Made to Move Mountains: How God Uses Our Dreams and Disasters to Accomplish the Impossible

Made to Move Mountains: How God Uses Our Dreams and Disasters to Accomplish the Impossible

by Kristen Welch, Ann Voskamp

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Life is an incredible journey with ups and downs. We soar, struggle, scale and stumble, and often stand at the edge of cliffs, afraid to step into the unknown, unsure of where we will land. But instead of running away, we are called by God to stand firm, muster up what faith we can, and take a step. Because we were made to move mountains.

In this inspiring book, Kristen Welch calls you to step out in faith and climb the mountain in front of you--not because you are good enough or adequate or able, but because God makes a way where there is no way. With heartbreaking and hopeful personal stories, Scripture, and questions for contemplation, she draws you out of fear and into a holy confidence, showing you that the mountain in your path was put there on purpose, so that you could exercise--and grow--your faith.

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ISBN-13: 9781493421343
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 03/03/2020
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 224
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About the Author

Kristen Welch was born and raised in Texas. Her parenting blog, We Are THAT Family (, receives more than 40,000 unique visits every month with more than 200,000 page views, and she has an active following on social media. Kristen has a regular column in ParentLife magazine and is the author of Rhinestone Jesus, Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World, and Raising World Changers in a Changing World. She is the founder of Mercy House Global and facilitates Fair Trade Friday, a monthly subscription club that empowers impoverished women in 25 countries. Welch lives with her family in Texas.
Kristen Welch was born and raised in Texas. Her parenting blog, We are THAT Family (, receives more than 90,000 unique visits every month with more than 200,000 page views, and she has an active following on social media. Kristen has a regular column in ParentLife magazine and is a frequent radio guest and speaker. Author of Rhinestone Jesus and Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World, Kristen is the founder of Mercy House Global, a nonprofit ministry that funds maternity homes in Kenya that rescue young pregnant girls, and facilitates Fair Trade Friday, a monthly subscription club that empowers impoverished women in 25 countries. Welch lives with her family in Texas.

Customer Reviews

Made to Move Mountains: How God Uses Our Dreams and Disasters to Accomplish the Impossible 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 25 reviews.
SheetsMomma 27 days ago
This book is so good that I didn’t want to put it down. The transparency and heart that Kristen writes with is phenomenal! This book helped remind me that we are not created for comfort, but for serving and doing. The way this book reads is like a novel-I was so sad to have it come to an end because I wanted to follow Kristen up more mountains; but have been inspired to step out and move toward some of the mountains in my view! Thank you for your heart Kristen and your willingness to follow God by saying yes!
Anonymous 3 months ago
Have you ever had a book when you seen the title, think...hmm.. Okay, I have one HUGE mountain right in front of me and maybe, just maybe.... This book will give me some insights on how to climb it? Where do I start? This book is Amazing, I’ve highlighted so many sentences, paragraphs, scriptures, and made so many notes (41 to be exact), that I know this book will show you with God’s help and you stepping out in Faith there is no mountain you can’t climb. “God is faithful. He’ll fulfill every promise he’s made. There’s no disease God cannot heal, no heart he cannot mend, no bondage he cannot break, no enemy he cannot defeat, no mountain he cannot move, and no need he cannot meet. And because that same Spirit lives inside each of us, we move forward undaunted. . . . Focus on our unshakeable God instead of the chaos around you, and he will carry you through the challenges and on to victory.”-Kristen Welch A MUST READ, VERY INSPIRATIONAL!!
