, they are more surprised to learn who the victim is. Diane Gragin was a sitting US Senator just days away from a key election. Investigation begins immediately, with the detectives looking for motive ..and hopefully a killer. The more they question people in the political arena, the more they discover that Cragin was not well liked ... corrupt, even. Finding a huge amount of cash hidden in her house makes it look more suspect that this was a political killing. There are lots of suspects .... Cragin's competitor is top of the list, her chief of staff, and any number of organizations that she has promoted over the years. Jack and Maggie have their own thoughts .... but Jack has a secret that could put him away forever. Maggie is the only person who knows his secret ... but she also has secrets that would not withstand the light of day. And now there's an investigative reporter who is very close to discovering what those secrets are. While I really enjoyed the characters and how they relate to each other, I found the complex political background somewhat long winded and boring. I found myself skipping large segments. Although fifth in this series, it is easily read as a stand alone. I do recommend starting at the beginning mostly because of the most interesting characters. Not highly suspenseful, the ending came as a surprise. Many thanks to the author / Kensington Books / Netgalley for the digital copy of this crime thriller. Read and reviewed voluntarily, opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.
CathyGeha 3 months ago
Let Justice Descend by Lisa Black Gardiner & Renner #5 Great story even though I am not a big fan of politics and political shenanigans that include corruption, bribery and not putting the constituents needs first. Putting THAT aside...I LOVED this book and skimmed over parts of the politics to get to the meat of the matter. And what might that be? The murder mystery and the tension/story developing between Maggie Gardiner, CSI and Jack Renner, homicide detective. Maggie knows something about Jack that has her always wondering about him and what he has been up to. She admires his police abilities but perhaps questions his ethics. The two have a bond based in their mutual secret and at times it feels as if the two might actually move toward a relationship although it is also difficult to see how they might be able to do so. It is indeed a twisty twisted situation the two have managed to create for themselves – a balanced situation that the two both want to keep stable without either ending up too far up or down on the teeter-totter. What I liked: * Jack – I like this silent man who does what he believes necessary to bring evil people to justice * Maggie – I enjoy seeing her work the case and the dilemma(s) she sometimes finds herself in while working or when thinking about Jack. * The plotting and pace of the stories and the “gotcha” feel I had at the end * Riley – Jack’s partner on the job seems a nice guy and I look forward to hearing more about him. * The anticipation of what story will come next. What I did not like: * The many despicable characters only out to further their own agendas * The greed * The politics – after so many years of watching politics in the countries I have lived in...am happier not looking at what is going on and playing ostrich instead. Did I enjoy this book? Yes Would I like to read more in this series? Without a doubt Thank you to NetGalley and Kensington Publishing for the ARC – This is my honest review. 4-5 Stars
Lillian Maddocks-Cummings 3 months ago
Politics will be the death of some. Maggie is at a crime scene where the victim has been electrocuted by her own house and now they need to find out who wanted her dead. Unfortunately, Diane Cragin was an Ohio Senator who was running for office again so they are sure to be many suspects. Jack & Riley will need to find out who wanted her dead and to find the culprit but things don't go according to plan when someone else dies and the suspect pool just gets bigger. Maggie can't stop thinking about Jack and what is happening with the investigation into the viligante killings. She worries that someone will work out who the killer is and that she will lose Jack. She does worry that he is killing innocent people and she tries to put those fears aside for now. Can they find out who the killer is and what is driving them to murder? Another good read in the series. I do wonder if Jack & Maggie will ever cross that line as I know that he cares for her? I was lucky enough to receive a copy via NetGalley & the publishing house in exchange for my honest review.
Margaret Yelton 3 months ago
I received a ARC of Let Justice Descend from NetGalley and the publisher and this is my fair and honest review. This book is pretty much a depiction of what I expect from our elected officials. From what I can see in todays day and age most appear to be crooks, they may go in with the best of intentions but then eventually the greed take over and they become wealthly. I believe this is my first book from this author and overall I found it very well written, it contains murder, corruption and greed just to name a few things. I was actually surprised by the ending, and I would recommend this to others.
