Master Assassins: The Fire Sacraments, Book One
Master Assassins: The Fire Sacraments, Book One

Master Assassins: The Fire Sacraments, Book One

by Robert V.S. Redick

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2018 BookNest Fantasy Awards Finalist for Best Novel

“This book has everything I love: Clean, crisp worldbuilding. Characters that live and breathe. A story that teases and surprises me. I like Master Assassins so much I wish I'd written it, but deep down, I know I couldn't have written it this well.”—#1 New York Times bestselling author Patrick Rothfuss

Two village boys mistaken for assassins become the decisive figures in the battle for a continent in the thrilling new desert-based epic fantasy by the author of The Red Wolf Conspiracy.

Kandri Hinjuman was never meant to be a soldier. His brother Mektu was never meant for this world. Rivals since childhood, they are drafted into a horrific war led by a madwoman-Prophet, and survive each day only by hiding their disbelief. Kandri is good at blending in, but Mektu is hopeless: impulsive, erratic—and certain that a demon is stalking him. Is this madness or a second sense? Either way, Kandri knows that Mektu’s antics will land them both in early graves.

But all bets are off when the brothers’ simmering feud explodes into violence, and holy blood is spilled. Kandri and Mektu are taken for contract killers and must flee for their lives—to the one place where they can hope to disappear: the sprawling desert known as the Land that Eats Men. In this eerie wilderness, the terrain is as deadly as the monsters, ghouls, and traffickers in human flesh. Here the brothers find strange allies: an aging warlord, a desert nomad searching for her family, a lethal child-soldier still in her teens. They also find themselves in possession of a secret that could bring peace to the continent of Urrath. Or unthinkable carnage.

On their heels are the Prophet’s death squads. Ahead lie warring armies, sandstorms, evil spirits and the deeper evil of human greed. But hope beckons as well—if the “Master Assassins” can expose the lie that has made them the world’s most wanted men.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781945863196
Publisher: Talos
Publication date: 03/06/2018
Series: Fire Sacraments Series , #1
Pages: 460
Sales rank: 600,288
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.40(d)

About the Author

Robert V. S. Redick’s Chathrand Voyage Quartet (The Red Wolf Conspiracy and sequels) is among the most beloved and critically acclaimed epic fantasy series of recent years. A social and environmental justice consultant, he has worked in Indonesia, Argentina, Colombia and many other countries. His new fantasy series, The Fire Sacraments, will be published by Talos Press. He lives with his partner in Western Massachusetts.

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Master Assassins: The Fire Sacraments, Book One 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Must read after paige 50 you won't want it to end
LittleFoxAndReads More than 1 year ago
This was quite a surprising read. The first few pages had me lost for a while, as the world was slowly being set up and I felt like I was watching the pieces form something dark and twisted. But before I knew it, I’ve blown through more than half of the pages, growing more and more attached to the characters and the story as the book progressed. The story is set in a bleak, violent world of various clans and cultures, which is closed off from the rest of the world due to a deadly plague. Master Assassins follows two brothers, who’ve spent most of their childhood as rivals, as they get reluctantly drafted into war, under (the admittedly terrifying) Prophet and her eleven sons. ►Kandri: is the more rational of the two; he hates violence but will resort to it if he sees someone in need, as he is a caring person. He is also incredibly clever. ►Metku: has no sense of self-preservation; he is reckless and often considered a madman. He is also quite hilarious. Kandri and Metku spend years in the army pretending to be believers of the prophet, but when they make a horrible mistake, they must drop everything and run to escape her wrath, hunted by her elite warriors. What follows is a heart-pounding adventure that takes you on wild twists and turns. There’s quite a lot of mystery and slowly unfolding lies and secrets. The storytelling is masterfully intricate, and it was truly amazing to witness all the little threads weave together. One thing that annoyed me, however, is how much the story revolved around sexual abuse and exploitation of women and young children. I understand if it is included, but it is unoriginal and unnecessary to make it a repeated theme throughout the whole book. Overall, this was a very unique and enjoyable read! The writing might be a bit jarring at first, but once you get used to it you can see that it fits the story wholly and brings it to life. It’s brilliant prose. The two brothers are so easy to root for; their personalities are distinct, and their relationship is a complex, troubled thing that I’d never tire of reading. The side characters were completely lovable as well, and I was especially overjoyed with the great female characters. Unexpected friendships and bonds form along the way and it was one of the best things about this book, aside from all the adventure and action. ****ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. My opinions are in no way affected by this.****