seekinggraceandgratitude 3 days ago
Made to Move Mountains: How God uses our dreams and disasters to accomplish the impossible by Kristen Welch is an inspiring book that encourages the reader to crush fear with a holy confidence in the only God who is able to move mountains. Through her own faith journey, Welch reminds the reader there is purpose on their path and the mountain in the way. We can have hope because we serve a God who is sovereign, faithful and forgiving. He will use the spiritual mountains in our life to create endurance, build perseverance and shape our character so can fulfill the many purposes of our story and bring Him glory. Made to Move Mountains was a refreshing read I would recommend to anyone who is seeking to strengthen their faith. There is scriptural support throughout each chapter along with questions to contemplate and reflect on. I absolutely loved this book because it has a message that is relatable for all seasons of life. It meets the reader where they are, whether that be in a season of sorrow and strife or a season of hopes and dreams. I’ve personally survived and thrived through many challenges in my life which I helped me to relate to the overall message in Made to Move Mountains, but I never had considered how a God-ordained dream could also be seen as a mountain to conquer. Perhaps that seems silly but I always affiliated mountains with troubling circumstances rather than with seemingly impossible dreams. I found so much value in this perspective because I am currently at the base of a mountain built up of dreams so big they appear unattainable. Each mountain we face may look different and the climb may be more gradual or steep, but with a faith unshakeable we can trust and follow the God who is able to make the impossible possible. He is made to move mountains. * I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review
benhli38 6 days ago
At the time that I write this a pandemic has taken a vise-like grip on the world. There are those told by their nation, their state, their leaders to -- in short -- "Stay calm and carry on." I find that it's not only a great segue into Kristen Welch's book about being made to move mountains, but that in this time our focus ought to be on the One who heals all when we look at Him. He told Nicodemus, "Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the wilderness, so the Son of Man must be lifted up, that everyone who believes in Him may have eternal life" (John 3:14-15, Berean Study) If you feel somehow discouraged and overwhelmed as a result, fear not for we have the same One who said those words say to Joshua the son of Nun, say to him, "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go" (Joshua 1:9, New King James). Kristen Welch does an amazing job using similar points in her book Made to Move Mountains. When the going gets tough, it's a sign it's time to get on our knees and pray to the Lord for help in moving the mountain. For with great faith comes an even greater responsibility to pray for everyone around us. We should pray for our neighbors, good and bad, for those who make decisions daily on our behalf, for God to show them kindness and wisdom in governance. And also we need to pray that He also gives us a tender mercy to be kind to one another, and that fits even with everything Kristen Welch gets at in this book, too. Overall, I do believe the advice she gives in this book is of help. Even greater are the words the Lord gives us in His Holy Book, the Bible. I was given a complimentary copy of this book from Baker Books for a fair and honest review.
dhiggins4 13 days ago
I loved "Made to Move Mountains" by Kristen Welch! This book was so motivational to me. There were so many parts of it that were so inspiring. The author shows us how to take our dreams and disasters to accomplish what we want in life. She calls these mountains....some good mountains and some bad mountains. One of my favorite quotes in the book is, "Some days, we need to look behind us to see how many mountains we've already scaled. It's too easy to forget that much of what we enjoy today is what we asked God for yesterday. When we reflect on what God has already done in our lives, our hearts, and our homes and we stop and praise him for it-our perspective changes everything." - p. 40 This book is full of wonderful quotes that are life changing. I have highlighted so many parts. I definitely recommend this book to everyone, whether you are "climbing a mountain" right now or not. I received this book from Baker Books for my honest opinion.
smiliejen 18 days ago
Kristen Welch writes to inspire, challenge, encourage and stretch her readers. In Made to Move Mountains, she challenges readers to push away the fear to set out to do the very thing that scares them the most as this is the very work God intends for them to pursue. God designed us to be stretched, to go outside our comfort zone and to push aside our fears because His work is not meant to be easy. We will have trials, failures, but from those experiences, we can step out stronger and lean into Him more to help us attain our biggest dreams which often seem impossible or out of reach to us without God's help and guidance. We need to step out in faith and do what God created us to do! Welch also shares about her own struggles and about how Mercy House came to be.
HeatherF89 19 days ago
There are many mountains that we face in life. Some may be facing financial mountains. Some may be facing an infertility mountain. Whatever mountain you are facing, you are not doing it alone. God is right there with you. In her book Made to Move Mountains, Kristen Welch talks about the many mountains that she has faced and is still facing. She shares about how God has used the mountains in her life. She also talks about Mercy House Global, the nonprofit that her and her husband run. Kristen has an inspiring story of stepping out and opening maternity houses in Kenya despite the struggles that she would come to face. Kristen bases her book on climbing mountains. She shares many stories about her family’s adventures in the mountains and how God used those adventures to bring revelation about struggles that she was facing. At the end of each chapter, there is a section called “Mountaintop Moments.” This allows for readers to reflect on what they have read in the chapter and there are some questions included as well. This book would be a great read for anyone that is feeling discouraged in the struggles that they are facing.
