Marriage That Works: God's Way of Becoming Spiritual Soul Mates, Best Friends, and Passionate Lovers

Marriage That Works: God's Way of Becoming Spiritual Soul Mates, Best Friends, and Passionate Lovers

by Chip Ingram

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When it comes to marriage these days, anything goes. No wonder you can find a book on marriage from every perspective--or no perspective. How can you experience a great marriage that lasts? What works?

This book answers that question by shining a light on the biblical design for marriage. In a world of sexual and relational confusion, isn't it time to consult the One who created marriage? Author and pastor Chip Ingram, with his characteristic compassion, transparency, and engaging storytelling, discusses

- what marriage really is
- the biblical model
- a man's unique role in marriage
- a woman's unique role in marriage
- the bigger picture of why God created marriage

A marriage that works, says Ingram, is more wonderful than you thought possible and harder than you imagined--but worth the work. Couples will learn the power of making a covenant with their spouse and fulfilling their design in an atmosphere of respect, resulting in the spiritual, psychological, emotional, and physical oneness they long to have with each other.

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ISBN-13: 9781493416264
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 02/05/2019
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 684,693
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About the Author

Chip Ingram is the teaching pastor and CEO of Living on the Edge, an international teaching and discipleship ministry. A pastor for over thirty years, Chip is the author of many books, including Culture Shock, The Real Heaven, The Real God, The Invisible War, and Love, Sex, and Lasting Relationships. Chip and his wife, Theresa, have four grown children and twelve grandchildren and live in California.

