Let's Talk: An Essential Guide to Skillful Communication

Let's Talk: An Essential Guide to Skillful Communication

Let's Talk: An Essential Guide to Skillful Communication

Let's Talk: An Essential Guide to Skillful Communication


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Communication is the bedrock of our interactions, yet few of us are taught to talk and listen in a way that fosters clarity and connection. Too often, our communication habits lead to misunderstandings, bruised feelings, damaged relationships, and avoidable conflict.

Let's Talk aims to change that. This practical guide gives you a wealth of skills you can use right now to improve your everyday conversations with loved ones, colleagues, and friends-no matter what you're talking about.

These skills will help you:

• Address challenging topics with less stress and anxiety.

• Feel more confident expressing yourself.

• Influence others in respectful ways.

• Reduce friction in personal and professional relationships.

• Handle conflicts more constructively and with less messy fallout.

• Understand others more easily.

• Offer helpful support during tough times.

Drawing from psychology, sociology, learning theory, and spiritual traditions, Mudita Nisker and Dan Clurman's unique, comprehensive approach to one-on-one communication is designed to be highly effective, yet easy to understand and to use.

Let's Talk invites you to transform the way you relate to others-one conversation at a time.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9798985199512
Publisher: Dan Popkin-Clurman
Publication date: 04/26/2022
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 374
Sales rank: 1,003,122
File size: 830 KB

About the Author

MUDITA NISKER & DAN CLURMAN have been teaching interpersonal communication to individuals and companies for more than 35 years. They live in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more, visit letstalkmethod.com.

Table of Contents

Communication Skills Master List

Foreword by Joseph Goldstein

Introduction: A New Approach to Person-to-Person Communication

Part I: Foundations

Chapter 1 How Communication Goes Awry

Chapter 2 How Skillful Communication Can Help You

Chapter 3 Set Yourself Up for Learning

Part II: Skills

Chapter 4 Talking and Listening: Two Sides of a Conversation

Chapter 5 Reflective Listening: The Gift of Understanding

Chapter 6 Absolute and Relative Beliefs: Undercurrents of Communication

Chapter 7 Assumptions: Check Your Thinking

Chapter 8 Shifting the Blame Mindset: Recognizing Multiple Influences

Chapter 9 Problem-Solving: Are We in This Together?

Chapter 10 Self-Talk: Changing Unhelpful Thinking

Chapter 11 I-Language: Go Beyond Your Projections

Chapter 12 The Complete Message: Details That Make a Difference

Chapter 13 Framing Your Message: Setting Up Your Conversation

Chapter 14 Managing Conflict: Skills for Navigating Disagreements

Part III: Applications and Additional Information

Chapter 15 Conflict Management for Couples: More Skill, Less Fallout, Closer Relationships

Chapter 16 Applications for Parents: Communication Intelligence Meets Emotional Intelligence

Chapter 17 Health Challenges: Skillful Support for Tough Times

Chapter 18 Diversity and Social Context: Recognizing and Respecting Differences

Chapter 19 Electronic Communication: Where Conversation Meets Technology

Conclusion: The Spiritual Side of Our Approach

Appendix: Nonverbal Communication


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