ElizaReadsAusten 21 days ago
Kristen Welch shares how big dreams and unexpected disasters can be mountains in life that we often must climb. The book is a raw, honest look at how these challenges can be used by God for the growth of our faith, His glory, and the salvation of others. Welch continuously points back to our need to trust in Jesus. She doesn’t end every story she shares (or even the entire book) with a neat bow that wraps everything up, but rather reminds us that we don’t always know the end and part of faith means trusting God even without our desired outcome. This book encourages you to lean on God when the unexpected happens and to obey Him even when it’s difficult. It wasn’t an easy read, but a though-provoking challenge. Each chapter ends with questions to consider and space to journal, so you can reflect and apply what you’ve read to your own life. I would definitely recommend this book for anyone with a desire to grow in their faith as they face challenges in life. My complaints are primarily technical. There are times when the book has many (or lengthy) quotes from other writers without much additional reflection on their words. The quotes are meaningful and relevant to the topic, I just found it a bit clunky to read at times. Something I found confusing were some of the passages where Welch is talking about her children. At times there are names and other times it is a phrase like “my 12-year-old,” so by the end of the book I still didn’t know who was who and thought she had 4 children. (Perhaps she writes that she has 3 and I forgot. I suspect that if I had read any of her other books or followed her blog I would not have had this problem.)
Doug-S 21 days ago
Incredible book about how God ultimately moves us toward Him if we’ll let Him In her new book, “Made to Move Mountains: How God Uses Dreams and Disasters to Accomplish the Impossible,” Kristen Welch tells us, as believers, that we are made for more than we too often just settle for, or put up with, in our Christian lives. Published by Baker Books, Welch’s 224-page book is a clarion call for us to get out of our comfort zones – especially if we ever expect to truly grow and bear fruit in our Christian lives: “God often keeps the circumstances the same. He doesn’t move mountains – He moves us. He asks us to go through the mountains to overcome them (page 131).” Using examples from her own life, Welch started to see her disasters as mountains not only to be climbed, but also to be gone through – even if she had to start digging them with a spoon. “Life is full of twists and turns, setbacks and successes,” she writes (page 24). “Every one of them will lead us back to Jesus if we let them. Whether we are on the mountaintop or in a low valley, God uses what we endure to draw us closer to Him.” She also writes, “The moment you are ready to quit is usually the moment right before the miracle occurs. Faith produces hope (page 42).” When getting disappointed in herself concerning the venture, Mercy House, she and her husband, Terrell, have been involved in, and getting overwhelmed by the task of fundraising after they returned from a sabbatical, she writes (page 63): “Why did I forget that God meets me in the mountains, on the difficult climbs, at the place when I’m most desperate for Him? That He proves Himself and is glorified by miraculously moving the mountains in our way?” Regarding their trips to Kenya, she writes, “What would entice me to go deeper and deeper over my head? It can only be because God often reveals His will by giving us dreams we didn’t know we wanted and asking us to scale mountains we didn’t think we could climb – He beckons because it’s where His glory is revealed (page 116).” What’s also unique about this book is, at the end of each chapter, Welch includes a ‘Mountaintop Moment’ section where she summarizes the chapter, asks the reader some questions, and provides a page for readers to journal their thought about what was just discussed. Overall, Welch’s book is well-written, insightful and shows us perhaps the biggest mountain of all we have to move as Christians to clearly see our Lord in our dreams and disasters – ourselves. It’s about how God ultimately and continually moves us toward Him if we’ll let Him. I gave Welch’s book a 5 out of 5 stars. Full disclosure: In accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255, I received an advanced copy of this book free through the Baker Books Bloggers Program. My opinions are my own and I wasn’t required to write a positive review. © 2020 by Doug S., M.A.
