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Mind-Spirit Detox: Reboot, Reset And Recharge With 40 Beautiful Practices To Deepen Your Oneness With Spirit

Mind-Spirit Detox: Reboot, Reset And Recharge With 40 Beautiful Practices To Deepen Your Oneness With Spirit

by Richard Charles Anderson


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You have detoxed your body, maybe now is the time to detox your mind. Mind-Spirit Detox practices are the key to unlocking unhelpful habitual patterns of behaviour and thought. By spring-cleaning the mind and removing tired, used up energy, they dissolve resistance and doubt, and advance our understanding of who we are and our place on Earth. Our relationship with ourselves and our relationship with the Divine will receive a sublime and powerful ‘system re-boot’. Mind-Spirit Detox will open you up to the full grace, power, beauty and love that the Universe longs to give you in your life. This book is about connection, it is about mending and radically enhancing your relationship with others, with yourself and with Spirit. You will experience an incredible expansion of love, of prosperity, and of compassion in your daily walk. You will come to know your deepest purpose on this earth and that purpose will be firmly rooted in the divine flow of Spirit. This practical book might just change your life forever.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781789040449
Publisher: Hunt, John Publishing
Publication date: 04/26/2019
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 168
Product dimensions: 5.49(w) x 8.64(h) x 0.39(d)

About the Author

Richard Charles Anderson holds a Coaching Certificate from the Institute of Leadership and Management and he is a fully certified Awakening Coach. His background is in economics, accountancy and senior management in the public sector. He has managed up to 2,000 staff with a budget of some £80 million. His foremost objective is to transform lives through coaching, meditation and energy healing. Richard lives with his wife and three daughters in Seaton, Devon, UK.

Table of Contents

Foreword 1

Why Detox? 2

1 Let It Go 8

2 Consciously Express Love 13

3 Love and Fear 16

4 Grace and the Three 'Thank Yous' 21

5 Unity 24

6 Be a Light for the World 28

7 I Connect with Earth 30

8 Life Music 34

9 Be Free in Your Happiness 36

10 Become Witness 40

11 I Let Spirit Bless My Time 47

12 Acceptance and Non-Judgement 52

13 Play! 56

14 Pure Seeing; Pure Being 58

15 Go with the Flow 63

16 Wisdom 66

17 Let Nature Be Your Guide 70

18 Shadow Work 72

19 The Golden Shadow 78

20 Know Your Genius 81

21 Live Your Mission 86

22 Pour Out Your Heart with Blessings 91

23 Transformation 93

24 Deny Falsehoods 97

25 Affirm the Truth 100

26 Life Review 104

27 Align with the Divine...and Shine! 109

28 Grow Tall! 112

29 I Acknowledge the Feelings in My Heart 114

30 You Are the Universe; You Are Home 116

31 Know Only the Truth 119

32 Receive Guidance 123

33 Connection 126

34 Listen Like the Mountains 129

35 I Bring My Whole Self to This Moment 132

36 Joy in the Moment 135

37 Die to Self 137

38 Heaven Is Here! 140

39 Practising Nothingness 142

40 Transcendence 145

Bibliography 153

About the Author 155

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