Table of Contents

Introduction 7

1 God's Design for Marriage 13

2 Is There a Man in the House? 29

3 The Evolution of the American Man 59

4 Is There a Woman in the House? 77

5 The Evolution of the American Woman 97

6 What's a Man to Do? 119

7 Stepping Up as a Man: Provide 127

8 Stepping Up as a Man: Protect 139

9 Stepping Up as a Man: Nurture 149

10 What's a Woman to Do? 157

11 Stepping In as a Woman: Nurture 163

12 Stepping In as a Woman: Protect 173

13 Stepping In as a Woman: Provide 189

14 How to Make It through the Hard Times 199

15 Marriage: Contract or Covenant? 211

16 Building a Bright Future Together 225

Conclusion 237

Appendix: A Wife's Choice: To Build or To Tear Down 241

Acknowledgments 246

Notes 248

Customer Reviews

Marriage That Works: God's Way of Becoming Spiritual Soul Mates, Best Friends, and Passionate Lovers 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
ADelightfulGlow 3 months ago
“A marriage that works,” says Ingram, “is more wonderful than you thought possible and harder than you imagined-but it’s worth the work.” Absolutely! I agree completely. This book is encouraging and fights for commitment to and in marriage. It cheers for thriving marriages, not merely surviving. It points us to Jesus and to each other. Chip Ingram shares from his life experiences and lessons learned along the way. He shares intentional steps for men and women alike in cultivating a life together. Marriage encapsulates so many things and a variety of areas. This book does a good job of pulling all the threads together and weaving a life of beauty through our failures, frustrations, fighting for our marriage, and flourishing in it all.
TheBookDistiller 4 months ago
Chip Ingram is an exceptional author, always writing books full of hope and Truth and encouragement. "Marriage That Works" is no exception. I was so delighted to receive this book from Baker's Books Publishing, and I highly encourage anyone who is married, who is engaged, who is dating, to purchase this book. Ingram clearly defines the roles of man and of woman in marriage, according the Bible, and then specifies how and why God designed marriage. He also provides questions for reflection and discussion at the end of each chapter, so this would be a perfect book for small groups, or to study within your own marriage. There is a chapter on marriage as a contract or a covenant, which spoke loudly to my heart, as our pastor discussed this at length at my own wedding ceremony 14 years ago. Ingram gives a deeper look into this amazing, God-given gift of marriage.
ShirleyAlarie 4 months ago
Valuable message for any Christian marriage. Author Chip Ingram’s book, Marriage That Works, stems from his own 30-plus year marriage. He mixes his personal experiences and growth with Bible references and scriptures to create a marriage guide for today’s Christian couples. With a basis of marriage as defined in Ephesians 5:21-33, Ingram lays the foundation for what a biblical marriage entails. Ingram tackles the word ‘submission’ – the word that makes many modern-day women cringe. The marital roles of women and men are described using the brilliant and effective analogy of dance partners – equal, yet different. The call to love our spouse with Godly, sacrificial agape love sets the bar high. That is the unconditional choice to give another person what he/she needs when they deserve it least and at great personal cost. Living a biblical marriage requires a concerted effort on the part of both husband and wife and requires God to be at the center. The second half of Marriage That Works describes the actual How-Tos for both wives and husbands. It addresses what living a biblical marriage looks like and the specific actions that each spouse can (and should) take to attain it. Having a good marriage is an ever-evolving process and having a Godly marriage is no different. Marriage That Works God’s Way of Becoming Spiritual Soulmates, Best Friends, and Passionate Lovers is a good guide for those seeking this goal. How this book affected me: My marriage is blessed, but we also have normal daily struggles. This book helped me gain the perspective of bringing God even deeper and into the center of my marriage. Also, the reminder of what a husband needs and the ‘submission lesson’ are valuable to my quest of being the best wife possible to my husband. Who would enjoy this book: Marriage That Works is a guide for married heterosexual couples. It’s appropriate for newlyweds as well as seasoned marriages but can also be used by engaged or dating couples. This book would make a good gift for a young Christian couple – whether married or dating. Our Christian Book Reviews: The book reviews at Finding God Among Us focus on Christian books - adult and children, fiction and nonfiction. We're proud to be included in the Top 50 Christian Book Review Bloggers. I chose to read an ARC from Baker Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group. This review is my honest opinion.
academy252 More than 1 year ago
Are you looking for a Biblical approach to marriage? Marriage that Works is beautifully written for both husbands and wives to share. It is full of scripture and truth for a world that is sorely lacking in both on this topic. Ingram shares his own experiences throughout the book. He shares struggles from early marriage and how they have worked through those early years of marriage to shape how they live now. This is a book you should read if you are thinking about getting married, are newly married or have been married for any length of time but want more insight. It holds truth for all of us! You can read this book on your own but I recommend you read it with your spouse/fiance and have discussions about each chapter as you go. There are questions at the end of each chapter to guide you in discussion. There are some chapters that specifically address men and some that specifically address women. There are a few hot button topics along the way but they need to be addresses and understood in light of scripture. I love that Chip shares what our historical roles have been and what God’s word says they should be. Yes, the word SUBMISSION shows up but Chip shows us where we have gotten it wrong on both extremes and why we need to take another look from God’s perspective.
seekinggraceandgratitude More than 1 year ago
This wasn’t my first experience reading Chip Ingram’s work so I knew what to expect from his writing style, personality, and biblical honesty. Chip is the real deal – a pastor for over 30 years who is both authentic and passionate about his personal walk with the Lord. He is not afraid to dive deep into scripture and tackle some of life’s difficult topics commended by current culture. As someone who has studied apologetics and considers himself a skeptic, his perspective is fresh, candid, and sincere. Marriage that Works is geared towards married couples of all ages and in all seasons of life. I would definitely recommend this book for engaged couples as well as a supplement for discussion at premarital counseling. One negative in regards to the reader audience is that most of the content addresses a husband and wife along with their roles as a father and mother. So if you do not have children or if you have grown children, there is a sufficient amount of content that will not pertain directly to you but will still benefit you spiritually and relationally. Some of the topics covered in Marriage that Works include: The biblical role of a man and a woman as designed by God (ref. Ephesians 5) The Marriage “Dance”: the roles of give and take, lead and follow between a husband and a wife as they partner together in the dance of life Love & Respect: each other’s insecurity & weakness is the other’s strength Submission: God tells wives to submit “not because the husband is inherently better or more important, and not because he is more capable or qualified, but because her submission to him builds him up and empowers him to lead.” (pg. 84) Biblical Manhood & Biblical Femininity: cultured has distorted and abused God’s original design for both men and women Besides the negative review geared at the specific marital audience of couples with children, another concern I want to disclose is the whole idea of submission. While submission is rooted in God’s design and echoed in His Word, submission, femininity and the role of women in today’s culture is viewed quite differently than from how God intended. Chip is very productive, instructive, understanding and sensitive when covering the concept of submission. However, he does not tip-toe over the lines that blur Truth with what culture deems is true. The content in the submission sections may make you feel uncomfortable and the author is well aware of that. I really enjoyed this book because of the diversity of topics and issues addressed. Likewise, I found even the most challenging, controversial and difficult chapters to be filled with so much grace, love and Truth. I’m not going to lie, as a woman who has been married for almost 12 years and who has 3 daughters, some of the women’s issues were hard to read but after allowing the information to marinate it all made sense. In fact, so much of the book made sense to me when related to my own marriage experience. I truly believe that applying the principles in this book will lead a married couple towards a marriage that not only works in this world, but thrives for the Kingdom. We live in a culture that is anti-love and anti-marriage. When we actually apply and live out the Truth God provides to us we can completely live as He initially intended. Our roles and our purposes will be fulfilled and our relationships will experience a level of deepness and intimacy that is other-worldly. It’s everlasting and eternal. It’s passionate.
summer_no9 More than 1 year ago
This book was amazing writing, encouraging and inspiring to read with that also will giving you to discover the power of making a covenant with your spouse that we are all facings in today’s culture may be effect to your married but this book will challenging you thoughts about how a wife must trust God and overcome fears of her husband’s inadequacies. I highly recommend to everyone must to read this book. “ I received complimentary a copy of this book from Baker Books Bloggers for this review”.
benhli38 More than 1 year ago
Even though, as a married man, I can and will benefit from Chip Ingram's newest book Marriage That Works, it's also for those who are single and waiting for their spouse. When I say this it's because of the fact of how do we maintain God's vision of holiness in our lives. Are we to maintain God's standards and yet fail to live as a holy and pleasing people to Him? I have to say through Chip's book and knowing my wife, Tanya, has heard of him and likes the way he teaches I thought I'd give him a chance. For me that's paid off big. I have been married to my wife for almost ten years. It may not have been an easy ten years, but they have been the best years of my life and I'm not sorry for her in the least. Through my marriage I can and have seen how far I have fallen short in my life and walk with God. So, it's surprising to me that when I see Chip say things like, "both people should submit to one another out of love and respect" (maybe not using those express words, but they are there), it means both people in marriage can be people God will use. That's part of the reason I haven't posted anything for some time this month. I wanted to not only have time to read this wonderful book, but to also implement some of those things towards my lovely wife. It's practical in what Chip writes. And it lets your spouse know where your heart is when you talk to her about your day, letting her know where you're at and how she can best pray for you. It's not always easy for me to share my heart, even with her, but doing so lets her know I'm willing to grow and even pray for her as well. Besides, it's a hallmark you want to grow with her in your walk with Christ. With all of that said, this is truly a great book. I loved the thoughts and the advice he gives as both a pastor and as a teacher. I can only hope that some day, God allows it, that I can be that same guy who helps others in their walks with Jesus Christ. So, overall, I would recommend this book highly to others who want a stronger marriage, and want to make their marriage holy in the eyes of God. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Baker Books for a fair and honest review of the pages within it.