ShirleyAlarie 23 days ago
Made to Move Mountains How God Uses Our Dreams and Disasters to Accomplish the Impossible is an honest look at Kristen Welch’s journey climbing mountains. It’s part memoir, part insight, part scripture, and one hundred percent inspiration. Author Kristen Welch’s life is the perfect example of what a life led by obedience to God looks like. She’s not at the unfathomable Mother Teresa level. Ms. Welch is an everyday woman who’s serving God as her first priority. She opens a window into her life to show the reader how we’re all made to move mountains. The mountains Ms. Welch has climbed in launching and running her Mercy House Global organization is nothing short of inspiring. And it’s all in obedience to God. Made to Move Mountains uses mountain climbing scenarios to make poignant points. Ms. Welch’s life experiences show that the journey is not easy, but the climb is worth it. Chapters such as Rejoicing in the Impossible, The Best View Means the Highest Climb, and Rainbows in the Rain all use examples from Ms. Welch’s personal journey. Her obedience, endurance, and strength are commendable and inspirational. Ms. Welch uses Scripture to supplement her anecdotes. She also tells biblical and current-day stories about how God uses ordinary people to accomplish the seemingly impossible. The “Mountaintop Moments” at the end of each chapter help readers reflect and imagine bringing these concepts into their own lives. I rated this book at 4.5/5 stars on my website and rounded to 5/5 stars when half stars are not allowed. How this book affected me: In my own Christian journey, I’ve been nervous to give a resounding ‘YES’ to Jesus for fear of the path He will request of me. I found Made to Move Mountains especially inspirational because Ms. Welch gave her resounding ‘YES’ and she doesn’t mince words about the difficulty of the journey. But she also admits the extreme reward. I enjoyed her powerful and raw testimony. Who would enjoy this book: Readers who want to say ‘YES’ to Jesus or who just want to handle the obstacles of life with better discernment or fortitude would enjoy Made to Move Mountains. Anyone looking to move forward in their Christian journey would benefit from this book. Our Christian Book Reviews: The book reviews at Finding God Among Us focus on Christian books - adult and children, fiction and nonfiction. We're proud to be included in the Top 50 Christian Book Review Bloggers. I chose to read an ARC from Baker Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group. This review is my honest opinion.
Anonymous 23 days ago
Kristen's latest book is beautiful - both the content and the cover. Kristen gives us an insightful look at how to handle seemingly impossible challenges by considering them to be mountains to be climbed. The mountains concept is one that certainly resonates no matter what season of life you are in or where you call home. This book challenges us all to press on and upwards no matter how daunting our circumstances seem. An added bonus is the Mountain Top Moment and Journal sections at the end of each chapter that provide prompts for further reading, reflection, and application. Looking forward to digging into this book again with my book club next month. Highly recommend!
JessWOB 26 days ago
Often when we are faced with a mountain we didn't expect and certainly didn't ask for, we find ourselves praying for God to just move it out of the way. Other times we chose a mountain to climb, but then struggle to carry on when it becomes much harder than we thought it would be. Kristen shares some of the mountains that she has faced in her life and the insights she has gained through these struggles. Although we have experienced different mountains in our lives, her thoughts and experiences still very much resonate with me. I think it comforts me to know that other have similar thought and feelings while enduring struggles. Kristen reminds us that ultimately God is using these struggles to walk alongside us, grow us, and use us to accomplish seemingly impossible things for His glory. I have really enjoyed her latest book and I think you will too! As an added bonus there are reflection/discussion questions at the end of each chapter so it would be a good choice for a book group as well.
ENClark 26 days ago
I always feel like I'm having a conversation with a friend when I read what Kristen has written. If we're honest, we all have mountains that we're facing in our lives. Some that we avoid and dread, and some that we dream of conquering someday. With her honesty and transparency by sharing her heart and her own struggles, Kristen reminds us in these pages that God made us to move these mountains. I've been inspired to dream big with God and just take the first step by saying yes to the mountains that God is calling me to climb.
Molly Stillman 26 days ago
I first have to say that I have long been a huge fan of Kristen Welch. I love her writing, her heart, and her passion for fair trade and impacting others. I love the work that Mercy House does and I'm constantly inspired by what she does. Needless to say, I was so excited for this book! Kristen has done it again, her writing is beautiful, raw, emotional, and inspiring. I love that she shares the hard and the failures along with the mountain top moments. Thank you for your obedience in writing this book, Kristen!