SheTreadsSoftly 3 months ago
Let Justice Descend by Lisa Black is a very highly recommended crime thriller and procedural, featuring murder along with plenty of political corruption and intrigue. This is the fifth book in the series featuring Cleveland crime scene investigator Maggie Gardiner and homicide detective Jack Renner. "Anyone can be dangerous, when they have what they think is a good reason." Three days before the election U.S. Senator Diane Cragin is murdered. Someone rigged up her front door so she would be electrocute on her front step and her chief of staff suspects her opponent, Joey Green. Green is a corrupt city development director who has been accepting bribes and favors in exchange for favors and city contracts for years. When an unbelievably large amount of cash is found in a safe in Cragin's home, it becomes clear that she may not be squeaky clean either. Maggie and Jack delve into the world of political rivals, corruption, bribes and economic hit men. Meanwhile Jack is keeping an eye on Cleveland Herald reporter Lori Russo who is not only following the political corruption story, but also the trail of the vigilante killer. That case involves a secret cover up between Maggie and Jack. Let Justice Descend features excellent writing, including an interesting, detailed, complex plot, and the return of two engaging, well-developed characters. This is a great combination of a political thriller and a crime/procedural novel and a wonderful addition to the series. While I have read two previous books in the series and not all four, I was still able to easily follow the narrative and I think a reader new to the series could also easily understand the interaction between Maggie and Jack. Some of my enjoyment was because of the political intrigue and corruption tied into the case, so this would be a great choice for other readers who enjoy crime novels and political thrillers. "... the twenty-four hour channels, who have discovered the same thing: the economic beauty of a built-in customer base. They can chat away for hours and hours, not about what has actually happened but about what might have happened and what they think might happen and their opinion of what happened or what they think should happen. Why? Because it’s easy and it’s cheap. You don’t have to do any investigation or any real news-gathering." Truth. Disclosure: My review copy was courtesy of Kensington Publishing
a_hartman 3 months ago
Lisa Black continues her Renner and Gardiner Series with a fine thriller/myster, Let Justice Descend. Wrapped around the murder of Senatorial candidate, Gardiner must sort through the clues to help the detectives with their case, all the while keeping an eye on Renner and his "activities." I have not read every book in this series, but you don't need to as Ms. Black does a great job catching the reader up and providing twists and turns along the way to make you anxiously await the next installment.
Ellen-oceanside 3 months ago
Forensic detail added a lot to this story, that was heavy in dealing with money and greed, and political corruption. When a senator is electrocuted one knows that things have turned ugly when they need to elemanite a prominate person. Who wants the power, a good plot to the end. Given ARC for my voluntary review and my honest opinion by Net Galley and Kensington .
MKF 3 months ago
This is both a political thriller and a murder mystery and know in advance that there's a hefty dose of political, for want of a better word, stuff. Don't worry- it's not partisan, it more about the back room type maneuvering and alliances that are behind elections and politicians. US Senator Diane Cragin is electrocuted three days before an election, which means there's extra pressure on Maggie Gardiner, a forensics expert for the Cleveland Police Department, and Jack Renner, a detective assigned to the case along with his partner Riley. Maggie and Jack have a good working relationship and they share secrets which have been revealed in the earlier novels (no spoilers but Black will catch you up). This is less immediate than some of those but it's still intriguing, with a good twisty mystery. Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC. Fans of the series will enjoy. New readers, especially those familiar with Cleveland, will find a new set of protagonists to follow.
AMGiacomasso 3 months ago
An excellent thriller, well written and gripping. It was on the edge till the end and it kept me guessing. I liked the plot, the fleshed out cast of character and the setting. It's the first book I read by this author and won't surely be the last. Recommended! Many thanks to the Kensington Books and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.