Luther and the Jews

Luther and the Jews

by Richard S. Harvey


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Luther and the Jews: Putting Right the Lies is a timely and important contribution to the debate about the legacy of the Protestant Reformation. It brings together two topics that sit uncomfortably: the life, ministry, and impact of Martin Luther, and the history of Jewish-Christian relations to which he made a profoundly negative contribution. As a Messianic Jew, Richard Harvey considers Luther and his legacy today, and explains how Messianic Jews have a vital role to play in the much-needed reconciliation not only between Protestants and Catholics, but also between Christians and Jews, in order for Luther's vision of the renewal and restoration of the church to be realized.

""A fascinating account of Luther and the Jews which seeks to provide a thought-provoking framework for reconciliation between Christians and the Jewish people.""
--Dan Cohn-Sherbok, Emeritus Professor of Judaism, University of Wales

""Prepare to be shocked. Prepare to be grieved. Prepare to be challenged to the core. ... Harvey's timely book exposes with documented clarity the horrid truth of what Luther thought, said, preached, and wrote. . . . But Harvey's ... goal is much higher. ... As a man of peace, he records also the efforts that have been made by Lutheran communities to confront and repent of this part of Luther's legacy ...and as a devoted follower of Yeshua . . . he longs for the deepest reconciliation that the one Lord of Jew and Gentile died and rose again to accomplish.""
--Christopher J. H. Wright, Langham Partnership

Richard Harvey is a British Jewish believer in Jesus (Yeshua). He taught Hebrew Bible and Jewish Studies at All Nations Christian College, UK, is a past president of the International Messianic Jewish Alliance, and is now a Senior Researcher with Jews for Jesus. He is author of Mapping Messianic Jewish Theology (2009).

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