theedwards6 26 days ago
Kristen Welch has written a book that will speak to both the timid and the risk taker. The person who thinks there is something God might want for her to do, and the one who is already in the trenches. She speaks to the frustrations within us: “One minute I feel as if I am just getting started on this journey with God, and I am full of audacious plans; the next minute I’m angry at him for getting me into this mess.” Reminds us of how God works: “God wants us to trust him so much that we will do what he tells us, even when it goes against what feels right. God want our obedience because he fights battles in a way that brings glory to him instead of to us.” Calls us to action: “It’s not too late to do that one thing that scares you. It’s not too late to say I’m sorry. It’s not too late to take a risk. It’s not too late to obey God. It’s not too late to make today one that you won’t regret.” The call at the end of the book reminds us of who we are and why God created us. “You were made to move mountains. It is your purpose, your destiny. God created you to do what no one else can accomplish. He takes your unique gifts, your personality, and your past, and he places you in a position to do something only you can do. Your faith will increase on the climb. It will be hard and discouraging, overwhelming and difficult, but it will be worth it. It matters.” Kristen calls us to obedience and reminds us that we can do what God asks of us. This book will encourage you on your way.
Anonymous 26 days ago
Moving Mountains is the real-life story of how God makes a way in the midst of the impossible. Kristen Welch includes personal testimonies, Scripture, and thought-provoking questions to challenge the mountains that believers are facing as they labor for God’s Kingdom. This book, like all of Kristen’s books, challenged me to step out in faith and evaluate each area of my life to see where I need to decrease so Christ can increase. The fact that our small “yes” to God can lead us to unimaginable places resonated with me, and it challenged me to find those areas in my life where I have not given over full control to God. Even Christians with a solid foundation of faith would benefit from Moving Mountains.
MarialeDros 26 days ago
I started to follow Kristen not too long ago but her previuos books and podcast caught my heart. Made to move mountains is really challenging me in so many different ways. It is also inspiring me to live a life of generous justice and say yes to God even when i think i can't make it. If you are feeling small, powerless and lost i am sure that through Kristen's testimonies God will encourage you to go and Move your mountains
MelanieArd 26 days ago
I love how Kristen Welch writes. Her books are like have a conversation with a dear friend over coffee. Made to Move Mountains was a book that spoke to my heart. Sometimes, God calls us to do things that make no sense. It is during those times, when it feels like we have multiple mountains before us. It is comforting to know that God is always with us in the valley, going up the mountain, on top of the mountain, and going down the mountain. I highly recommend this book. It is a great reminder of how God uses our dreams and disasters to accomplish the impossible.
RachelLundy 26 days ago
Ten years ago Kristen Welch founded Mercy House, a nonprofit organization that funds maternity homes for pregnant teens in Kenya. She does work that seems amazing and impossible to many. In this book, Kristen shares about some of the challenges, hardships, and fears she has faced over the last ten years. These “mountains” in her life are daunting, but her God is bigger, and He strengthens her and helps her to persevere even through her fears. Made to Move Mountains is challenging and inspiring. Kristen encourages the reader to do the hard things, to climb the mountains, to not settle for an easy life. And she does so as a fellow weary traveler. In this book you will find a friend who understands your fears and hesitations. But you will also find a friend who challenges you to keep on keeping on, even when the looming mountains seem overwhelming. Kristen reminds us that we are made to do hard things, not because we are capable in and of ourselves, but because we serve a mighty God. This book left me feeling inspired, challenged, and excited about facing the mountains God has placed in my life. “Your yes may seem small some days, but doing what we can, where we are, with what we have matters! God will take care of the rest. What has he put into your hand? Where has he placed you? What can you do to make someone’s life a little better?” – Kristen Welch
Jenpcv 27 days ago
Made to Move Mountains is not only just a visually beautiful book, but one woven together with beautiful stories of trials, joys, redemption, and overcoming insurmountable odds. Written from a place of raw vulnerability, Kristen invites us along on a journey through some of the largest mountains in her life, highlighting God’s faithfulness in all circumstances. This book is not a feel-good, happy-go-lucky, you’ve-got-this story. Instead, Kristen digs into what it means to scale the mountains God places in life. She doesn’t leave out the gritty, imperfect moments, nor does she offer platitudes that all will be fine. Instead, she opens her heart to us readers, sharing her struggles during the climb. At the beginning of this book, Kristen notes that mountains fall into two categories: dreams and disasters. “Dreams are the mountains we don’t have to climb but long to for some (often crazy) reason. Disasters are the mountains that we would never choose to climb.” Both require great strength, resilience, determination, and faithfulness. Both can come about unexpected, or may be seen coming from a distance. And both lead to challenges, unanswered questions, and doubt. I can easily recommend this book to those facing mountains in their own lives. Whether it’s the formidable and tantalizing mountain of a yet-to-be-realized dream, or the terrifying mountain of a disaster we wish we would never face, Kristen’s words are balm to the soul. Her honesty and vulnerability in sharing some of her own mountains highlight how impossible overcoming a mountain may seem. And yet, as the title suggests, God created us to move mountains. Time and again, Kristen shares how this has been true in her own life, and the impact of her obedience is incredible.
