Manners and Southern History

Manners and Southern History

by Ted Ownby (Editor)


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Essays questioning the role of etiquette in the South

The concept of southern manners may evoke images of debutantes being introduced to provincial society or it might conjure thoughts of the humiliating behavior white supremacists expected of African Americans under Jim Crow. The essays in Manners and Southern History analyze these topics and more. Scholars here investigate the myriad ways in which southerners from the Civil War through the civil rights movement understood manners.

Contributors write about race, gender, power, and change. Essays analyze the ways southern white women worried about how to manage anger during the Civil War, the complexities of trying to enforce certain codes of behavior under segregation, and the controversy of college women's dating lives in the raucous 1920s. Writers study the background and meaning of Mardi Gras parades and debutante balls, the selective enforcement of antimiscegenation laws, and arguments over the form that opposition to desegregation should take. Concluding essays by Jane Dailey and John F. Kasson summarize and critique the other articles and offer a broader picture of the role that manners played in the social history of the South.

Essays by Catherine Clinton, Joseph Crespino, Jane Dailey, Lisa Lindquist Dorr, Anya Jabour, John F. Kasson, Jennifer Ritterhouse, and Charles F. Robinson II

Ted Ownby teaches history and southern studies at the University of Mississippi.

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ISBN-13: 9781617030406
Publisher: University Press of Mississippi
Publication date: 02/21/2011
Pages: 186
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Table of Contents

Introduction     vii
Southern Ladies and She-Rebels; or, Femininity in the Foxhole: Changing Definitions of Womanhood in the Confederate South   Anya Jabour     1
The Etiquette of Race Relations in the Jim Crow South   Jennifer Ritterhouse     20
Fifty Percent Moonshine and Fifty Percent Moonshine: Social Life and College Youth Culture in Alabama, 1913-1933   Lisa Lindquist Dorr     45
Scepter and Masque: Debutante Rituals in Mardi Gras New Orleans   Catherine Clinton     76
What's Sex Got to Do with It? Antimiscegenation Law and Southern White Rhetoric   Charles F. Robinson II     97
Civilities and Civil Rights in Mississippi   Joseph Crespino     114
Remarks   Jane Dailey     137
Taking Manners Seriously   John F. Kasson     152
Contributors     163
Index     165

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