L.O.L.: Little Old Ladies: Tales from the Little Green Church

L.O.L.: Little Old Ladies: Tales from the Little Green Church

by Jacob Love


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In the town of Normal, Pennsylvania, there's a little green church at the corner of Wilson and Elm...

So begins each story of the misadventures of the congregation, clergy, and staff of a small town church. "L.O.L.: Little Old Ladies" tells tales of three senior women - curmudgeonly Henrietta Miggins, stately Betsy Davis, and put-upon Celia Simmons - known around the church as the Little Old Ladies... though you probably don't want to call them that to their faces!

The short stories in this collection tell of the time Henrietta volunteered for the role of greeter one Sunday - with a bit of unsolicited advice for all who entered - and the attempts of a con man to fleece the congregation... though he may have gotten more than he bargained for with the little old ladies. There's a story about the church's one-and-only attempt to host a bingo night. And you'll hear about the day Betsy first came to the little church, and the battle of wills that emerged when she sat in Henrietta's usual seat. But the two women were destined to become fast friends, bonding as they torture the poor waiter at their weekly tea with Celia.

No matter what religion or denomination you are, if you attend a place of worship, you undoubtedly know a group of women like the Little Old Ladies!

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