Anonymous 27 days ago
Story becomes connection, community, and inspiration as Kristen shares past, present and future hope even as we scale impossible mountains, whether before us as dreams or disasters. The way she is vulnerable and broken yet unmoved in her faith encourages us to not only make it to the top of our own mountains, but to embrace them as part of the beauty of climbing the God. Her personal, scriptural, and cultural testimonies and anecdotes. She doesn't write from a place of how-to arrive like her. She shares from a place of being on the mountain and in between mountains right alongside us. It's an "I'm in it with you, and here's what I've learned" rather than a "So sad you're there, you can be victorious like me too." We can, and the hope that remains for all of us to scale mountains in Christ is definitely a thread. I just love the fact that it feels like we're friends on the trails together and she's just encouraging me to keep putting one foot in front of the other knowing God is the one who will get all of us to the other side. In her words, “every word is a challenge for me—and you—to keep going.”
SarahJ02 27 days ago
"Why did I forget that God meets me in the mountains, on the difficult climbs, at the place when I'm most desperate for Him?" We all have mountains. Difficulties in our lives that we either choose (business ventures, adoption, missions) or have thrust upon us (illness, job loss, personal tragedy). It's not a question of if you have a mountain but rather what is your mountain. Kristen knows about trials. As founder of a non-profit that now partners with organizations in multiple countries, she shares how some of the struggles in her life have been chosen by her and have grown her faith. She also shares her struggles that have blindsided her, specifically a health issue in her own family. Kristen walks through how she reconciles these issues in her life with her steadfast faith in Christ. For me, personally, this book resonated with my family's journey through foster care and adoption. So much of what she says hit me right where I am, including the quote, "I don't want easy, it's just not good for the soul." This book is for everyone. We all have difficulties, whether big or small, intentional or sudden. I pray you pick up this book and let it bless you on your journey through the mountains in your own life.
sarahneufeldco 3 months ago
Sharing from her own personal experiences, Kristen Welch gives us the blueprint to moving the mountains in our life. Through the chapters of this book, she weaves inspiring stories with powerful scripture references and quotes from many prominent pastors and Christian authors. All of it leads up to this one life-altering definition of victory. “ is the victory, and not faith in the outcome or faith in another person because people will let us down. Faith in Jesus is our victory.” This isn’t just some spiritual platitude. From cover to cover, Kristen takes the reader through their paces. Within the first few chapters, I personally, was acting on a "Yes" to God that I had been putting off for 1 year. Using the reflection questions provided, I was able to have some "come to Jesus" moments that are changing the direction of my life. Indeed, “Made to Move Mountains” will take you on a journey towards humble surrender, brave obedience and mountain-moving faith.
DLM83 3 months ago
"Made to Move Mountains" is the newest book from Kristen Welch looking at what it is like to go after your dreams and climb those mountains your life ... whether they are the mountains of your dreams or the unexpected tough mountains that you come against. She doesn't write as one who has climbed her mountains but one that is going through the journey with you and is in the midst of her own mountains. She says "Almost anything can be a mountain in our lives - difficult phases of parenting, challenges in our marriages, dreams and disasters, a boring month in the mountains, even writing books about moving them. As believers, we are promised trials and tests of our faith. It's not a matter of if; it's a matter of when." Throughout the book she reminds us that mountains are things that God has given us for our growth and that we will never be alone ... both with him and he also provides community for us when we come against our mountains. I think everyone needs to read this book, no matter what the mountains are that you are facing.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Kristen Welch once again invites us in to her life, and like her other books, this one is both convicting and comforting. She shares openly about the good times and the struggles, and consistently points everything back to God and how she trusted Him to move the mountains she faced. Her writing style is easy to read , her words are inspiring, and you won't want to stop reading. We all have mountains in our lives, and so this book will speak to many with it's reminder that we are called to serve obediently, not to live a comfortable life.