Life is Sweet: Inspiring a Life of Mindfulness, Meaning, and Magic

Life is Sweet: Inspiring a Life of Mindfulness, Meaning, and Magic

by Heather Burket


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ISBN-13: 9781504337366
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 09/01/2015
Pages: 40
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.11(d)

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Life is Sweet

Inspiring a Life of Mindfulness, Meaning, and Magic

By Heather Burket

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2015 Heather Burket
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-3736-6



Here comes the sun ... Another beautiful day is here, so what's in store for you? It could be the best day ever! You never know what the day may bring. Enjoy these moments, this time is precious. Don't try to grow up too fast, there is so much fun and excitement to be found in each new day. Childhood is short and sweet. Enjoy this time and be present in it. You may not realize it yet, but every day you are creating memories that you will treasure and becoming more of who you are meant to be. Have fun! Make today ridiculously amazing! Be intentional about being happy because life is meant to be enjoyed. The days may seem long but the years are short, so be certain to make the most of each day you've been given!

What are some of your favorite ways to have fun?


Anything is possible if you believe. Your imagination is an amazing gift. With it there are no limits, only a world of possibilities. If you can imagine it and have the passion to pursue it, you can make any dream come true. Believe in yourself and your potential is infinite. Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Remember, everything that exists in this world was once a tiny spark of light in someone's imagination. Be brave! Follow your dreams and act on them, only you have the power to fulfill them. You can be anything you want, anything you dream ... but never give up, great things take time. Be confident in yourself. Your future doesn't lie ahead of you waiting to happen — it lives inside of you waiting to be discovered!

What is your greatest dream?


It is said that no two snowflakes are exactly the same. People are created in the same way. There is only one you and you are different from everyone else ... how extraordinary is that? Each person is different in their own individual ways. There's so much beauty in each other's diversity and wisdom you can learn from it. Embrace the wonderful things that make you unique. These are the qualities that make you who you are — the essence of your character and personality. Never try to hide or change something about yourself. Things that you may feel awkward about now, might just end up being the qualities that you love and appreciate about yourself later in life. Be strong and confident in who you are and celebrate your uniqueness. You are most beautiful and alive when you are being true to yourself.

What are some characteristics that make you unique?


Any moment spent in laughter is a moment well spent. Laughter is one of the most beautiful sounds in all of creation. It bubbles up inside of you and sparkles like sunshine. What else can light up your face so bright and bring happiness to anyone that hears it? It's like magic! Have you ever noticed how irresistibly contagious laughter is? Laughing with others builds a connection that bonds people instantly. And really, how much fun is it to laugh? Have you ever seen someone that can't stop laughing, or laughed until they cried, or had a laugh that was so funny you couldn't help but laugh with them? Never a day should go by without laughing. Days that are full of laughter are the happiest days of your life!

Did you know that laughter is contagious?


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