Making Work Pay: America after Welfare

Making Work Pay: America after Welfare


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In the five years since Congress acted to "end welfare as we know it," millions of people have been forced out of government assistance programs into low-wage, dead-end jobs with few, if any, benefits. They still await the second half of President Bill Clinton's welfare reform, which was supposed to "make work pay." Joining the important debate over the future of welfare and work, Making Work Pay brings together leading policy analysts and journalists to examine the broad fallout of welfare reform: among them, Michael Massing reports on welfare-to-work programs that actually work; Naomi Barko reveals how the gender gap in wages hits low-income workers hardest; Harold Meyerson describes the growing movement to organize low-wage workers; and Jared Bernstein and Mark Greenberg outline an agenda for the future of welfare reform.

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ISBN-13: 9781565846951
Publisher: New Press, The
Publication date: 05/01/2002
Pages: 220
Product dimensions: 5.58(w) x 8.24(h) x 0.62(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction: Working Principles: From Ending Welfare to Rewarding Workvii
A Clean Sweep: The SEIU's Organizing Drive for Janitors Shows How Unionization Can Raise Wages1
Ending Poverty as We Know It21
Holding Out38
Vermont: The Greening of Welfare40
The Welfare Shell Game46
Tough Sanctions, Tough Luck48
How Welfare Offices Undermine Welfare Reform: The Fine Art of Dissuading People from Collecting Benefits51
Leave No Child Behind?: The Inconsistent, Inefficient, and Unfair Way We Support--and Fail to Support--Our Kids68
Child's Play: Why Universal, High-Quality Day Care Should Be Elementary78
Support for Working Families: What We Can Learn from Europe About Family Policies90
Martha Jernegon's New Shoes: The Contribution of Local Living-Wage Ordinances108
Ladders to a Better Life: The Role of Career-Ladder Strategies in Marking Work Pay122
The Other Gender Gap: Why Women Still Fail to Receive Comparable Wages for Comparable Work146
Two Cheers for the Earned Income Tax Credit: It's Great, but No Substitute for Decent Wages154
Welfare That Works: The Case for More Generous Formulas to Reward Paid Work164
Skills and the Wage Collapse: Better Education and Training Are Only Half the Story181
Reforming Welfare Reform: What Reform Wrought, and What Must Be Done Now196
About the Contributors219

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