Lord Chelmsford and the Zulu War

Lord Chelmsford and the Zulu War

by Gerald French


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ISBN-13: 9781783463237
Publisher: Pen & Sword Books Limited
Publication date: 07/03/2014
Pages: 360
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 9.20(h) x 1.30(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword viii

Introduction x

Chapter 1 Previous Service 1

Chapter 2 Causes of the Zulu War 28

Chapter 3 Lord Chelmsford's Preparations 31

Chapter 4 Lord Chelmsford's Plan 49

Chapter 5 Opening of Hostilities 58

Chapter 6 Isandhlwana 69

Chapter 7 Defence of Rorke's Drift 83

Chapter 8 Lord Chelmsford Reports the Disaster 89

Chapter 9 The Flank Columns 97

Chapter 10 News of Isandhlwana Reaches England 109

Chapter 11 Preparations for a Resumption of the Advance Towards Ulundi 123

Chapter 12 Relief of Ekowe 132

Chapter 13 Action at Hlobane Mountain 142

Chapter 14 Zulu Attack on Kambula Camp 153

Chapter 15 Reorganisation of Lord Chelmsford's Force on Arrival of Reinforcements 159

Chapter 16 Transport and Commissariat Difficulties 169

Chapter 17 General Clifford's Attitude 175

Chapter 18 Death of the Prince Imperial 183

Chapter 19 Peace Proposals 191

Chapter 20 Progress of the Advance 198

Chapter 21 Sir Garnet Wolseley Appointed High Commissioner 208

Chapter 22 Ulundi 214

Chapter 23 Lord Chelmsford Resigns 229

Chapter 24 Lord Chelmsford's Return Home 240

Chapter 25 The Remarkable Case of Captain Shepstone 248

Chapter 26 Lord Chelmsford and his Critics 255

Chapter 27 Omission of Important Documents from Sir Garnet Wolseley's Despatches 289

Chapter 28 Subsequent Service 297

Appendix A Constitution of the Zulu Army in 1878-9 303

Appendix B Composition of British Columns and Distribution of Troops on January 11th, 1879 306

Appendix C State of South African Field Force End of May 1879 312

Appendix D Distribution of Lord Chelmsford's Northern Force for the Final Phase of his Advance on Ulundi 319

Appendix E Action of the Inyezane, January 22nd, 1879 321

Appendix F Isandhlwana, January 22nd, 1879 323

Appendix G Rorke's Drift, January 22nd-23rd, 1879 326

Appendix H Intombi River, March 12th, 1879 327

Appendix I Hlobane, March 28th, 1879 328

Appendix J Kambula, March 29th, 1879 330

Appendix K Gingihlovo, April 2nd, 1879 332

Appendix L Ulundi, July 4th, 1879 335

Appendix M Summary of Losses in Action 339

Appendix N Transport in South Africa, 1879 340

Appendix O Approximate Cost of the Zulu War 341

Index 342

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very good!! Relatable!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Will be posted at 'htg' res.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Mako <br> Age: 16 <br> Gender: &male <br> District: 4 <br> <p> Build: average height, evenly muscled, so he is pretty strong. <br> Skin: lightly tanned, a few freckles sprinkled across his nose and shoulders. <br> Hair: copper colored, short, but slightly shaggy. Like Finnicks, actually. <br> Eyes: sea-green with aqua rims around the iris and pupil. <br> <p> Weapon: trident or spear, but is rather bad with throwing knives. <br> Strengths: swimming, hand-to-hand combat, building alliances. <br> Weaknesses: classified <br> <br> Personality: serious most of the time, sarcastic, quick-witted, untrusting. Loyal, friendly (when you know him!) <br> <p> Name: Valina <br> Age: 29 <br> Gender: &female <br> District: Capital (Stylist alert!) <br> <p> Build: tall, slender, beautiful. <br> Skin: olive-toned skin with faint freckles on nose and cheeks. <br> Hair: long, strait, black hair, usually either hanging loose, in a simple ponytail, or in a braid down her back. <br> Eyes: pretty, green with golden flecks. <br> Clothing: Ailina usually wears a black dress with a silver rope around her waist, or loose black pants with faint silver swirls down the side of one leg. When wearing the pants, she wears a tight-fitting black shirt, not unlike today's Under Armour. She wears little makeup, and is stil beautiful. <br> <p> &star